Nationalist Alternative in Action: Episode 1

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by Michael Kennedy

A message is useless unless one does something with it. The Mantra, “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” is becoming a more frequently used argument, and anti-whites becoming more and more, lets say, fed up with it.

A number of videos are appearing on YouTube claiming to ‘debunk’ the mantra. A search on YouTube will reveal a few of these videos, but very little if any ‘debunking’ takes place. The ‘debunking’ that occurs is usually in the form of finding excuses for genocide against whites, or the ‘same old, same old’ technical arguments, which in reality, mean nothing.

We are going to look at three discussion threads for “debunking” videos, discussion threads that yours truly weighed in on. I’ll dissect the discussions, and explain the importance of discipline in debate and how the anti-whites really have nothing, nothing at all against us and against our race, aside from admitting that Genocide is under some circumstances acceptable.

The first video was titled “WHITE GENOCIDE DEBUNKED”

The videos summary is this

The White Genocide claim has now been absolutely debunked.
The racists have shown themselves to have surpassed even creationists in their dishonest tactics and lack of debate ability.
True, there have been a few you could have a decent conversation with but the outrageous behaviour of the rest of them has shouted even them down.

What the racists don’t realise is they do themselves a disservice with their behaviours. If no one takes them seriously? It’s of their own doing.
This video without question shows how the mantra fails. Not wanting to sustain your group’s population isn’t genocide.

It could be considered self-extinction.

Link 1:

My original video to the Racists:

Oh – and I acknowledge that there may be an extremely small percentage of the population that says what these people claim they say. There’s billions of people on this planet. It isn’t hard to find someone, somewhere who say, likes shoving peanuts up his nose.

When I say; “Show me someone”, I’m asking you to prove that this is a significantly enough held view that you can say it is prevalent.

DogmasDemise writes

The anti-“anti-racists” (could that be the PC word for racists? I mean they don’t like to be called racists, yet anti-racism is also a bad thing to them…) are always a source of greatcomedy [sic].

I write

What they are saying, is that “anti-racism” is really a code word for anti-white. Not a difficult concept to grasp.

This is a common anti-white response to the mantra, acting as if they are unfamiliar with the concept. But given how much anti-whites can discuss the nuances of racism, examples of racism, and what pro-whites such as us supposedly think, it seems disingenuous for them to suggest that they can’t grasp the point the mantra is making.

DogmasDemise responds with

I’m all to well aware of the mantra. It’s stupid, worse than creationism.

I write

Because anti-whites can’t argue against it.

You would be more comfortable with neo-nazis and other “hollywood” racists. But when you are confronted with the mantra, lefties run and hide, and try to say its ‘stupid’without ever actually proving why.

Again and again, anti-whites are out argued, and they just whine and try to avoid the spotlight.

DogmasDemise writes

“Because anti-whites can’t argue against it.” We just did. TruePooka has made this video and a few others which utterly debunk this pathetic mantra. When you are going to address his claims? Oh that’s right, you can’t.

I write

He debunked nothing. He did exactly what anti-racists do when confronted with the mantra.Pretended that it was all new to them, when “duhhh….., nitpicked on side issues and avoided the point with sillyness [sic].

If you are advocating that ALL and ONLY white nations become multiracial, then you are advocating a status quo in which the white race would disappear.

The mantra focuses on what anti-racists SAY and ADVOCATE.

He said NOTHING about what anti-racists SAY.

Liberals demand that ALL and ONLY white nations take in the third world and assimilate. This logically, would result in our race, the white race, being assimilated out.

Having ALL and ONLY whites nations take in all races and assimilate is incompatible with our race persisting as an identifiable group. Do liberals argue that this isn’t true? No, and TruePooka, the creator of this video has said nothing to that effect. So if it is true, do Liberals suggest, or put forward an argument which doesn’t involve whites being assimilated out? Again no. TruePooka’s video is devoid of anything attacking the current multiracialist status quo. Accepting it, is to accept the eradication of our race through assimilation.

DogmasDemise writes

“If you are advocating that ALL and ONLY white nations become multiracial” You’ve been told this a hundred times, it’s a strawman. I don’t care if Europe is multiracial or not. I’m not for nor against racial diversity. I’m simply indifferent.

Do I support mass immigration? No, I am concerned about what kind of people come into Europe (*points at Islamists*) but I don’t care about skin color. Learn to judge people individually.

He is essentially admitting that he doesn’t care if whites disappear of not. Genocide is OK. Many anti-whites seem to admit that it will happen, but is OK, because THEY don’t care.

I wonder how anyone can morally say that Genocide is OK to allow to happen, if one is OK with it. Such a view is morally reprehensible and one that Nationalist Alternative actively and vocally denounce.

