Westgate Bridge Cleanup

On May 21, 2009, in Activism, by admin

Westgate Bridge Clean Up

Recently some members of Nationalist Alternative met to reclaim the parkland and waterways under one section of the Westgate Bridge.

Tidying your own backyard used to be an unspoken principle of the Australian way of life and behaviour, an attitude widely held amongst the populace.

Unfortunately scenes of filth and mess are all too common in today’s individualist society where worship of the credit card takes precedent over most other items. Only the most obvious and busiest thoroughfares of our cities are now kept clean while the rest decay.

The grassed area next to the waters edge (2nd image) and the vegetation along the lake edge (3rd image) were thoroughly cleared and left spotless for the enjoyment of locals.

In only a few hours multiple bags of rubbish were carted away and as a breather we thought we would take some images.




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