By Michael Kennedy


So where do people get political opinions from? Who are the people who champion particular political schools of thought? What should be obvious is that people make a living and many in the mainstream media, and even alternative media get paid for creating political dialogue. What is also basic knowledge, is that people will only pay for something they want to pay for.

The obvious conclusion to this is that the vast majority of political discussion generated by the media, is created because someone PAID to say it. It is a fact that is too obvious for many people to notice.

The Internet is an exception, which is why both the Government and Big Media are attacking the free flow of ideas and speech.

So when a major “Conservative” columnist, who repeatedly complains about left wing bias in the media, doesn’t ask questions as to why he is still paid, then he either doesn’t care, doesn’t see the problem, or is a sell out. To be a Conservative in mainstream media, one must first accept that one will play by the rules that the mainstream media demands, which usually, almost always, means accepting Political Correctness, if not in heart, then at least in word. To be a Conservative in the mainstream media, one must be what the left consider “Respectable” or “Reasonable”, which means, almost always admitting that Progressivism is the ideological destiny of the west and that this destiny is beyond negotiation.

“Respectable” Conservatives are the Washington Generals to Liberalism’s Harlem Globetrotters. The Washington Generals were a ‘stooge’ Basketball team, created to help showcase the Harlem Globetrotter’s basketball skills and to play the role of an opposition team so there was some semblance of a basketball game occurring. They were never meant to any serious competition, just a bumbling, seemingly incompetent (yet still knowing the game) band of players whom the Harlem Globetrotters would regularly defeat.

How do you set up such a rigged game? Easy. Pay for it. Pay for both sides. As our state religion Political Correctness has virtually a monopoly over the media, it can ensure that only people who adhere to it maintain paid jobs as commentators. Just in the same way that the Harlem Globetrotter’s games were staged, as there was a particular outcome which was demanded, political debate between “Respectable” Conservatives and Liberals usually occurs in political arenas where Liberalism writes the rules, and dictates the standards.

But it is important to realise that it is not the exact same people who might campaign for hate speech laws, or push for multiculturalism who pay for conservative commentators, but these people generally share an acceptance of PC, of perhaps a varying degree. It is not a conspiracy where a shadowy cabal select all media spokespeople, but it is simply the end result of strong, one sided political pressure and activism which has resulted in a social and legal environment where this political school of thought shapes and sets the tone of debate. As “Conservatives” have to abide by this, only respectable ones make it. Many who disagree with Climatologists regarding Global Warming are aware that peer pressure and selective bias can lead to only one side of the debate being accepted, with any real opposition simply being booted out and only faux opposition being published and respected by the scientific community. It is also interesting to note that there is a notion of being a “reasonable” conservative, but few, if any leftists ever worry about whether they are a “reasonable” liberal or “reasonable” progressive.

“Respectable” Conservatives therefore can’t really and usually don’t oppose Political Correctness. They barely have the courage to properly call out Marxists as the lunatic relics, who may be motived by hate, from a bygone era that they are and never, ever give support for any real opposition to Political Correctness. They usually lead the charge against people who don’t agree with their anti-white agenda masquerading as “anti-racism”. The conservative moment has lost ground, precisely because “Respectable” Conservatives, always, in the end, make the proper propitiations to their PC masters and Liberalism always, in the end, defines what non-PC speech is allowed.

A good example is the Melbourne based Herald Sun columnist, Andrew Bolt. The left hate him, but most importantly, they don’t fear him or the commenter’s on his blog. Such is the state of “Conservatism” and “anti-leftism” in Australia, that a self styled leading conservative and champion against Political Correctness cannot bring up any other reaction than smug self righteousness from the left, and does not much more than give the left the opportunity to take part in patronising, insincere ‘pity’ for Bolts wingnuts. Some progressives may indeed ‘fear’ conservative rule, such as having Tony Abbot as Prime Minister, but it’s hard to find any substance behind this fear. This one one of the few areas which I actually agree with the left here, many of his commenter’s are indeed gutless and pathetic, but for a different reason. However, I disagree that they are ALL misguided, as among his commenter’s and fans are diamonds among the rough and many of these people are aware that they are diamonds amongst the rough.

