Nationalist Alternative is a growing organisation with members,supporters and contacts in several Australian states, originally forming in Melbourne. We are a grouping of political activists who aim at finding and developing an alternative to the excesses, social unrest,greed, despair and arrogance that exists in our society.

Rather than pursue traditional “left wing” or “right wing” paths taken by many other activists groups, we centre our ideology on the welfare and needs of the Australian people.

Our activists comprise students from  diverse fields of study; tradesmen, factory workers, office workers, academics, small businessman, musicians, writers, and people of all ages. We welcome all forms of contribution, however small or large.

The primary aim of Nationalist Alternative is to reaffirm Australian cultural and national identity and restore the sovereignty and independence of the Australian nation.

We wish to rebuild our communities and restore a sense of self esteem, self reliance, hope and celebration of our Western, European heritage to engender a sense of belonging and shared purpose. We reject the self hate, shame and guilt currently projected onto ourselves and taught to our children about the European identity and achievements.

True diversity is a world of difference not a globe of people all with the same religion, same culture, same political system, same legal system, same morals and values, same ethnicity, same race and same ways of living.

Nationalism ensures diversity in a sustainable, deeply genuine way as it promotes self determination, autonomy and independence for all the worlds peoples rather than forcing them to live together with the veneer that is multiculturalism providing a shallow skin deep nod to only one or two aspects of diversity like food or clothing.

Further we believe that a responsible sense of national identity is necessary to allow all the peoples of the world to live in autonomy, independence and to live an existence in which they can preserve their unique identity, character and heritage.

We believe that the Australian nation should respect the nationhood of others, and that we as Australians also have the right to protect our own nationhood, culture and identity which our nation was built with and founded upon.

Our vision of Australia is one of an organic nation, founded upon Western/European ideals, and created by it’s descendants primarily the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic ethnicity as well as fellow Europeans from northern,central, southern and eastern Europe.

We reject the modern, liberal trend towards destruction of sovereign identity to create a faceless mass of consumers who country exists as nothing more than an economy.

We are one of the very few activist groups who pursue political solutions which respect and observe peoples desire to have ownership over their own community and control over their lives, rather than surrendering this to a manufactured ideology.


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