by Jim Osborne.

The government, with the support of the Coalitions immigration spokesman, Scott Morrison, is introducing a new style of visa, one that will see wealthy Asian businessmen be able to buy a place in Australia for $5 million.  We have often mentioned how our country, our future and our lifestyle is being sold out from underneath us, and this latest development from the LibLab party, just proves to us and to many other Australians waking up to this obscene treachery that our government no longer even bothers with maintaining the facade of being for Australians.  They are firmly against the Australian folk, and we know that the Australian people are realising this.

The new Visa, with an application number of 888 (8 being a number the Chinese consider lucky and a symbol of this countries willingness to bow to them) will allow migrants with $5 million to invest permanent residency if they stay in Australia for 40 days a year over 4 years. There is a degree of irony in “permanent residency” being granted to someone who only has to live here just over 10% of the year, and there is obvious racial bias in targeting Chinese.

The Government of Australia is essentially selling Permanent Residency, and by extension selling citizenship to the highest bidder.  No longer is our nation one of OUR people, a birthright that our ancestors fought and died for and worked hard to create, it’s now merely a resource to be flogged off, an unfortunately not to uncommon attitude in this country.  This isn’t even prostitution, as a prostitute still has control over what she sells and does so on her own terms.

We of course, see the big business community embrace this, with the Sydney Swans chairman Richard Colless, who is also chairman of an Australian Property Fund at Moelis & Co, pushing for this.  Deloitte are also eager to process this visas.

There are abundant opportunities to rort this, and there is no doubt that there are Chinese kleptocrats, eager to screw Australians out.  How will the money be invested?  This is a matter for the states, but what’s to stop, for example, Ted “Real Estate Agent” Bailleau in allowing property investment?  Would we see wealthy Chinese muscling Aussies out of the property market, to buy properties to rent to their families, or to other Chinese?  More of those ugly apartment buildings, built for International Students, which supposedly provide ‘housing’ for us all, but are completely unsuitable for Australian families?  Would we see businesses set up, where their employment and business practices benefit their ethnic group only?  We see that already in Australia, in places like Lakemba and Box Hill, and this visa scheme may just invite more of that.  Permanent Residency granted to wealth imports, who invest in this country in order to make it more suitable for them to gain a further foothold in our country.

Bringing wealthy people in does not create wealth.  It upsets the economy, by pricing us out, by bringing in people who can buy opportunities that we, despite working and studying hard to be model economic contributors, still cannot afford.  It allows for the maintenance of high home prices.

Worryingly, very few, if any see the deep, underlying problem with this scheme, both its opponents and its backers.  The backers welcome the ‘easy money’, and unfortunately many Australians have no other ideas on how to generate wealth than appropriate the economic fortunes that others have built.  But the real issue is that this is a substitute, and a poor one at that, for real ingenuity, for real wealth generation.  A strong economy relies on innovation, on industry, on production and good management, and this scheme bring none of that.  Australia is sadly short of ANY ideas on growing our economy, apart from grabbing what someone else has done (getting doctors already trained elsewhere, getting investment money from businesses formed elsewhere, market speculation using credit).  Indeed, look through the reasons that people offer for why Australia weathered the GFC well, and NONE of those reasons have anything to do with the work or creativity of our country, or the work of our plutocrats.

Even more worryingly is the pro-Chinese angle, evidenced by the selection of the visa number 888.  China is not a model of entrepreneurial innovation, or of any business model that we would care for, for that matter.  People who run sweatshops, people who profit from Communist regimes, from appalling working conditions are definitely not the people we would want running any business in Australia or entrust our future direction to.

Many seem to suggest that Nationalism is no longer relevant in today’s world, but this suggests that in reality, we need it more.  Australians need to support organisations which exist specifically to address US.  None of our state or federal government institutions are inclined to do so.  We deserve better than this, than government ‘leaders’ who spit in our face, sell us out and pocket the process for themselves and their cronies, and who lack any vision or love for their nation.  We need to declare that our nation is for US, rich or poor, lucky and unlucky, industrious and aloof.  We’re Australians first, and what we are is what we are, a people, a nation, not a collection of whoever who can cough up the right money, whoever can appease the right plutocrats, or say the right words.…/wonky-values-in-golden-ticket-visa-program-20121122-29sxo.html

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One Response to Australia selling residency to Asian millionaires.

  1. George S. says:

    The wheel has come full circle, and I can’t help noticing the irony. . .

    I sometimes wonder whether my parents, as Southern Europeans would have been allowed into this country if it wasn’t for WW2. 1940s / 50s Australian immigration was never driven by a US-type “give me your tired, your poor. . .” ethos, it was reluctant and driven primarily by fear (of Asian domination).

    WW2; specifically the bombing of Darwin & loss of Singapore (and the Dutch & French being kicked out of Asia) turned this Colony’s UK-centric world on its head and so, driven by Arthur Caldwell (tellingly; of Irish*not English origin); Australia was told to populate or perish.

    * The goalposts were widened after 1949 to include other Europeans after the Authorities realised than not enough Anglo/Saxons could be enticed to migrate to Australia.

    And so, like thousands of others he came and worked off his passage. First in the cane fields of Casino & Lismore and then to Sydney’s Factories which were even then, when we had a Manufacturing industry worthy of the name; mostly foreign owned, and there lies the crux of the problem. . . .

    Australia’s current demographic & economic problems stem from a fundamental & all-pervading lack of courage & vision from its ruling “elites”. I am 50 years old and I can state that I have never witnessed either of the mainstream parties propose a truly long-term strategic plan for this country.

    Australia had a 50-year window of opportunity from 1950-2000 in which to develop both cultural / economic self sufficiency, and totally squandered it.

    This country; lulled into complacency by having its bacon saved by the USA in WW2 did nothing. In regards to geopolitical security we have to all intents & purposed been treading water for decades.

    At the risk of giving some old Pacific War Veterans apoplexy I can’t help but think that Australia today would be a far more culturally cohesive and technologically productive country if 50-100,000 Japanese troops had actually made it ashore in 1942. . . . One thing I’m sure of; our society would as a whole would almost certainly be less self-centred, entitled and opportunistic.

    Australians, dogged by intense cultural insecurity have perennially looked over their shoulders to see what the USA & UK were doing. This tendency has if anything accelerated with more & more Australian idioms being replaced by UK or American sourced substitutes, voiced by wanna-be Ghetto-stars or Cockney Spivs.
    In this environment the election of a man as retrogressive and divisive (to anyone not of UK origin) as Tony Abbott is no surprise. Neither (depressingly) was the decision of our body-politic to shut down our local manufacturing Industry.

    Our Leaders; truly representative of the shallow, short-termist, intellectually mediocre society we have become, know the cost of everything but the value of nothing. Canada, faced with a similar situation in regards to Chrysler’s plant(s) in Ontario determined after much deliberation; that the benefits of retaining this capability significantly outweighed the costs.

    I could go on but my time (and your space) is limited but I will finish off with my prognosis for Australia. Unless there is a total paradigm shift in this Country’s attitudes to intellectual endeavour the existing (read European) Body-Politic will lose control of this country to China within the next few decades.

    I would like to at this point stress that I don’t harbour any particular grudge against the Chinese; they are just walking in through an open door. In actual fact my attitudes are fairly Darwinian; if we as a society in our decadence can’t look ahead and see that the inevitable result of our current actions being our socio-economic (and by extension military) subjugation) to the Chinese then that’s too bad; the more disciplined society will prevail, and the cycle of history will keep turning.

    I for one can read the writing on the wall. My father came here 60 years ago and is reaching the end of his life. At its conclusion I will be emigrating to Canada with my wife.

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