Unfortunately, some are more astute and have realised that Andrew Bolt’s opposition to Liberalism is half baked and perhaps hasn’t even been placed in the oven at all. Some of these followers wonder whether he is actually not just another liberal himself, another PC stooge. This author has no doubt though, that Andrew Bolt, like many other mainstream Conservatives genuinely believe, at least to some degree, what they write, and they try to keep within the law. Unfortunately I believe Andrew Bolt underestimates just how little freedom of speech we have in Australia and because he has taken the “Respectable” position, he doesn’t realise that in the pursuit of Tolerance, he will be less and less tolerated until he is no longer tolerated at all.

For these people, there are unfortunately no other mainstream spokespeople they can follow or read. For many Australians, they know what we at Nationalist Alternative know, that the ‘melting pot’ future is not some inevitable result of progress or the result of Western predestination, but merely the deliberate attempt at a minority of liberal ideologues to re-engineer Western societies, a re-engineering in which there is no race. As they plan this for all and only white nations, it obviously means just the white race must go. Some might rightfully call this genocide. They are also finding that that the conservative movement has failed to prevent the encroachment of anti-vilification laws and as such, risks losing the very right to voice its position at all.

Andrew Bolt

Andrew Bolt is a good lesson, a good example to demonstrate why mainstream “respectable” conservatism just doesn’t cut it, any why Liberalism always wins in the end. Most, if not all social changes in the past 50 years have been towards Liberalism, with perhaps questionable “regressions” in the economic arena.

When Bolt isn’t acting as a representative of the Liberal party, or whining about environmentalism, which accounts for 90% of his writings, he rants against Political Correctness and Liberalism, and the Liberals obsession with race based politics.

A column titled “At least our Macedonians are free” 1, was a rather trite diatribe against Macedonian “hate speech” against Greeks. His column was a rant against Ms Noreen Megay of VCAT not finding any reason to pursue this “hate speech” further”. He starts by saying “IS it a rule that you have to be Anglo-Saxon to be a racist? “. A fair enough point, if you ignore the fact that ANY white person who objects to ANY white nations becoming a melting pot is labelled a racist, not just Anglo-Saxons. “Respectable” Conservatives are never allowed to bring this up.

What is ignored, is the fact that we have one European group who identify themselves as Macedonians, launching a tirade against another European group, Greeks, and Political Correctness doesn’t care about racism AGAINST whites, hence why Noreen Megay of VCAT didn’t find any wrong doing. Its not because it was committed by Macedonians, but its was against Greeks, who are Europeans are fair game, just as any other Europeans are far game. Just ask the Germans and Austrians.

But Andrew Bolt never makes this point, or CAN’T make it, because anti-white racism is the unstated holiest of holies in the religion of Political Correctness, and no “Respectable” Conservative can ever point this out or draw attention to it. I would also be willing to bet London to a brick, that if any white person ever wrote anything about a non-white ethnic group in a manner that these ‘Macedonians’ wrote against the Greeks, he would be leading the light brigade against “racism”. There would be no excuse, no recourse. The wrath of VCAT will rain upon them, reminding everyone else against the dangers of ‘racism’.

Bolt then complains about Noreens argument that the audience wouldn’t find the Macedonian text offensive by saying “I wonder how this argument would apply to Nazis or Ku Klux Klansmen”.

Later in the article it is unclear as to what Andrew Bolt was complaining about, whether that ‘Macedonians’ weren’t punished by leftist “hate crime” laws, or that Anglo-Saxon’s can’t get away with violating them. He ends the article with “Do you have to be Macedonian to be free to speak? Are only Anglo-Saxons racist?”. Very non-committal, we would expect nothing else from a “Respectable” conservative.

So given that he is PAID by a media which is supposedly left wing, and that the left support anti-white racism and totalitarian style “hate speech” censorship, it’s not surprising that he rarely calls out the “hate speech” laws as unjust restrictions on freedom of speech and thought, and never mentions the double standard of “racism against whites=OK”/”whites not tolerating multiracialism=pure evil”. He does stand up and take note, when they personally affect him, or when he feels they interfere with his version of Liberalism. You can’t rail for freedom of speech for all, and remain ‘respected’ by liberal intellectuals. So Andrew Bolt doesn’t. The very hate speech laws which are designed to keep a liberal monopoly on speech regarding immigration and multiculturalism get off scott free here, despite the fact he has a direct vested interest in removing them.

This is the anatomy of pretty much ALL conservative attacks against the left. Starts with a whine about liberalism not being applied correctly. In this case, Noreens decision NOT to follow up on supposed “hate crimes”.

