by Jim Osborne

Tony Abbott has recently challenged Mr Rudd to be “man enough” to preference the Greens last, just as Abbott has directed the Liberal party to do. His intent is to prevent the Greens MP Adam Bandt from being reelected this Federal Election.

Putting Labor, Abbotts biggest rival, before the Greens is a testament to Abbotts resolve to keep the LibLab duopoly strong. This seems to be to prevent Australians from voting for other smaller parties and independents, as the Australian people did during the last federal election. “You don’t normally go around giving Labor seats. But this was a matter of principle,” one senior Liberal source told The Daily Telegraph. What principle is this? Giving Australians a democratic voice? Ensuring democracy is robust? Leaving election decisions to our hands? The Liberal parties have a right to voice opinion, but to conspire to work against a party, is to conspire to work against Australian voters, and this action, carried out with a contempt of votes, is contemptible in itself.

This isn’t the first time Abbott has conspired to destroy political alternatives. Abbott has been accused of setting up a $100,000 slush fund in 1998 to pay for legal challenges to the One Nation party. This slush fund was to use our nations legal system to drive them out of politics and remove a political alternative. i iiOne Nation at the time posed a threat to the “Respectable” conservatives, gaining 22% of the statewide Queensland vote in the 1998 state election.iii He is at it again, albeit in a different way, to prevent another third party challenging the duopoly. His issue is with the Greens “fringe economic policies” and they are a world apart from other parties “because everyone else in this campaign supports economic growth and supports a more prosperous economy”. There is the mantra of “growth” again which means more population growth, more overcrowding, higher house prices more competition for jobs, more traffic, no net increase in quality of life for working and middle Australia.

This move, while may be legal, reveals Abbott’s true attitudes towards Australians, and reveals the Liberals “born to rule” attitude. In a democratic system, it is the people who decide whether they want more growth. It is the people who decide which parties are fringe or not. How can the Liberal party (and Labor for that matter), who support mass immigration (as long as it’s not by boat) and mass multiculturalism assume that it is they who know better what Australians should do? We elect political parties according to our judgment, and it is not the political parties prerogative to ensure that we ‘vote correctly’. Abbott doesn’t trust Australians though and wants to steer Australia away from another potential hung parliament and towards a return of the political scene being comprised just of Liberal and Labor, a classic duopoly.

There is a political vacuum in Australia at the moment. Both the Liberal and Labor parties are weak and support is low. Many Australians support neither, and vote for the ‘lesser evil’ than for a preferred party. Whether Liberal or Labor win, it won’t be because that party matches the will of the majority of the people, but that they, despite their policies, are more tolerable than the other mob. A representative democracy, without a majority of people in parliament who don’t represent the will and wishes of the people is a sham. This is not democracy, and it is this system which Abbott is trying to maintain, a duopoly of irrelevant, weak ineffective parties who are only in power because Australians have no other alternative. The minor parties pose a threat, because the major parties are bankrupt and no longer politically competitive.

How a political party is perceived by other parties is not relevant in democracy. It is not up to any political party to exert their political bias by shaping the political landscape. That decision is for the people. It is up to Australians to decide whether they want growth or sustainability. It is up to Australians to decide whether they want continued mass immigration and multi-racialism. Parties suitability for power is to be judged by the Australian people, and the Australian people alone. A political party must not be allowed to act as a political policeman, as a parliamentary bully

If the major parties are going to conspire to ensure that alternatives they deem inappropriate then we may as well call democracy finished and not bother with the electoral system.




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One Response to Tony Abbott aspires to banish the Greens this Federal Election

  1. jingelic says:

    In the recent Federal election, over 20% of the the voting public cast their primary vote in the House of Reps for parties that were NOT part of the ALP/Lib/Nat tri-alition. And yet, about 3% of the seats in this 150 seat house will go to parties outside the trialition.

    Representative? I don’t think so.

    Even 10 years ago, this collapse of support for the major parties would have been regarded in the media as a catastrophe; nowadays it’s just ignored..

    Back to regular programming, people. The culture of spectacle continues.


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