By Jim Osborne

Recently protests have occurred in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne when the Hume City Council approved plans for a Mosque to be built, of all places, next to a Christian Church. Councils in Australia have generally not been too concerned with the impact that Mosques have on the community. Nationalist Alternative were active protesting proposals to build a Mosque in Newport, Melbourne and despite strong community objections, the council approved the building of the sizeable Mosque. Fortunately for Newport residents, due to funding issues, the project has stalled for now, but this nevertheless indicates that local councillors, often political amateurs, tend to put the needs of ‘multiculturalism’ above the needs of the community and above our local culture.

The Coolaroo Mosque is planned to sit next to the St Mary’s Ancient Church of the East, an Assyrian Church and to be twice this Church’s size. Concerns vocalised by the community echoed the concerns made by residents in Newport.

St Mary’s member Michael Eyar said the mosque should not be built next to the church, which opened in 2009, as its members needed space to “grieve (these) recent events” overseas.

He said church members would be lodging an appeal.

“It’s appalling (council) just does not consider the sensitivity of the situation,” he said.

“There are other locations.” i

Nationalist Alternative know from experience, that concerns about traffic and noise are not really the primary concerns. Because of Political Correctness and the stigma associated with not being a support of “diversity”, traffic and noise concerns are used as a proxy for the real concerns, the cultural impact of the Mosque and passive Islamic aggression and Islamification of the suburb.

Another resident states;

“This decision has be made with complete disregard for planning implications – it’ll be open from 5am to 11pm, 365 days. Anywhere between 100 and 1500 people will worship there. ii

These same concerns were also brought up about other Mosques. One cannot go to VCAT and argue that cultural imperialism is taking place, or that Mosques have been used by Muslims to establish footholds in non Muslim areas (as witnessed in Europe where large, conspicuous Mosques are erected in the middle of small towns) or that the Mosque is not appropriate due to ethnic tensions and memories of oppression from Muslims. Our government, especially councils, which doggedly stick to the image of Multicultural Australia as a happy-clappy sea of rainbow smiling faces and-don’t-you-say-otherwise, probably don’t understand nor care about the issue at hand here. After all, we are dealing with councils and governments who don’t seem to see a problem with Australian communities being overrun and Whites leaving en-masse.

The Assyrian’s have suffered at the hands of Islam. The Assyrian Genocide saw up to 300,000 Assyrian’s killed between 1890 and 1925, a significant proportion of the Assyrian population at the time and there are examples of more recent aggression in Iraq and by Syrian rebels. There is a long history of Islamic action against this community so it is understandable that they would not want a Mosque next to their Church, which plays a very important cultural and social role in their life.

This particular case highlights to us just how insensitive the council, the government and planning is when it comes pushing diversity and multiculturalism. The motto in Australia, and throughout the West is “Diversity at all costs”, even if it means that White Western peoples are eventually assimilated out. Islamification is a problem the West faces, more so in Europe and the UK than here, but the fact that a large Mosque can be approved directly next door to a Church for people who have been persecuted, many personally, by Islam proves that cultural impact is not a concern or probably even understood.

Despite rhetoric about “Tolerance”, and “Diversity” cultural concerns are only valid if they aim to increase diversity. The Hume City Council describe themselves in trite terms, using the obligatory ‘vibrant’ descriptor, as having “rich cultural diversity, with a vibrant mix of approximately 140 nationalities…” but I doubt they understand cultures and the sense of identification that non-Liberalised people have. While people shouldn’t bring foreign grievances to Australian shores, this protest indicates that “cultural diversity” is espoused by people who know the least about other cultures (other than their cuisine) and who don’t really understand the significant of cultural or ethnic identification.

This is the result of a deracinated, cosmopolitan government, who can only see community in terms of economics and regulations, where ‘community’ is nothing more than an ersatz collection of people who simply purchased neighbouring real estate and spend money and partake in superficial cultural activities. White Australians have lost a long time ago any semblance of governance which considered the Australian identity as anything more than a collection of superficial lifestyle choices. Multiculturalism not only denies the importance of race, religion and culture to identity and national identity, it also retards those who take on multiculturalist dogma into thinking that race, religion and cultural identity are very minor aspects of a persons life and identity, below consumption choices and the economy they partake in. Therefore they don’t realise the problems involved in building a Mosque and don’t have the worldly maturity or outlook to appreciate that others have far more things closer to their hearts than “celebrating the diversity of Hume.”.



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2 Responses to Hume Council approves Mosque next to Church

  1. Graeme Lott says:

    These stupid imbeciles know their decision is going to cause conflicts and they don’t care as it takes the attention away from their corruption !

  2. Andre Jefferson says:

    The Assyrians deserve their say in my opinion.. and Graeme; your response is inadequate with this topic. So people be sure to kill yourself. I agree that merging two religious communities together will create conflict and this wouldn’t be a darn first-world problem if it wasn’t for the darn muslims.

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