by Finn Remington.

When is a hate crime not a hate crime? When it’s a crime against those who Liberals hate.

Not long after Zimmerman, the “Creepy Ass Cracka” was found not guilty of murdering “No Limit Ni**a” Trayvon Martin and getting anti-white Liberals in a tizzy about an ostensibly “white” man who had the audacity to shoot one of “Obama’s Sons” in self defence, another hate crime (or gun crime as this particular one is preferred to be called) has emerged. This one hitting closer to home. A Melbourne basketballer, Chris Lane was shot dead on an Oklahoma roadside to, if we are to believe the killers, alleviate a state of boredom. Three teenagers have been charged, Chancey Luna, James Edwards and Michael Jones two of whom are black. It is politically incorrect to bring race into this, especially when, as we are supposed to believe, black on white crime is not caused by racial hatred but by white people just not doing enough for people of colour.

Race is important here though, because the Liberal media has scrambled from the very beginning to try and argue that it is not about race, quite a contract to Zimmerman’s case, where every conceivable effort was made to try and find an iota of racism in his life. Jack Kerwick on Frontpagemag has a good take down of the “don’t bring race into this” arguments which have been been forward. In response to Earl Ofari Hutchinson’s claim that there was no racial motivation, Mr Kerwick writes.


First, contrary to his assertion, there most certainly is evidence that the punks that murdered Lane were motivated, at least in part, by animus toward whites.  According to The Daily Caller, one of the suspects, James Edwards, had tweeted the following just a few months ago: “90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM.” Shortly after George Zimmerman was acquitted of any wrongdoing in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, Edwards tweeted that he had “knocked out 5 woods”—i.e. “peckerwoods,” a derogatory term for whites.

The killers claim that boredom was the motivation.




Lets imagine that these killers were white, shot a black man out of boredom, and had “White Power” on their facebook page? Would the media be trying to downplay “race” as a motivating factor? I doubt it. Zimmerman’s shooting appeared to be in self defence, enough for a jury of 6 women to find so, but nevertheless there were efforts made to try and pin some racism, ANY racism. Here we have a shooting of one of our own, Chris Lane, not out of self defence and what could be construed as racial pride and racial hate messages from at least one of the killers, and we are to ignore race.

The point isn’t to attack black power. Black people have every right to express this sentiment. The point is to highlight the obvious bias, which Liberals will deny exist against whites. White Power expressed by a law abiding white person is considered heinous.

The point isn’t to attack racial hate even. If James hates white people, he’s entitled to that. What if a white person wasn’t to fond of blacks though? He would be considered evil incarnate, a bigot to be scrubbed off Gods green earth.

The media hypocrisy here isn’t just a double standard. It isn’t just ignorance or stupidity. The media isn’t just arguing that this is a reason for gun control because they don’t like guns, they are arguing this to avoid saying the obvious, that so called hate crimes occur the other way. Black in white crimes are far more prevalent than the media want to admit. In the USA, Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially designated “hate crimes” against whites than vice versa.i Despite this, we are to only get riled when Whites shoot Blacks, and turn the other way when Blacks shoot one of our own. The more “Diversity” there is, the more likely a white person is going to be a victim. South Africa is virtually in a state of open hunting season against whites.

It doesn’t need to be pointed out that neither form of murder is excusable, but it is disgusting, and evidence of the state of moral bankruptcy of the mainstream media, and “official” pundits that the death of a white person just isn’t worth as much. Will Tim Wise go on a crusade against racism in the Black community, to potentially save white peoples lives? Unlikely, were not worth that to him, and he wants us gone. Will progressive Liberals acknowledge that the door of “intolerance” swings both ways? No, and while they would be happy to report any white person to police for even just saying something racist because of the potential, they claim, for this culture to lead to death, they refuse to offer white people the same safety, but examining this supposedly intolerable racism in the black community.

So when people say that anti-racists are anti-white, and that this anti-white brigade is pushing a program of Genocide, they literally mean it. We can hear them argue that all and only white countries should take in the third world and assimilate and give them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they don’t mean anything against white people. Perhaps they are just naive. But when literal death is involved, and these same people refuse to look at the racism which they claim causes such things, then it becomes evident that they aren’t just naive. They are willing to ignore an issue which according to them, if they addressed it, could prevent cases of black on white crime. They quite literally would rather white people die, than have to surrender the image that racism is a unique evil perpetrated by privileged whites over people of colour.

The anti-white industry doesn’t profit from black on white crime such as the shooting of Chris Lane. The anti-white industry aren’t paid to prevent white people dying from blacks. There is nothing in this case for them so they’ll remain silent. If they were just about ending “racism”, they would be all over this and would have much work to do. But the “anti-racism” industry is just about ending white people, and in this case, there is nothing more they need to do.

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