by the Nationalist Alternative Committee

The members of Nationalist Alternative are not members of any political party; nor we do give much credence to the farce which is ‘liberal democracy’ in Australia today. Nevertheless, several comrades in the movement have been asking us as to who, in our opinion, they should vote for in the upcoming federal election in September 2013. Our answer to this is based on a careful consideration of the political parties on the nationalist and Far Right side of the political spectrum at this point in time; and it is, vote for Australia First.

We agree with Australia First’s platform on three key points:

i) The menace of Chinese immigration. In the past 15 years, China has undertaken a campaign of expansionism and imperialism and has sought to expand its power into the Pacific region. It has taken aim at our country, the most prosperous and resource-rich white Western nation in the South Pacific, and is seeking to conquer it – economically and demographically. Since 2004, nearly a quarter of million immigrants, mostly from China and India, have been flocking to Australia every year, under an open-door immigration policy introduced by the “conservative” Liberal government and continued by the socialist Labor government. The objective has been to transform Australia demographically, to destroy the Aussie population and replace us with a mixed race Indian, Filipino, Vietnamese, African, Middle Eastern but mostly Chinese one. The results of this policy are visible for all to see. Sydney and Melbourne are fast becoming Chinese cities, like Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

Concomitant with this is Chinese expansionism on the economic level, which manifests itself in foreign direct investment in our resources and real estate. We note the growing local power of Chinese-Australians who are becoming overrepresented in the select high schools & universities, and who are

turn dominating the professional and managerial ranks. This leads to a future in which Asians will have increasing influence on the corridors of power – an influence which makes itself felt out of all proportion to the raw numbers of immigrants arriving. Yet Opposition leader Abbott does not care about this: he is only indignant about low-skill immigrants – the illegal immigrants who arrive here on boat.

Chinse immigration portends a future in which our grandchildren – who enjoy some playtime after school and sports/arts on a Saturday not just homework/homework – who are outgunned by an almost robotic work ethic which informs the lives of many Asian children with ‘Tiger’ mums. This is a zero net sum game and a race to the bottom which will see your grandchildren sweeping the floors of Asian owned businesses.

We could have easily chosen such a way to live but we did not. Our way of life, our culture upholds a balanced ‘work to live’ lifestyle, something that on a cultural level partly differentiates what being an Australian is and one of the things Australians died for in their thousands during two world wars.

Australia First understands the Chinese threat. They make it a central point in their ideology. Other nationalist parties focus, to an obsessive degree, on Islamist immigrants, African immigrants, or immigrants who come illegally, via boat. These issues may be the focus of European Nationalist parties, due to the severity of these issues in Europe, and it goes without saying that Australian nationalists ought to be concerned about Islamist, African and illegal immigration, but they should not lose focus on the bigger threat to Australia’s sovereignty and demographic survival, which is China.

ii) Neither Islamism nor Judaism. In the Jerusalem Declaration, both Australia First and Nationalist Alternative stated their opposition to the strange and recent phenomenon of the pro-Semitic, pro-Israel outfits – e.g., Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party – on the Continent which have their imitators even in Australia, disregarding the differing immigration issues which exist here from the Continent. These gangs attempt to link Western nationalism and immigration restrictionism to the Israeli and Jewish cause, despite the fact that a) the pro-Israel lobby, in every Western country, always vociferously opposes policies of immigration restriction in Western countries while at the same time upholding immigration restriction as a holy right in the State of Israel itself; and b) the Jewish-Middle Eastern-Semitic culture has traditionally been antithetical to the Christian religion and to the Western civilisation (since its inception in Christian and medieval Europe). In short, one cannot buy favours from the State of Israel, the pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups and the self-appointed leaders of the various Jewish “community organisations” dotted throughout the Jewish Diaspora. They are no friends of Western nationalism.