Then afterwards, as always, a sly nod to the anti-racists (who are really just anti-white), that he is still with them. Bolt’s comment “I wonder how this argument would apply to Nazis or Ku Klux Klansmen” does just this. It lets the leftist intellectuals know that he too, is as obsessed with “Nazis” and “KKK” as they are.

Why “Nazis”, why “KKK”? Because this is the language that the left use against any Westerners, such as Nationalist Alternative, who might dare point out that mass immigration into Western countries might be destructive to Western culture and incompatible with the continued existence of European ethnicities in these nations. This is the language of ‘anti-racism’, so if you talk the talk, you hope people think you walk the walk. But despite the fact that the German Nationalist Socialist regime were bombed into dust over half a century ago, and that the KKK is defunct, and that neither exist in Australia aside from a few comical, hard to take seriously ‘activists’, it’s still the language du jour of the left, and it’s how Bolt can hint that he is still on the liberal train.

The article ends with the statement “Good on Megay. But the question remains: Do you have to be Macedonian to be free to speak? Are only Anglo-Saxons racist? “. Good on you Andrew Bolt, you tireless crusader against Political Correctness! Thank you for making your position against totalitarian hate speech laws, invented solely for the purpose of suppression of discussion about the dire failures of liberalism so clear. You care enough about it to mention it, and leave people guessing as to whether you actually are with liberals here or not.

But it’s not just Bolt who displays this half hearted “I’m a conserative, but don’t worry, I’m still with Political Correctness” attitude. Commenter “Hillbilly of Hobart” writes, with the usual explanation about how great multi-racialism is….

Terms like racist and denier have become the weapons used by those who know their position is weak.,to try and shut down any rational debate on matters where people have raised valid and legitimate concerns.

I am proud of Australia’s successful past record in immigration which on the whole has allowed mutually beneficial integration and assimilation of people from over 120 different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.

That has only been possible by having an orderly system where quotas have been determined on the basis of ability to provide adequate infrastructure and support in all areas and having a fair and proper assessment process to determine the suitability any applicant.

This is sadly quite typical. Why someone feels the need to keep telling everyone how they are for multi-racialism and diversity is beyond me. Why go to a conservative website to read this, when you can go to a liberal one? Well, you actually find conservatives bending over MORE than liberals, to show how tolerant they are and how accepting of a melting pot future. It’s really nothing more than conservatives trying to prove they are still PC, if not the ‘left wing’ type. Not that professing Tolerance is going to protect you anyway.

Even Andrew Bolt seemingly praises former Prime Minister Howard of all people for increasing immigration. In this blog post, “Howard shared those boundless plains”2.


But no article sums up Andrew’s spineless “opposition” to Liberalism and its agenda against the West than this blog post, “Europes changing face”3. Posting pictures of French soccer teams of old and of modern teams, one aspect is striking obvious. In the early 20th century, Frances soccer team was white, it was French. Now it is predominantly black. Andrew Bolt posts these pictures with not much more than this statement “May I please point out to hyperventilating commenters below that to notice is not to condemn – or applaud.”.

OK, he’s not specifically applauding it, which is one step better than some Liberals, who see this as a victory of progressivism over white homogeneity. But he doesn’t condemn either, essentially being neutral. Passive neutrality in the face of change is acceptance of the change. It is remaining neutral in the time of crisis, an evil in itself, one that Dante considered worthy of the innermost circles of Hell.

So lets see here, Europe’s “changing face” is the result of mass immigration and assimilation, a deliberate policy of liberalism, not the result of tolerance or genuine dislike of racism. Tolerance is demanded after multi-racialism has been forced upon the population, to ensure that it proceeds orderly without opposition.

But conservatives are silent on this transformation, because speaking against such a demographic transformation will always be construed by the left, as “racism” against non-whites. Liberals state, quite clearly that any desire to maintain the European character of France, for example, is akin to racism against non-Europeans. This isn’t true at all, and merely a propaganda tool by the left, but conservatives simply won’t challenge this rather easy to debunk fallacy.

Why the Left demands “Tolerance”.

It was revealed that the British Labour party in the year 2000 concealed plans to make Britain more multiracial by allowing in more migrants, partly to force multi-racialism and partly to rub the noses of the right in it. Many leftists openly admit that mass immigration should be forced to destroy white homogeneity and some revel in the idea. Andrew Neather, a speech writer who worked in Downing St wrote about a policy paper form the Performance and Innovation Unit

“Earlier drafts I saw also included a driving political purpose: that mass immigration was the way that the Government was going to make the UK truly multicultural.

