Nationalist Alternative in Action: Episode 3

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By Michael Kennedy,

In the third part, we will go over one more debate I took part in, in the comments section of yet another video, which claimed to demonstrate that anti-racism isn’t anti-white. As expected, there was nothing of substance.

Click here to view the video.

Another ‘debunking’ of the mantra.

8bitnecromancer writes

 don’t worry dude 90% of all these racist idiots are actually 1person with a million sock accounts. .. they got nothing other than an intellectually bankrupt slogan from a knob named bob whitaker.

If anti-racists aren’t anti-white, then they will be able to answer this question.

I write, getting straight to the point.

IF you are not anti-white, then please tell me what white nations it would be ACCEPTABLE for white people to close theirborders to non-whites?

If you are not anti-white as you claim, then tell me where it white people could go, without having to accept multi-racialism, and where their stance would be considered acceptable?

Dameon692002 writes,

Mikey, I think you tried these replies on me, too. Didn’t you learn that the anti-racist standard applies to EVERY race? It’s not just something that whitepeople have to be decent enough to employ; EVERYONE of EVERY race has to uphold that standard. Like my drill sergeants used to say, “The standard will not come down to reach you; you will come up to reach the standard”. Don’t you think that’s fair?

From our previous discussion, you would understand now the importance of keeping to the point that YOU want to make.

My previous question was not answered. So I respond with…

So you can show me which non-white nations have been asked to join the 21st century and become multiracial?

No, of course you can’t. Because it is only a “problem” when a white nation is homogeneous. Only “whiteness” is considered a race problem. NEVER “blackness”, “Japaneseness”, etc..

Africa for the Africans. Asia for the Asians. White countries for everyone.

Dameon692002 writes

As a matter of fact, I can. Take a look at most of the Middle Eastern nations; especially Saudi Arabia. For that matter, consider Japan, during the Meiji Restoration. Or, how about South Africa: a region which, at one time, hadn’t seen so much as one white face?The reason no other “non-white” nation has been asked to become multiracial is simple: those that were not asked to, have always been multiracial.

This is the ‘other countries have immigration’ argument that we say before.

Again, as we have learned, the mantra attacks motives. It shows that anti-racism is anti-white.

Lets not let them get off the hook because of immigration policies elsewhere. We draw the discussion back to ‘anti-racism’.

I write

So Liberals bemoan Saudi Arabia for being to Arab and that they need to import other races to fix this?

Liberals bemoan Japan for being too Japanese, and think that Japan must take in the third world and assimilateto stop this?


“Japan is too asian”


“Australia is too white”

Compare the difference.

Asia for the Asians.

White countries for everyone.

Dameon692002 writes

That had nothing to do with the parameters of your question. Your question was whether there are other countries that were “forced” to open their borders, for the sake of multiculturalism. You also neglected to respond to the rest of the comments, but I’ll chalkthat up to their length. In short, your statement about special interest groups demanding multiculturalism in other countries is not only false and baseless; it’s a non sequitur. Your original question was, too, but that’s a moot point.

Not allowing the discussion to go off track, we keep it on OUR offensive.

I write

Can you find ANYONE saying that Japan needs more diversity?

Google “*EU should ‘undermine national homogeneity’ says UN migration chief* “

That is one, of many, many examples of people saying Europeshould abandon its whiteness.

Though it is standard practice for anti-whites to say they don’t know of any of this, when it is pointed out.

The anti-white is now again, looking to what is happening elsewhere, to draw attention away from their anti-white sentiments. So they again, discuss something OTHER than our race.

Dameon692002 writes, in a predictable fashion

Now, you’re employing the bait and switch: you never specified it had to be a modern example. But, since you’re levying the charges, let’s take a look at modern Japan. Have you noticed the huge impact that American, “white” culture has had on Japanese society? The increasing number of caucasian people taking up residence in Japan? What about the adoption, so often labeled [sic] as “stealing”, of Japanese cultural archetypes by white people? More pertinent to the question, though, can you point out…

Lets hammer with the mantra again. Anti-white INTENT.

I write

No one is demanding Japan open up their borders. Japan is doing it themselves and anti-racists have no opinion either way. No white leftist is saying its GOOD. No one is saying “FINALLY, Japan embraces multi-racialism”. No white leftist would say anything at all, if Japan was to close their borders to protect their identity.

But they raise hell when any white person wanted to do the same.

I repeat. Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Blacks, white nationsfor everyone”.

Dameon692002 writes

And again, at one point, they did. Japan eventually obliged, which is why nobody has a problem with them anymore. [sic] Such is the standard for EVERYONE. And, unless you did absolutely no research on the Meiji Restoration, you surely must be able to see that the very utmost point was that Japan’s racist policies were unfair, BECAUSE they closed their borders for that very reason. They raise Hell, when ANYdemographic wants to do the same.

Meiji Restoration? Clutching at straws? An irrelevant example. The Meiji restoration, and the American intervention in Japan had nothing to do with race.

The mantra is about race, not culture, not economics.

I write…

The Meiji Restoration was well before the modern day.

Japan was forced toopen up their borders for trade. However, Japan did not undergo any significant demographic change as a result. No anti-racist today, is criticising Japan for its homogeneity and suggesting that this needs to be ‘fixed’.

Dameon692002 writes

So, then, you see my point: Japan already learned it’s lesson. Some may say a little too well, but it’s obvious that the Japanese had a problem isolating themselves from other demographics, and that problem was fixed. Nobody criticizes Japanese homogeneity – or, in other words, racism, – because it’s no longer anissue. It was dealt with long ago. The example shows that the standard of racial inclusion applies to EVERY race; not just caucasians.

I respond, to clear the issue. Have you ever heard anyone say that Japan is too Japanese? No. But we’ve heard people criticise White homogeneity. Lets not lose sight of that fact.

I write.

Japan was asked to open their borders for trade. Japan is STILL very homogenoues. [sic] As you said, it is not a problem. No one is saying that Japan istoo homogenoues and needs to diversify its population.

But white homogeneity is treated as a problem.

These three discussion threads just ended. Do not expect a conversion, do not expect a climactic end. My years of experience with this style of debating has taught me one thing, that you will not get the result you desire, if you try to appeal to intelligence, to try ‘win them over’ or try to get some critical acclaim.

Your only job is to show anti-racism as anti-white. To show other pro-whites how this form of debate is effective, and to encourage them to stay on message and smash liberalism with disciplined discussion, instead of the meandering, ineffective, wandering and pointless debate that often occurs.

The fact is, that most of my online debate with anti-whites have followed more or less this exact form. The anti-whites put forward the same, predictable arguments, and I keep on message.

But it works, it works well and I can personally attest to it making a much bigger impact than the endless discussions which meander from birthrates, to crime rates, to imperialism and definitions of what white is.

This is a war. An ideological war. The Mantra is a weapon forged by arms dealers in a war of words and effective when used with discipline.

I hope that these last three discussion threads which have been dissected and analysed demonstrate to you all how one can smash Political Correctness, and expose anti-racism as anti-white.

Only when we have allowed white people to openly discard anti-racism due to it being against our race, can we politically look towards a future where we are able to protect our race in our countries.



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