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In Britain recently, Aaron, a 9 year old boy, was driven to suicide after racist taunts by Asian bullies. (British people generally refer to Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshi’s as Asian). The story here is sad and alarming. Sad because a boy so young and ended his own life, and alarming because of the fact that this indicates a new reality in the Western world, hostile multiracialism.

The boys mother, Kelly-Marie Dugmore said “We are not racist people. Aaron got on with all the children at his last school, and for him to have been bullied because of the colour of his skin makes me feel sick to my stomach.”. One has to think about why a mother, who’s child has died, would have to explaing that she was not racist. If this was my child, bullied by diversity, appearing non-racist would be a low, low priority. Aaron was told by one of the bullies, ‘My dad says all the white people should be dead’.

This story comes soon after a Muslim preacher in England urged followers to take the “Jihad Seekers Allowance”, a corruption of the term “Job Seekers Allowance” and fund a holy war, and three “British” Muslims being convicted of conspiring to blow up crowded parts of Birmingham.

Britain is not commiting suicide, as suicide implies a voluntary act. Britain is being killed by the centrist governments who openly plan to change Britains demographic to remove the British people. The real problem however, is the lack of opposition they have. The Britsh people do not want multiracialism. They do not want to be displaced. They are critical of the press, and how they treat stories about British people leaving London en masse without the severity and gravitas that these stories demand. They are aware that there is a problem, a major problem, and are becoming increasingly frustrated that the media does not acknowledge the scope of the problem.

Will the bullies of the 9 year old boy be charged with ‘hate crimes’? Probably not, because ‘hate crime’ legislation is specifically to disempower white people and neuter their resistance to multiracialism. You can bet your bottom dollar, that if it was white bullies, using racist taunts to drive a 9 year old Asian to suicide, the media would boom lessons about racism world-wide and subject us all to a Politically Correct earbashing. But anti-racists are now as we speak, ‘justifying’ this action, by pointing out how white people have commited crimes. Somehow, in their mind, a 9 year old deserves to die for last centuries imperialism. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white, and I certaintly am not comfortable with white people thinking that bullying or killing my child is ‘justified’ because of what white people I’ve never met did decades or centuries ago.

Will the mainstream media treat the mass exodus of white people from London as a serious national issue instead of just a footnote amongst the daily stories about what the Princess is wearing and Russel Brand? Not likely.

We look to Britain because we see the future as its going to happen here. Tony Abbott might like to think that the lessons that Geert Wilders has to teach about Islamic immigration are not relevant, that the problems which have occured in EVERY Western country due to mass multiracial immigration just don’t apply here, but we don’t agree. But even Geert Wilders gets it wrong. To him, the issue is simply one of culture, of people not accepting contemporary Western values. The real issue is deeper, the failure of multiracialism. The people who preach jihad in Britain, who are calling for whites to be removed, are from the SAME places that invite people. It’s ridiculous to believe that somehow Europe and the UK get the ‘bad eggs’ and we don’t. It’s hopeless naivety to think that “Australia is different”.

Britain is disintergrating, and Australia is charging headlongs towards the same problem. We need a political voice to represent the interest of Australians, to steer our country way from the cataclysm that Britain is facing.


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  1. BritishActivism says:

    I wish I had some happy news from here in Britain, but to be honest, there simply isn’t any I can think of – when it comes to what is going on in terms of our nationalist themed issues.

    I had to raise a wry smile at how it is said above that liberals (I gather they are liberals) pretend and suggest that Australia won’t suffer the same problems or head the same way as things have gone here.

    Either they are purposefully being deceitful, or, like here, are part deceitful and partly so chauvinistic to the “values” of their happy clappy causes that they really are that big headed that they think they can “do it better” than everywhere in the world who has “not managed to do it right” so far.

    “I only we…….” they say.

    “If only we made them speak English….we wouldn’t suffer the integration issues….” “If only we don’t discriminate as much as elsewhere, then they will be our equals”…….”If only……” If only……”

    They have been “trying” for over 60 years, and instead of getting the message that things do not work as planned, they opt for further measures, further projects, further excuses, further liberalism……. “if we just tried a bit harder”, they say, ” we can really do it!”.

    You are also right: Some of the commentary about Aaron has been quite distasteful. I have also seen comments about how it is now “our turn” to suffer, including seeing as “we” used to taunt the ethnic minority kids decades previously.

