A report of the days events by Jim Osborne:

Members of Nationalist Alternative attended an impromptu protest at the Victorian State Library lawns to voice opposition to the Muslim backlash at the film the “Innocence of Muslims”. Fearing a repeat of Sydney’s violence and display or cultural aggression against Australia, patriots, nationalists and atheists, as well as other individuals and passers by gathered at the library lawns.

The Melbourne Muslim community has planned for a protest in Melbourne on this Sunday. This prompted many Australians, concerned about their nation and the imposition of religion onto our largely secular society to stage a counter rally, to send a clear message that this behaviour is neither tolerated or welcome.

The Muslim rally however was called off, due to supposed fears of violence from police and ‘racists’. But with the possibility of some renegade Muslims creating a protest of their own, and with a desire to be heard, the anti-Muslim gathering took place regardless, though undoubtedly would have been much larger in size had the Muslim rally not been cancelled. One Australian I had spoken to informed me that many of his work colleagues would have come to the city to counter-protest, had it been on.

For Nationalist Alternative, the event was important, and regardless of whether a rally would be held or not, we would make our presence known. It was also an opportunity for Nationalist Alternative to take part in the Melbourne Speakers Forum, a public debate held at the State Library Lawns each Sunday afternoon.

Nationalist Alternative members arrived at approximately 11AM. Also present were other supporters of Nationalist Alternative, who showed their support by wearing our T-Shirts. Various other Nationalists and activists were also present.

At this time, there were few others around. Notably an increasing police and media presence who at this point, had their attention drawn to some of the Nationalist Alternative supporters and others who were present in black jackets. Cameras were recording from the streets, from the lawns and from the roof of a nearby apartment complex. Nationalist Alternative were approached by the media, but declined to make any comment due to the risk of media distortion and misleading reporting.

After noon, the crowd grew larger. A small atheist group with matching T-Shirts, and placards reading “(Among other religions) Islam is false” and “Don’t just believe. Think”. They drew much media attention, were interviewed and then began to engage in friendly debate with others.

Also notably present, was a small group of young Australians who had large signs with “Africa for the Africans, Palestine for the Palestinians and White countries for Everyone.  Stop the Genocide of MY race” on them. This is the message of B.U.G.S, and it was pleasing to see this message pointing out this genocidal attitude present. They were however soon after arrival, were required to relinquish the placards by orders of the Victorian Police. It is worthy to note, that the placard that stated “Islam is false” was considered acceptable, but one talking about how white countries are for everyone wasn’t. The B.U.G.S. mantra exposes the anti-white aspect of anti-racism and multiculturalism. The fact that it was this message, this symbol, this statement which was considered a threat above all others there (and this is including a swastika!). Why was this statement removed and singled out? Because it was a statement which represented the greatest threat to the anti-white multiculturalist establishment, a statement which exposes the genocidal nature of Liberalism and draws attention to it.

The system doesn’t fear anti-Islam sentiment, nor flag waving Australian youth, or even skinheads, but it does fear this message. Because it is effective.

A debate started between a Muslim and the Atheist organisation which drew a large crowd, and it is this debate which the media have been referring to as the heated debate, as the argument. Those who have seen the Speakers Forum on other Sundays, will have seen much more heated debates. The fact is, while it was a spirited and emotional debate, there was no sign and no indication that it would become anything other than a heated debate. The debate continued with another gentleman arguing against the Islamic violence and a few others joining in. The police only got involved in order to expel the Muslim, who was unceremoniously carted out of the area with a chorus of “Aussie Aussie Aussie!” for accompaniment.

This was essentially, the only event of the day. Speeches were given by people, including Nationalist Alternative to the crowd, and then soon after, the crowd dispersed, with debates and discussions occurring among the crowd.

All in all, this event must have been a big let down for the media. Anticipating a juicy example of racism, of anti-Islamic violence, it was all in all, a civilised affair. The ‘heated debate’, of which there was only one, was comparable to those that occur with street corner Christian evangelists on a boozy Friday night. The overwhelming police presence, including the mounted police, and the media presence was disproportionately greater than the event. Without anything actually happening, we can only assume that some media agencies will try to sex this up.

Some of the current headlines are.