“I remember coming away from some discussions with the clear sense that the policy was intended – even if this wasn’t its main purpose – to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date.” 4.

The Labour party tried to backtrack, but unfortunately this attitude is quite typical of leftist ideologues. This attitude is behind all Liberal governments, including France. In France, this is so open that the current President Sarkozy has said that the French people must change and that there will be dire consequences if they don’t intermarry. 5

But no “Respectable” Conservative is allowed to bring this up, to directly confront the Left with it. No “Respectable” Conservative would be allowed to keep bringing this revelation from the British Labour party to reveal how “Tolerance” and “Diversity” are used in a hateful manner against the British people. This is a revelation of significantly greater importance than the “Climategate” e-mails, and it’s content far more damaging and direct and far less ambiguous about the true motives behind multi-racial immigration, yet mainstream conservatism simply ignores this fact. This should ring alarm bells.

The “Respectable” Conservative counterpoint.

So with the fact that European nations are run by anti-white leftists, it is disheartening to hear that the only opposition to Europe’s gradual decline and genocide is from “Respectable” conservatives.

We wouldn’t expect Andrew Bolt to stand in defence of the destruction of Britain’s and Europe’s heritage by Liberalism and neither it seems, do many of his followers.

Jaycee of Melbourne writes,

From Mr Bolt’s notes…

“May I please point out to hyperventilating commenters below that to notice is not to condemn – or applaud.”

As an individual, I found the comparisons interesting…nothing more. “

Of course. Genocide is “interesting…nothing more”.

Jarrod writes the following, in a response to a comment about the 1936 German team being homogeneous.

Mon 03 Mar 08 (11:46am)

Unfortunately so!!

I think that the photo’s are a good reflection of a nation (France) who is open to globalisation, and who treats it citizens regardless of colour as French.

It’s a bit disappointing to see that Italy has not followed this trend. It appears that Italy may still be stuck with an out-dated version of nationalism – exclusion, regardless them having a lot of African immigrants.

Again, ANY white homogeneity is denounced as evil by liberalism. It is a problem that must be remedied. This evil problem must be remedied by mass non-white immigration and assimilation. The solution to the “white problem”, is to remove whiteness. Jarrod, just like all “respectable” Conservatives agree with Liberalism here. What is even more interesting is that both Liberals and Conservatives will tell you that they have never heard of anyone talking about ‘whiteness’ being a problem that must be solved by mass non-white immigration and assimilation. This would be like a Global Warming sceptic saying they’ve never heard of “Climategate”. Go figure.

Why don’t his readers realise he is not a conservative?

Perhaps the most baffling aspect of Bolt’s blog, or any mainstream conservative blogger, commentator or pundit, is why people who actually are against Liberalism and Political Correctness follow them?

These conservatives complain about a left wing bias in the media. These SAME conservatives then get paid by the very same media they accuse of being Leftist. Said media wont pay anyone who writes columns which actually threaten the holy established religion of Political Correctness, so all opposition to Liberalism must play by their rules to be published. Because the commentator is playing by their rules, by virtue of being employed by them and seeking ‘respect’ from liberal intellectuals any opposition that he is allowed to print, they can’t be true opposition. The readers then go on thinking that this conservative movement is the one that is going to get rid of the twisted religion of Political Correctness. Because of this, the readers mindless repeat left wing slogans and enforce liberal ideas with the same zeal as the left, perhaps even more so, because they must prove to the left at every moment, they aren’t ‘racist’, which really means just doing what it takes to get leftists to stop using it as slander against you.

They must still prove to the left, they are “Respectable”, that they are “Intellectual” and that they too agree that white countries should be open for everyone. Saying “I’m not a racist…” just doesn’t cut it with the left any more. You have to prove it, and intermarriage is a good way of showing the strength of ones faith in anti-white, anti-racism. But no matter what you do, if the left are the ones who define the rules, they can simply rule that your speech, your opinion is ‘hate speech’, or ‘offensive’ or simply ‘illegal’ and be done with you. They define what ‘racist’ is, which really is just anything they don’t ideologically agree with.

This is the sad state of conservative, mainstream right wing politics in the country. You simply cannot critique multi-culturalism if you accept the basic premise that all white nations MUST become multiracial. If you accept this, then what recourse do you have against hate speech? How can you complain about ‘Macedonians’ writing slander against Greeks, when you accept Liberalism’s anti-racism, which is in reality an anti-white movement?

