By Jim Osborne.

While Australian workers are still under pressure from one of the most expensive housing markets in the world and a rising cost of living, the government has decided to implement a plan in which people could be paid up to $300 a week to house those who have bypassed our immigration process. i

Our government clearly has no interest at all any more in protecting the Australian identity and the well-being of Australian workers. Our present government, much like our past one, no longer has any shame with regards to its desire to remould Australia into a crowded, cosmopolitan backwater.

Government handouts of up to $300 a week are overly generous, with many people struggling to find this amount to rent a single home. But if one chooses to use their home in order to drive up our population to beyond its already unsustainable levels and allow people to bypass our border controls, they get our tax payer dollars. What is worse, is that it is easy for people here to be paid up to $300 dollars to house their own family members who have come over. It would be easy for someone to register with the privately run Australian Homestay Network, and essentially have their own rent paid by us to house their brother or parents or other family members or friends. Housing illegal immigrants will now be a lucrative, tax payer funded venture. The potential for abuse of this system is huge.

Although the cost for this unbelievable program is set to be taken from the existing portion of the budget dedicated to housing asylum seekers (which the portion could always just be increased), what is worrying is that the focus of OUR government is not on the Australian workers and tax payers who the government is subservient to, but idealistic moral ventures.

This venture is not only foolish and wasteful, but also dangerous, leaving people who haven’t gone through thorough checks loose in the homes of Australians and in our communities. This policy provides short cuts for people to enter our civic life from abroad, and to do so without the care and consideration that should be taken, and at a very high financial cost of up to $1,200 a month.

Australia should be looking at tighter, not looser control of its borders. Governments should be doing something, anything at all, about our astronomical house prices, which are hurting us greatly, instead of providing free suburban accommodation to refugees. If the Gillard government wanted to show its utter contempt for Australian workers and give them the finger, then it has certainly achieved that goal with this contemptible, poorly thought out idea.


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