    Unfortunately, this barbed commentary has also spanned to certain ‘nationalist’ sites too – where contempt for the “sheeple” populace (as they like to denounce them) has led to nationalists saying things along the lines of “Stupid parents, what did they expect to happen at a school that is 75% Asian?” or how “It is their fault” for not being racially aware or in tune to the issues we talk about, condemning them for their actions and their words.

    To me, these people are victims, not protagonists worthy of our scorn. They are victims of the multiracial experiment, the abandonment of democracy. They are people who have been subjected to – their whole lives – anti-white propaganda and the promotion of multi-racialism and multiculturalism.

    If they are in a financial situation where both parents have to work, and could not have home-schooled their child, what are they supposed to do when all the schools in the area might now be majority non-white in their make up? The kid has to go to school somewhere!

    It really is a strange situation we are in here. Where else could the indigenous population be made into a demographic minority in at least three of their major cities, with another two making the grade within the next decade, and receive hardly any coverage or discussion about it – even away from the media!

    Either people are nub to it, or they have been conditioned to really not care.

    As you say, it gets sandwiched with the Duchess of York’s attire, or the antics of Russel Brand, as a non-story. The BBC were in particular highs over the strength of “diversity” it provided and how it was a “positive” change we should all be jolly-well thankful for.

    When it is not that “celebratory” tone, it is us being told that we never existed anyway, that we need to “get over it” and that there is “Nothing we can do” to stop it. There is a great deal of psychological warfare at work, and it seems to be extremely effective.

    This is also where all the major parties and organisations are ham-strung. Not only do they not ideologically seem have a problem with what is going on – but even if they did, which they don’t – they cannot ever say they have a problem with it.

    They rely on the votes of the new demographic, they have them amongst their ranks as colleagues and spokesmen. They cannot say anything against it, never mind do anything about it.

    The mythology of this diversity being an asset, the mythology of it being a welcome boon to this country, is so strong that nobody in the mainstream could ever voice otherwise.

    I am sure that what happens here in Britain will happen just as strongly in Australia.

    I know it is already going to be going on over there, but Australians should be aware that there is no end to the madness and just when you think things could not get any crazier, in comes another more crazier situation. At all turns you are presented with the “well, so what?!” argument.

    Not wanting to sound too bleak, but a former British National Party speaker, Arthur Kemp, wrote an article a few months ago regarding the potential need for a “Nova Europa” – somewhere for racially aware whites to re-gather and form their own nations once again.

    Given that all our nations seem to be under attack, and that only a particular percentage of the white demographic within those are “switched on” to our causes and issues, it may well be true that in order to survive as a collective, we would need to re-group from all the Occidentral lands, Europe, etc.

    In the meantime, it is ever more being suggested that we simply drop out of the systems that poison us, forget a focus on politics alone, and establish our own racially aware societies, pushing our values and virtues and ethics as a parallel and overtaking system of success (in comparison to the corruption and failure of our opponents).

    How that can be done, I do not fully know. But what I do know is that we nationalists here in Britain are far too spread out, far to splintered, far too reliant on the current orthodoxies and structures of society, which means that we cannot be effective.

    Whilst politics does have a role to play eventually, it is increasingly being suggested that societal change and revolution has to come first, before a solid electoral success can be sustained. I think this is largely true.

    As we have seen with the BNP when it was at its peak, nationalists managed to build and build to get councillors elected, but watched as they got swept away because the foundations were built on sand.

    Of course, the fact that Barking and Dagenham, for example (where the BNP had great success at the time of its peak) lost something like 30% of the white demographic in a decade might also have something to do with the collapse there!

    As the Chinese curse goes: “We live in interesting times”.

  2. mkennedy says:

    Our so called leaders keep telling us that it won’t happen here, which obviously means, they fear it will, but don’t want us to do anything about it.

    While it is not the parents fault, fathers and mothers of children need to accept that they have responsibility over the society they leave for their children. They need to understand that ultimately, it is their responsibility, to ensure a safe country for their children. It is a sign of the times that so many pass that responsibility to parliamentary officials, who don’t care either.

    We are more optimistic though. We know from our contact with the people, that the supposed support for multiracialism is a false media creation. We are told that people ‘don’t support our views’, and sometimes, we almost believe it.

    People agree with us, which is why so much constant effort is spend ‘fighting intolerance’. They wouldn’t fight intolerance and spread so much propaganda, if what they said was true, that people supported it. The people don’t, its just because they don’t speak up, we don’t hear them.

    But this is changing now.

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