Because “hate speech” laws are a necessity to ensure that white people accept giving away their heritage and future, what right does someone who agrees that white people must accept this future have, in even questioning the laws which make this possible and prevent this program from being thwarted? And even if you don’t accept if, if you agree, that in principle, Western nations should head towards Liberalism, then who are you to argue against Liberals as to how its done?

Never deal with the devil, you will always lose.

On the 28th of September Andrew Bolt was found guilty of racial vilification. His “crime” was questioning whether white looking Aboriginals would really be considered Aboriginal. As we live in a country which does NOT have freedom of speech, and therefore does NOT have freedom of thought, I am not permitted, lest I be found guilty in front of a judge, in sharing my opinion as to whether Andrew Bolt’s statement was reasonable or not. The law it appears, requires us all to believe that he was unreasonable. So sayeth the judge.

Some might see this and think “Well, doesn’t this prove that paid conservative columnists are not in bed with the left, as they too are punished by leftist, communist inspired “Hate Crime” laws? No, it doesn’t. It is important to remember that there isn’t a grand conspiracy here, that News Limited doesn’t secretly hold meetings with Socialist Alliance members and Anti-Racist organisations to elect a puppet as a columnist. Conservatives are chosen out of free will, but the system, public expectations and requirements of the vocal, and seemingly powerful leftist activist class is enough to ensure that only “Respectable” conservatives are given a voice. Anyone who they do not consider “Respectable”, such as Pauline Hanson is hounded into submission and destroyed. Even the two major political parties in this country will unite to ensure this happens. Dissenting opinion simply doesn’t survive, and by a process similar to natural selection, only “Respectable” Conservatives get any mainstream voice and get treated as being legitimate political voices, at least until someone decides a change is needed. They can serve the function of acting as a pressure valve to real dissent, a way of diverting anti PC opinion to an ineffective outlet.

There is no love for “Respectable” Conservatives like Bolt from the left, and simply because one ensures that they still have a PC outlook, doesn’t grant one immunity. Any totalitarian religion needs to become more and more intolerant of dissent if it is to consolidate its power. Those who preach Tolerance become more and more intolerant, especially of anyone who doesn’t fit their definition of Tolerant or Inclusive, definitions which can change over time. Being “Respectable”, supporting immigration and assimilation, supporting all white nations become melting pots isn’t going to protect you if you are not wholeheartedly Politically Correct. If you hold a view which Liberalism decides is no longer Tolerant, you become a target.

So Andrew Bolt has been found guilty by Judge (I use the term loosely) Mordecai Bromberg of making a statement the JUDGE found offensive. Andrew Bolt either stepped out of line, or more likely, the line was simply moved further to the side of Political Correctness and Andrew Bolt now found himself outside the line. What it takes to be “Respectable” was simply redefined, and he no longer fits the definition.

However, despite the nature of the article which lead to the proceedings, Andrew Bolt does NOT deserve to be found guilty and the verdict is deplorable. It is irrelevant whether his statement was offensive or not, or even if it was the result of less than perfect journalism. More to the point, one shouldn’t be punished for saying something about someone else, that a third party thinks may offend. Freedom of speech means the freedom to say things which people might find offensive. To deny people the right to say something that another human being might find offensive is to deny people pretty the right to pretty much any political speech whatsoever. Perhaps we are heading towards the banning of all politics that isn’t PC. Freedom of speech means freedom of thought. Curtailing freedom of speech is actually an attempt to curtail freedom of thought.

The lesson here for anyone who holds views against multiculturalism, Political Correctness or liberalism, is that being against racism, being for pluralism isn’t enough if you are not wholeheartedly for it. It isn’t enough to be against racism but also against minority pandering. It isn’t enough to fight against racism, but still believe that European and Anglo countries should be able to preserve their heritage and culture. It isn’t enough to accept a ‘little’ diversity but desire keep it under control. It even isn’t enough to be a support of Israel and denounce anti-semitism.

You may be able to get a paid job, appear on TV, you may be allowed, for a while to be considered somewhat respectable but Liberalism has for the last several decades narrowed the range of behaviour, speech and opinion which is considered acceptable. What was once considered inoffensive in the 80’s can now land you in court. What is considered allowable now will in the future be unacceptable. Each time the screws are tightened, “Respectable” Conservative opinion will simply be re-branded as hate speech and offensive and if necessary, legislated, as Mordecai Bromberg has done by setting a precedent, out of existence.



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