Crackdown against Greece’s Golden Dawn

On October 1, 2013, in Commentary, by mkennedy

The leader of the far-right Golden Dawn party, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, has been formally charged with belonging to a criminal organisation.

Four more Golden Dawn MP’s and 15 other party members who face the same charges have spent the night in jail. i

Anti-racist rapper Pavlos Fyssas (RE: anti-white leftist thug), who also goes by the moniker Killah P was murdered by a supposed Golden Dawn supporter, sparking riots in Athens (riots in Athens are the norm these days). This sparked a crackdown on the main political opponent to the centrist and leftist parties, with over 20 arrests of Golden Dawn members. The government is now trying to categorise Golden Dawn as, and charge them as, a criminal organisation. Calling political opponents criminals, criminalising their party and arresting those who subscribe to the party is text book totalitarianism. That it is happening in a supposed democracy shouldn’t surprise us, as true democracy has disappeared from the west leaving an ersatz, faux democracy. Democratic and name and image only. A “you can have any colour as long as it’s black” style democracy.

This move coincides with the Greek PM’s visit to Brussels, leading some people to think that it is Brussels and/or the Troika who have demanded this and that the killing of “Killah P” provided a convenient pretense for the political attack. This may explain why the Antonis Samaras has acted against Golden Dawn without any prior preparation such as building a solid case and why this seemingly absurd move was carried out. Greeks are sceptical of government and sceptical of the media, and brash moves like this are unlikely to win over people, but rather sow seeds of suspicion and mistrust. Could it be that it was demanded by people perhaps unfamiliar with the nuances of Greek politics and perhaps using a more Western European model of spreading fear? Does it make sense to threaten your image. Do they care about a rapper, one who raps, “…Raise your antenna, **** your fascism, birth of a whore, yes, you got it right, this one’s for you. Your choice hanging or running
**** every kind of fascist, asshole lets go for more **** them, crush them, piss on their faces, and **** their tribe”?

OSNet Daily has posted an article titled “Greek coalition stages false flag coup attempt” which suggests that this could have been a false flag attempt.

Murderer’s motives in question -Samaras Coalition quick to benefit from murder.

Despite the non-coverage in Western media of the current post political-murder crisis in Greece, readers of this site should be in no doubt about the seriousness of the situation. A growing suspicion here is that the Samaras Government (and/or its security force allies) may have stage-managed the killing for political gain.

I reported earlier in the week having witnessed a Syriza/KKE anti-Golden Dawn demonstration in the Messinian capital of Kalamata last weekend. I opined at that time how I felt the Greek Left had become distracted from its real task, following the murder of one of its activists by a high-profile Golden Dawn supporter. It now looks likely that this was at least part of the intention behind the murder. On September 18th, nine days ago, 45 year old Giorgos Roupakias stabbed 34 year old Leftist hip-hop singer Pavlos Fyssas to death. The incident took place in front of dozens of witnesses outside a cafe near to the town centre square of Piraeus suburb Keratsini. Roupakias (a) made no attempt to hide his identity (b) left his weapon at the scene covered in fingerprints, and (c) made no serious attempt to escape.

The remainder of the article is an interesting read, suggesting that it is Samaras who gains from the murder, with Golden Dawn supporters turning to him rather than the Leftist Syriza party and that the murder was performed too clumsily to be a genuine attack. The circumstances surrounding the murder to seem quite convenient. Witnesses “identified” the group of 15 (or 30 according to other sources) as being Golden Dawn (how?). The killer was labelled as Golden Dawn before there was proof and made little to no attempt to escape or avoid being caught?

Why Golden Dawn may be targeted.

Golden_DawnIt is important to see Golden Dawn in the context of the European and larger global financial crisis which is unfolding in slow motion. The capitalist system today represents the control and manipulation of people by a small elite (elite by name, not by nature). With the capitalist system in crisis, the power that the current system gives the elite is jeopardised. If the system goes, so does the power structure and hence why no holds are barred when it comes to rescuing the system. Tax payer funded bailouts of large banks, theft from citizens euphemistically called “haircuts”, Quantitative Easing after Quantitative Easing, redefinition of the meaning of terms like unemployed, recovery and recession and a continuous stream of propaganda aimed at convincing people that this permanent state of response to a crisis is “the new normal” is all aimed at avoiding a global awareness that the system is dead. As long as the impression that it works can be maintained, then the placated masses won’t call for action. This fantasy is hard to keep though, when unemployment among young adults is near 50% or at near, or even greater than, depression levels.

Groups like Golden Dawn not only call out the falsity of the system, they challenge the very ideals that the system pushes to sustain itself. Golden Dawn is anti-immigration and pro-Greek but are the elite concern about Ethiopians and Pakistanis in Greece? Unlikely. Mass immigration and multiracialism is a necessary element for globalist hegemony. National identity, culture, racial preservation, tradition and strong families present barriers towards a global atomised consumerist society. Should people rediscover these ideas, it would hamper progress towards a globalised “one world”, where our owners lord it over a servile, compliant mass of labour. Nationalism, family, autonomous local communities, these transfer ownership of the human experiment away from them and towards our own institutions. This, I suspect, is the primary reason for the heavy handed and undemocratic approach towards Nationalist and Racialist political parties by those parties who are compliant with the agenda of the elite. They may dress up their objections in terms of “racism” and “hate”, and may be able to get many Leftists who take it at face value and do their dirty work through suppression and violence (the left generally fight the same fight the globalist elite they claim they oppose are fighting), but political purposes are most likely the primary motive. The people cannot be allowed to rediscover nationalism. Should Greece fall out of their hands, this would act as a catalyst for a chain reaction through Europe and would legitimise the Nationalist endeavour. The EU, and by extension, the global plutocracy would be threatened. The global plutocracy must therefore convince us, that what is good for them, is good for us, and what is dangerous for them, is dangerous for us.

Where from here?

Golden Dawn party  in athensIt seems that it would be very difficult to justify the charges. The case is rather weak and is clearly a reactionary move. After all, if there was plenty of evidence that Golden Dawn was founded to be a criminal organisation, why did it take up until now to take action? Samaras is taking advantage of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas to strike while public sentiment may be in his favour, but the case is shallow. Greeks are quite cynical when it comes to politics and will see this for what it is, an obvious power grab. With high unemployment, and a degrading economy it remains to be seen whether this move will be seen as a positive one, or as time wasting politicking when more pressing issues are at stake. A government which uses the police to prevent food being handed out to struggling people, who tries to destroy political opponents rather than improve the economy must tread carefully. None of these actions improves the situation the Greeks are in one iota, only the immigrants. Will people get tired of the hysteria against Golden Dawn? Will people stop caring about taking action against Golden Dawn, when they have more pressing personal issues which need attention?

Some polls suggest that Golden Dawns popularity has plummeted to about 6%, but these polls may be rigged as it is too sharp a drop, to quickly. Either way, the anti-democratic nature of this move won’t be missed by many and will create further political instability, instability which will only provide fuel for extremist parties.

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  2. Nathan says:

    Notice how there hasn’t been a single word, or any speculation, as to Giorgos Roupakias’s alleged motive. None. The narative, in its sloppiness, is just happy to have it inferred that it’s because ‘he’s a left-wing rapper that GD don’t like’.

  3. Conservative Revolution says:

    And so it begins…

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