I write

We have heard MANY times people say that when race differences disappear, so will racism. Now what countries are these race differences supposed to disappear in? ONLY white countries.

I’ve heard the “I don’t care” line before. Yet anti-racists support hate speech laws and actions to fine or imprison people who disagree with multiracialism.

The claim that anti-racists make, that they ‘don’t care’ is disingenuous.If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t fight the mantra tooth and nail.

DogmasDemise has had enough. Argued into a corner, he lashes out….

“We have heard MANY times people say that when race differences disappear, so will racism. Now what countries are these race  differences supposed to disappear in? ONLY white countries.” I’m done with your strawmen, go die in a fire with AIDS.

I write…

I don’t buy that you’ve never heard that. Much as I wouldn’t buy it if someone hadn’t heard of the Beatles.

Everyone is familiar with the argument that intermarriage and assimilation will bring races closer together and help solve racism.

No Westerner can seriously say they’ve never heard of a need for diversity in their country.

Yet NO ONE is demanding more diversity in Asian or Black nations. They are considered diverse already.

DogmasDemise writes

Really now, if it’s so obvious, provide us evidence. Give names of politicians and their statements.

I write, citing many of the easily found examples.

For a start, google “EU should ‘undermine national homogeneity’ says UN migration chief”

Also google “Andrew Neather” “British Labour party” “immigration”

There are many examples, but its your job to educate yourself.

I believe that DogmasDemise is either blinded to reality, or disingenuous. Anyone who hasn’t heard anyone promoting multi-racialism must be treated with great suspicion.

DogmasDemise writes

Okay the first article, just so you know I’m not a big fan of “multiculturalism” (mainly due to Islam and its outdated cultural values). I don’t see how race is relevant here. Race isn’t interchangeable with culture. Are you saying black people cannot adopt a western way of life or what?

Second, there are legitimate concerns in that article. Europe has low birthrates and aging [sic] population and you’re going to have to fix that one way or the other.

It is important here not to get sidetracked. Birthrates are NOT the issue. People being able to (at least superficially) adopt white culture, is NOT the issue. The issue is our race, being subjected to a program of Genocide through mass immigration and assimilation.

It is to easy here to get sidetracked, to respond with arguments about why the birthrate might be low, about culture and the ability or important of others to adopt contemporary Western culture. It is easy to derail the argument to attempt to sound intellectual, ‘interesting’, but the mantra works as a hammer. One must use it repeatedly, hitting the SAME spot again and again.

Our anti-white here is outargued, and performing the same anti-white dance that they all dance, by bringing in this and that, to try and put the focus on what we do, and take it away from what they advocate.

Discipline. Keep on the attack. Keep demanding from them why ALL and ONLY white nations must go multiracial. Despite low birthrates being a real problem, this is no reason for a program of genocide. Despite some black people being able to adopt parts of contemporary white culture, it is no reason for a program of genocide. Because they are no reason for a program of genocide, we’ll either say EXACTLY that, and then go back to the mantra, or ignore it completely and not give such an argument any merit through responding to it.

I decide to ignore these irrelevant points and respond with

Search YouTube for “Anetta Kahane wants to destroy Europe via non-European immigration “

Again, you will NOT see anyone talk this way of non-white nations. At all.

ONLY white nations must lose their identity.

But if I point this out and object to the idea that only white nations must become melting points,.I’m a racist.

Because anti-racism is anti white.

DogmasDemise writes

“But if I point this out and object to the idea that only white nations must become melting points,.I’m a racist.” – Nonsense. It’s how you go about coming up with information like this. You have a starting point and then you go looking for evidence to support your position. You then start scraping barrels and quoting other stupid people like yourself on the other side of the spectrum. Some people want to paint the tower of london pink, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, or is happening. Idiot.

Noliesundead joins in, and writes

please explain blacks influx into asain countries, whites into africa and asain countries and central america,

good argument…until one examines it.

This does indeed, sound like a good argument. But the mantra says nothing about what is happening. It is about intent. It is about the DEMAND which Liberals place on our nations.

No one is demanding that non-white nations take in other races. Whether they do so or not, is up to them. There might, rarely, be suggestions that economically there might be an advantage to a country such as Japan, actually having an immigration program, but no demands, no cries that Japan must break its homogeneity.

So whether non-white countries are becoming racially diverse, neither excuses demands for whites to be assimilated out, or debunks anything.

There are no demands for Korea or Taiwan to open their borders. But every white country is expected to. Japan could decide tomorrow that multi-racialism isn’t for them, and Liberals won’t care. But if a white country was to decide that, Liberals would oppose them, or worse.

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