by Michael Kennedy

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A Fresh Political Alternative

For many Australians, it strikes them as odd, and constricting, as to how a supposedly democratic system at election time, really only offers two possible choices. Come election time, its a choice between Labor or Liberal, with minor parties vying for protest votes. Most Australians are aware that this duopoly doesn’t really offer much choice. Many Australians are wanting an alternative, not just a protest party, but a real alternative. Many have been asking for a party to emerge which will take seriously issues concerning unsustainable population growth and immigration, the seemingly out of control way our society is changing, our privacy and right to be free from government censorship and monitoring. The blind rush for direction-less growth has led to housing becoming unaffordable, poorly planned sterile urban slums, devoid of public transport, adequate roads and facilities, chocked with traffic yet still growing uncontrollably to satisfy developers urges. While Australians are gridlocked daily held up by heavy traffic and roadworks designed to alleviate the strain, any benefit that may have been gained is lost with the record high intake of people. People are struggling to even fit on public transport in the mornings, yet those who say we are full are called racist!

Nationalist Alternative provides a fresh political alternative. Nationalist Alternative is for Australians who feel that the government is no longer acting in their interests. Nationalist Alternative is for Australians who want a greater say in the future of their country, and not have it left to CEO’s and Executives of major corporations decide what becomes of Australia.

Other Parties

The Greens have grown in popularity, thanks largely to the disillusionment that voters have with the two major parties. The Greens have also committed themselves to opposing Labor’s internet censorship policies, something that the Liberals have been suspiciously silent on. The Greens also (at least appear to) take environmental problems seriously. But there is nevertheless well deserved disdain and suspicion of the Greens. The Greens push a leftist ‘progressive’ social ideology, a policy which the last few decades have shown to be detrimental to Australia, yet they persist. While the Greens have (rightfully) called on Australia to take better care of its environment, to curb emission’s and our environmental impact, they call for no immigration restraint. The left side of politics has been very vocal in denouncing those who call for greater control of our population growth, yet population growth is one of the major factors which multiply and increase our environmental impact. While Australians are urged to use less water, to cut power usage, to cut carbon emission’s, environmental groups which unfortunately tied protection of the environment with ‘progressive’ liberal ideals don’t see the paradox. Any party which can’t see how a policy of reducing environmental damage contradicts one which doesn’t allow regulation of population growth is either in denial or just plain foolish. While Australia’s dams are running low, desalination plants, which consume large amounts of energy, provided by the very fossil fuels who’s use we should be reducing, are built to accommodate this growth. That is one of the major reasons why we at Nationalist Alternative believe that we need to cut immigration levels to help save water here in Australia.

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Meanwhile, Socialist parties who use ‘socialism’ as a cover for what really is a communist party, operate their parties the way they would operate this country. A centrally controlled, undemocratic bureaucracy, where marginal groups are used as political pawns. Communist/Trotskyite groups merely use irrelevant issues like Gay Marriage rights and helping to “free” the refugees to promote their own insidious agenda which is to destroy Australia.

Be the change you want to be “ – Gandhi

While we all realise that Ghandi was obviously NOT an Australian, he nevertheless, did believe in Nationalism for his own country. We at Nationalist Alternative run our party the way we want our country to be run. Nationalist Alternative is not a ‘do as we say and think as we want you to think’ type of party. Our members and supporters are not just political cannon fodder, but take an active part in the parties activities. We believe that Australia is OUR country, its YOUR country, and Nationalist Alternative is OUR party and its YOUR party. Nationalist Alternative exists to give those who more or less support our basic platform a voice, a voice that many Australians have been asking for.

Nationalist Alternative supports protecting our environmental heritage, without the hypocrisy of also supporting policies which lead to the uncontrolled growth that’s destroying it. We oppose completely proposed internet censorship and monitoring, without the hypocrisy of being a party which also supports crushing political speech it doesn’t agree with, and actively using intimidation and threats of violence to stop other parties from promoting their platform as socialist groups have done.

Why Nationalism

Nationalism is often classed as ‘outdated’, ‘backwards’ but with never any real reason. Yet when we look at the attempts at pluralistic diverse societies in the UK, Europe and America one fact remains clear, its a policy failure. While people in these countries still promote the virtues of increased democracy, those same people move away from it! While other people have yet to catch up to this important fact, we have realised it. Australia isn’t just a resource which people move into. The people who built Australia didn’t immigrate into already existing cities, infrastructure, hospitals and social groups, these were built by the people for the people. This is the heart of what a nation is. A family is simply a small nation. A family household is run for the family. The house, the family budget, the car and furniture as well as rules exist to serve the family. The nation is somewhat similar. It is the creation of people who more or less share a common cultural and ethnic/racial  heritage, who more or less are in a situation together and share a common future. Just as it would be utterly ridiculous for a mother to exchange her children, simply to make the family budget better, we consider it utterly ridiculous that people within a nation can just be changed for economic gain. For Nationalists, the economy, the government, the institutions and infrastructure exist to serve the people. For Nationalist Alternative, our funds, our website, our party name and image exist to serve who take part.

Why Nationalist Alternative

Nationalist Alternative encourages those who want a greater say in the future of their country to engage in political activity. We are not just interested solely in money or foot soldiers for staged protests, but for Australians who share our ideals and vision to take an active part. Joining Nationalist Alternative isn’t just becoming a member of a party, its becoming part of a movement, having a real voice, a real say.

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