From the Herald Sun. “Muslim protests fizzle on the steps of the State Library in central Melbourne “i

The Herald Sun also quoted “Some men on the library steps were dressed in T-shirts promoting the Nationalist Alternative – a group devoted to reaffirming Australian culture and restoring the sovereignty and independence of the Australian nation, according to its website.” ii

From SBS “Protest fears fade in Sydney, Melbourne” iii

Who the ‘racists’ which the Muslims were afraid of, isn’t quite known, but Nationalist Alternative did not advertise our intention to attend in any public forum. There were facebook comments, and social media organisation to be sure from others. If this organisation, and the Nationalist Alternative presence discouraged Muslims from protesting then this is a service to the people of Melbourne. This discouragement has avoided what would likely have been a disruptive and violent encounter. Melbourne was spared this because Australians, having witnessed scenes in Sydney, and around the world said “NO” to Islamic political pressure and bully boy cultural imperialism. Australians gathered at the State Library lawns in an impromptu display of nationalism, in defiance of Islamofascism and the trouble that it brings. Australians showed that when it comes to defending their country and their culture, they aren’t wimps, they aren’t willing to be stand idly by and allow anti-western Muslims ride roughshod over their way of life. The end result was a peaceful defiance, an expression of free speech. The media are having difficulty finding a negative angle. A peaceful gathering instead of a repeat of Sydney’s violent riot. I’m sure that most Australians would be happy with that, and I’m sure that many of the police, despite having reservations about some people, would have much rather what happened today, than what happened in Sydney. As would most Australians.



10 Responses to Nationalist Alternative and the anti Islamofascist rally.

  1. Jodie Librio says:

    I am finally glad to read accurate accounts of the day, I now can show others who only could view & hear the short somewhat distorted media coverage. On seeing a facebook page asking proud Australians to attend the Rally I had made a desicion that I wanted to be there, to be counted as someone who does care strongly about the changes that are now making impacts on our lives and more importantly on my childrens lives.

    I was proud to attend with our Flag and I had expected many more like me – just your average concerned Aussie – to attend and show in numbers that we do not agree with or want Islamic beliefs pushed upon us or our culture changed to accomodate them.

    Prior to the day I had told my work collegues of my intention to go to the Rally and everyone was proud of my intention to do what they could only think of doing, and was asked to hold my Flag to represent them, which I did with pride. On my return to work I told of my account of the day, and shared my dissapointment of the media interpretation and of others for not attending and standing up to be counted.

    I am glad the outcome was a peaceful event and will attend such events again, as I believe we need to be recognised when we as a community wish to have our views heard. Its sad knowing that one day “true blue” Australians will soon become the minority… very sad indeed. And if in saying that now labels me “racist” then that I am also.

  2. mkennedy says:

    Thank you. We knew from the beginning the media would want to make it as dramatic as possible. They invested so much getting there, they weren’t going to walk away with nothing! You can sense the disappointment in the articles and they really did try to make it appear more heated than it was and word it in such a way to make it appear that it was Nationalists vs Muslims.. I’ve seen more heated debate on parliament question time!

    Nationalist Alternative is there to give Australians a voice of their own, to represent our interests. We won’t let accusations of ‘racist’ stop us. There is much more at stake than appearing to have PC cred. We’re glad that people like you take a stand for our great country.

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  4. Anotherwhiterabbit says:

    Africa for the Africans

    Asia for the Asians

    Muslim countries for Muslims

    White countries…for everybody?

    Anti-Racist is just a CODEWORD for Anti-White.

  5. WhiteRabbit says:

    It seems the mantra is spreading. Awesome. The fact that they took that one and only sign away means we’re getting to them. You should have more rallies with multiple people carrying that message. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  6. Robo says:

    I love the picture of the BUGS banner. Pity you couldn’t fit, “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” on it. That would have put a cat among the pigeons. Oh well…

    Instead of behaving like reactionaries, complaining about Muslim this/Jew that or whatever, we should gatecrash their protests and always push the message of White Genocide – which is exactly what you guys did. Well done!

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  7. mkennedy says:

    Thank you, but the banner was not ours and not used by us. There were some other young men who turned up independently sporting a few of these banners. We were pleased to see them turn up, and it’s encouraging to see other activists spreading the message.

  8. Robo says:

    Even better. I love how it is spreading like a computer virus. You never know where it will appear next and who will be saying it. 😉

  9. Kirk Mauser says:

    Hey there, thank you for sharing your thinking in Nationalist Alternative and the anti Islamofascist rally.. This is actually a cool website.

  10. Aussiepride88 says:

    The jihadist boats coming from Islamic countries should be sunk by Aussie navy. They are illegal economic immigrants

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