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On May 31, 2013, in Commentary, by natalt

by Ryan Walsh

Political Correctness is not like a religion IT IS a religion. Complete with its own ruthless high priests constantly on the lookout for heretics to its dogma of ‘tolerance’ and ‘equality’.

But tolerance also means to “endure”, ” to put up with” , “to suffer through” and they are the accurate descriptions of the situation for white people particularly in ultra PC anglosphere countries.

During a football game in a round known hypocritically as the “indigenous round” a specific favouring of race in itself, we see the extraordinary spectacle of a fully grown 30 something man, a fit sports ‘star’ no less in the supposed rough and tough world of football, apparently fall to pieces over ‘name calling’ from a young 13 year old girl.

The player pointed to her in the crowd and kicked off a unforgivable round of events including security guards parading her through the crowd, being interviewed by police who detained her for 2 hours without even her mum, to AFL officials making an example of her and the media spreading her name and picture far and wide.

He later decided that such a deal shouldn’t be made of it, perhaps after realising that a burly, well paid athlete making an example of a young school girl could be received poorly by people, but by then it was too late. A respected, highly-paid footballer, the powerful institution of the AFL and the collective force of the mass media had unleashed a witless, cowardly mob on a vulnerable little girl. The anti-racists witch hunt has found a new target. A change from video footage of people on public transport taken on mobile phones.

Compare the treatment of a similar aged girl from a country we love to bash for ‘human rights’, Communist China.

“Chinese Police Handcuff Teen Girl for Accidentally Spilling Drink on Government Car May 29 2013

Two officials in China reportedly were suspended after allegedly handcuffing a teenage girl who spilled water on a government car and parading her around town.

The story of the teens alleged mistreatment by officials went viral after photos of the handcuffed 13-year-old were posted on a Chinese micro-blogging site.

According to the site, the girl accidentally splashed water on a government car in south-west China. The officials reportedly began arguing with the girl and she was subsequently handcuffed and forced to parade on the street for 20 minutes, according to the International Business Times.”

At least in the Chinese case, these officers were apparently suspended. Not here in Australia where they are lauded

This level of harassment in the West of whites beggars belief that Australia or the USA or UK are democracies, the increasing level of PC laws to stifle dissent, surveillance and coercion by the state really proves that we are not a democracy but only a liberal democracy. Read that as a LIBERAL regime.

The crime this time? the young 13 year old Australian girl called him the name of an animal. In this case it wasn’t a goose –“ya goose you over tightened those bolts” or a turkey “you bloody turkey, didn’t you save that word doc before you shut your computer” or cockroach, dog, pig but APE. Probably the most complex and intelligent out of the animal names listed or any that one might be called.

Aren’t all humans at least from the evolutionary perspective APES? only evangelical Christians say otherwise. Those dogmatic high priests of Political Correct-ianity decreed to the world that we are all the SAME, we are all EQUAL and that race is only a matter of skin colour. This is to be believed as a truth, when it benefits the anti-white brigade, but when it serves their purposes, racial differences become real.

Humanity is a diverse species with many races, ethnicities and associated cultures- this is a good thing. If according to the PC Priests we are ALL EQUAL then why would any one particular race or group of people be more insulted or afraid of a name than any other? I can say I have been called white c##t, cracker, honkey, white devil numerous times and its water off a ducks back, it even brings a smile because I am confident with myself and quietly proud in my heritage as any race or ethnicity should be.  Here lies the paradox. Some anti-racists have pointed out that the term ‘ape’ is derogatory to Aboriginals because of their characteristics, yet at the same time, they argue that such differences don’t exist.

Why does the Liberal establishment go ‘ape’, as it were over this? It is perhaps understandable for Goodes, and he has the right to think what he likes and take offence when he wants, but why the rest? Why do they back him up completely, rather than question whether his reaction, pointing out a 13 year old girl in front of thousands, was disproportionate? Are the Politically Correct Liberals not racist in themselves, by suggesting that Goodes, being Aboriginal has a greater claim to grievance over the “ape” slur than a white person would have?

The way this girl was treated was disproportionate. A 13 year old girl, using what on the surface is a low grade insult, isn’t representing a threat to the future of this country. Most people understand its commonplace to call each other names, it’s part of the robust activity of human interaction which includes giving people a good ribbing and receiving it. Many of us have called someone who is relatively large and or a bit hairy an APE. Heck every father is an APE to his young boys when he wrestles with them, and that father may only be 70kg but that’s huge to a 3 year old.

This incident has given the mainstream media, who are suffering from a slow decline into obsolescence and diminishing sales, another “oh golly gosh, look at this racism” episode to exploit. Liberal journalists are tripping over each other to write about how latent ‘racism’ is still a huge problem, about how a 13 year old girl at the football is an example of some imaginary black stain that taints white history, and how we all must put more effort to make sure there are no more racists. Yes, in an age where an Aboriginal footballer, who most likely is getting paid rather handsomely just for kicking a ball around, who can get a 13 year old girl grilled by police without a lawyer for 2 hours by a simple point of the finger, who has the media (and human rights commission, hate laws, racial vilification laws etc.) behind him, we still have journalists trying to impress upon us that Australia today is not really different to the fictional “slave masters” of days gone by. If they truly cared about Aboriginals, they would do more to help remote communities which are plagued by alcoholism and social dysfunction as well as promote more autonomy for Aboriginal people over their own affairs. If they truly cared about Aboriginals, they would do more to help remote communities which are plagued by alcoholism and social dysfunction. But that wouldn’t serve any anti-white purpose. Far better to focus on someone who is doing well, and get an anti-white, anti-Anglo Australia story out of it. The reaction of the media seems to clearly show that they don’t care so much about Goodes, but rather relish the opportunity to moralise against whites.