At the same time, many Western nationalist and racialist groups and individualists make the mistake of going the other way: into the arms of this Islamist, Arabic, Pakistani or Persian regime or the other, simply because of a perception that such a regime declares itself to be ‘opposed to Israel and the Jews’. Western nationalists of this persuasion will praise Islamism in the case of Iran and Hezbollah, and deplore it in the case of the anti-Assad and anti-Ghaddafi rebels; they will deplore brutal government suppression of anti-government protests by civilians in the case of post-Morsi Egypt, and applaud it, or at least stay silent regarding it, in Assad’s Syria and Ghaddafi’s Libya (and denounce, like Assad and Ghaddafi, the protestors as ‘terrorists’, who deserve to be imprisoned, shot at, maimed, killed, etc.); they cry to the heavens when Arab civilians are killed by Jewish-Israeli soldiers in Gaza, but stay mute when Arab civilians are killed by Assadist soldiers in Damascus, displaying Arabism and liberal humanism in one instance, cynicism in the other; they will denounce Judaist and Talmudic religious fundamentalism, which has made itself felt in the West largely through genuflection to the State of Israel and the Jewish-religious notion of the Holocaust (the “Shoah”) but refuse to condemn the same obscurantism in the Arab and Islamic world – and in the Middle Eastern immigrant “communities” proliferating in the West.

It is easy, for a nationalist in the West today, to fall into the trap of either pro-Israelism and Judaism, or pro-Arabism and Islamism – or to think that both of these are ‘either-or’, that is, one must choose one or the other. It is our view that Australia First, like Nationalist Alternative, understands that such thinking is fallacious, and charts the middle course. It understands that there are pro-Semitic, crypto-religious maniacs like Wilders; but also skilled operators, in the Middle East and Islamic world, politicians and demagogues

who are adept at using (supposed) “anti-Zionist” credentials to curry favour among left-liberal and Far Right Westerners in order to garner foreign support and that way hopefully prolong their stay in power. Australia First, like Nationalist Alternative do not believe that a Western Nationalist need be a partisan in the Israeli-Arab conflict.

iii) For the working man. At present, the Australian worker is caught between the pincers of the neoliberal and “conservative” Right (who control the Liberal Party, the big business lobbies and the “conservative” think-tanks and commentators) and the left-liberals (who control the Labor Party, the Greens and the communist parties and anarchist groups). The Right wants to introduce mass immigrant labour, mostly from China, to break organised labour and undermine the working conditions of blue- and white-collar Australian workers and to depress our wages and living conditions; the Left wants to introduce it to demographically destroy us, in the name of “diversity” and righting historic wrongs (real or alleged) by Australians against the indigenous population – wrongs which can only be righted by the demographic extinction of Australians, which, by default, will also lead to the extinction of the Aboriginals who the Left pretend to care about.

The Left no longer regards the Australian workers as being oppressed – only Palestinians, refugees, indigenous people, and homosexuals deserve that mantle now, in their view – and actively seeks to wipe the Australian worker out. In contrast, it is the blue-collar union movement – not the Left, not the Right, not the universities, the churches, the schools, the armed forces, the media, the intellectuals – which wants immigration restrictions, albeit in a limited way, e.g., in its opposition to 457 visas; as a result, it is (paradoxically) the one conservative force in this country at the moment. In the old days, Labor prime ministers, monarchist conservatives, press barons, mining magnates, bohemian intellectuals, Catholic priests, supported immigration restrictionism, but now, in 2013, the radical anti-Australian Left has completed its long march through the institutions and vanquished all opposition to mass non-white immigration and the demographic destruction of Australia. Only the union movement is left to hold the fort – and reaps denunciations, from the neoliberal Right and the communist Left, for doing so.

This explains the importance of a nationalist political party seeking to act as the vanguard of the workers of Australia. The Australia First Party aims to fulfil this role, whereas other parties ignore the workers altogether.

This sums up why we are endorsing Australia First in the absence of a Nationalist Alternative candidate. Australia First is the closest party contesting the 2013 Federal election ideologically, and through examination of party policies and attitudes, the party most clearly expressing a desire to protect our nation. Some malcontents in the nationalist movement and beyond believe that contesting elections is futile: we say that elections and political parties are never futile, and history has shown that even the most radical and anti-parliamentarian political movements needed the form of a political party, competing in liberal democratic elections, as a springboard. Parties, elections, campaigning are but one tier of the struggle and a) help organise and engage the membership of one’s own organisation and b) raise awareness amongst the masses as a whole. We urge Australian patriots this September to get out and campaign for, and vote for, Australia First.


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