The angry, suppressed voice of Britain.

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By Jim Osborne


Recently in England, a lady on public transport did something that according to our intellectual superiors, no mentally stable, sane person should ever do. What she did was sick, sick enough to warrant YouTube videos from disgusted citizenry, complete with the standard leftist affectations and ‘hand to the forehead’ gestures that come with morally righteous indignation. She didn’t rip a pensioner out of her life savings, or leave a screaming child in a hot car. What she did was worse, pure heresy, heinous. She had the gall to be upset at the demographic trashing of her national identity. She was guilty of being unhappy that her ethnic group is disappearing. For shame!There we have it, England today. A woman on public transport with her child, seeing the future of her home country, perhaps wondering what place her child has in this demographic morass, gets upset as anyone who cares would, and lets loose. This woman, who allegedly hurled racial abuse at people of a “diverse” background was arrested after passengers had filmed her and posted the video online.i The video can be viewed here

In an earlier article, “Cowardly Conservatives”, Michael Kennedy writes about how the Labor party of the UK was using non white immigration as a means of attacking the right and forcing multi-racialism upon Britain. So unfortunately the states genocide against its own indigenous population continues, with opposition to this genocide being essentially illegal, through “hate speech” laws, called “hate” laws, because one must be full of hate against the Western world and its people in order to them to support it.

Was she racist? I don’t think so. Racism is an unfounded assertion of superiority. Perhaps she was rude and uncivil.  There is no doubt that this isn’t the most eloquent plea against colonisation masquerading as immigration, but what she did wasn’t an attack on others.  It was a defence, a desperate lashing out. Westerners have no defence whatsoever against the anti-white programs which their governments impose against the will of their people upon them. There is no consultation with the English as to whether they want a future where white English are assimilated out. There is no permitted national debate, where people can freely decide whether programs which will in the end, remove entire ethnic groups from Europe can continue to exist or not. Such debate is not permitted, and denounced as racist.

Governments need never enforce ideology by law if those ideologies are perfectly sound, just and backed up by evidence. The only reason that the state requires punitive measures against people who are not Politically Correct is precisely because the ideology behind multi-racialism is corrupt, crooked, flawed and destructive. It is based on a shabby lie, that this is the way of the future, that this is inevitable, that this is of benefit to all involved. It needs state suppression for the same reason that Stalin had to send dissidents to the gulag, because it’s an ideology that could never stand on its own legs.

The “Racist Tram Lady”, as she is know, Emma West, however didn’t need to attack the non-whites. It’s ultimately the fault of the English people who insist upon ALL and ONLY white nations becoming multiracial melting pots. It’s the fault of the English people who shamelessly, and with the backing of the state, advocate and implement genocide against the English.

Emma’s ire is better directed at the whites on the tram, who are so deluded, full of self loathing of their own identity, that they turned against one of their own, in order to support third world immigrants who only see their nation as a resource to be used. This isn’t to say that all English people are responsible, as anti-white Political Correctness is brow-beaten into the population by a very vocal and bullying few. The rest of England however, needs to wake up, and needs to realise that they are now at a crossroads, one of greater consequence to their nation than any experienced in the last few centuries, including facing the German Reich during World War II. That is, the people of Britain have to quite literally decide whether they want to continue to exist as a nation, as an ethnic group. They must decide between appeasing Political Correctness, or having a British identity which continues into their future. Their choice is start. Racial suicide or “respectability” in the eyes of leftists and cowardly conservatives who couldn’t care about them anyway.

Now there is a second woman who is wanted, again captured by the amateur stasi, the nosey public with iPhones.ii Just as in East Germany, there was no shortage of people who were willing to turn on their fellow Germans to serve the state who’s interests were ultimately foreign to them, there are plenty of British who are eager to be the lap dogs of the state, and act as its Big Brother, and turn their neighbour in.

This is a sorry state for any nation to be in.


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