A nefarious example is here, an article in The Age titled “Getting real about racism”i. The author, Sam De Brito, who has a blog called “All men are liars” (how Politically Correct!), criticises Australia for allowing this “casual racism” to go unpunished. Taking the anti-racist, that is, anti-white position, he writes some gems, such as this.

“I’ll take a guess at why your casual-Eddie-McGuire-type-racism persists in this country – because you don’t get killed for it and you certainly don’t get punished if you’re rich and white.”


I’m saying we need to get real about punishing it.

How does he want to ‘get real’ about punishing a 13 year old girl exactly? But where he really reveals the dark side of anti-racist mentality, is with statements such as this.

This is not to say the standard result for using racial slurs in a country like the US is death – but baby, you pull an “ape” or “nigger” line out on the subway of your average US city, you’re odds-on to get a beating. You say it to the wrong person and you’re gonna get shot or stabbed or stomped into a cranial pizza.


Even the dumbest, most rusted-on American racist knows if you call a black person a nigger, you better bring it, because you’re gonna get a savage reaction, born of the hurt Adam Goodes articulated so well in his press conference this week.

The irony was lost on him, but not one some of the commenter’s to this article. In an article “against racism”, he very clearly suggests that black Americans would quickly resort to illegal acts of violent crime and savagery. Not only is he almost supporting such activity, he is unwittingly, or perhaps wittingly, stereotyping black people as ones who would shoot, stab or stomp someone who said something offensive. He is contrasting this with (white) Australia, where people are more reasonable! Anti-racism is anti-white, and if an anti-racist, such as De Brito actually make racist comments against blacks in order to be anti-white, then according to the Politically Correct hierarchy, it is permissible. Racism is permitted in all forms, if it is ultimately to criticise whites. Call an Aboriginal an ape or suggest they play the part of King Kong, its police and loss of job for you. Say that blacks would shoot and stop you, but do it to be “anti-white”, you get paid.

We would caution a simpleton like De Brito on immature hints at violence. It’s almost as if he thinks his argument, indeed any position, is stronger when it could possibly be backed up with real violence on the street. Well, De Brito, anyone can harness, organise and arrange ‘violence, everybody always has a bigger stronger brother, a MMA friend that could avenge one act of violence with another, and so on and so forth. What if De Brito had to cover a story whereby in this fictional example Samoans were were allegedly harassing some Chinese. Samoans are well known to be generally larger on average physically than Chinese who are generally smaller, how would his argument flow in this example? would he argue that Samoans should not be worried about street level beatings from Chinese individuals, but warn Samoa that the Chinese collectively are tougher and can ‘bring it’ in the form of military superiority that could stomp the island of Samoa into a pizza? Back off on your threats of violence against whites.

Compare this media created race ‘furore’ over the animal name calling to a recently unlikely media ‘ star’ Charles Ramsay. He is a African American man who made the comment at the end of one interview.

“Bro, I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms,” he said. “Something is wrong here. Dead give away. Dead giveaway. Deeeeeeeeeeaaaaaad giveaway. Either she’s homeless, or she’s got problems. That’s the only reason she’d run to a black man.”

Where is the chorus condemning that much more explicit comment? oh you say he rescued somebody, fine, but if a white rescuer tacked such words onto any interview we wouldn’t hear the end of it. It would overshadow the good deed.

We defend the right of Mr Ramsay or the young girl to speak their minds, our freedoms do not end where your feelings start.

Maybe we should next move to pickup those ‘racists’ in National Gorilla Suit Day. Look at those white hands sticking out of the suits, they say it’s just for fun but we know they’re really doing it to get at black people.

Then there is Black Face, apparently a horrible act hurtful to black people.

Liberals abroad and a few locally attempted to create hysteria over the 2009 episode of Australian comedy show Hey Hey its Saturday on which some contestants blacked up as the Jackson five.

Then liberals again created a stir in a tea pot about some young Aussie boys who have dressed up as the “The Voice” TV show judges, originally Delta Goodrem (one of the judges imitated) participated via Twitter as any of us would congratulating them on their humour then backtracked.

Why can liberals not explain satisfactorily the hypocrisy of WhiteFace?
Never mind small random skits on a TV show or fleeting tweets on Twitter, the below two African actors played white females in a 2004 Hollywood movie called White Chicks that will forever be available for consumption in bricks and mortar stores.








The fact is, there is no hysteria, the Australian media like all Western countries is mostly a closed shop owned by a small number of interests and operates on a blatant liberal bias. It’s important to separate your thoughts and impressions from the large power projection into our living rooms, cars and lunch room tables the controlled media has via TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.
Forget, Eddy McGuire, Darryl Summers and Delta Goodrem they are selfish plastic celebrities whose public backtracking just provides a double bonus to the systems attempt at defining our taboos and engineering our responses. But we wouldn’t expect anything else from weak individuals who depend on their ‘media profile’ for monetary gain.
You and I, our workmates, fathers, mothers, neighbours, family and the vast majority of society do not share their views, we instead are outraged at the we are being socially engineered, coerced and harassed into changing our values, traditions and principles. These little Stalin’s will fail, to notice difference, to joke and jest and receive it in return is to be human and artificial repression of our humanity will be ultimately unsuccessful.
This case and the lurking spectre of ‘Anti Racism’ a PC commandment only serves to illustrate that yet again ANTI RACISM is a Codeword for ANTI WHITE.

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