Home Depot, a U.S. home goods store apologised for a tweet sent as part of a “College Gameday” football promotion. This promotion, which was labelled by some hyperventilating armchair warriors as a “racist tweet” showed two black drummers with a third person wearing a gorilla mask between them and the question “Which drummer is not like the others?” posed underneath. The tweet was pulled after complaints about racism, but as always with the internet, it had been widely circulated within minutes. Nothing can ever be withdrawn from the Internet.

Hence why, despite our concerns about racial sensitivities, we can show it to you.  Here is Home Depots racist tweet…

Home Depo Racist Tweet

This is the entire tweet. That’s it.

Obviously a joke, and not intended to disparage black people. But “anti racist” Social Justice Warriors didn’t see it that way. Like blackface on Hey Hey It’s Saturday or Goodes being called an ape during a football match, this upset some peoples sensitivities.

But why?

It is interesting to hear Liberals and other progressives constantly moan about how they “don’t see race”, about how the only difference is the colour of our skin, which they don’t see and that accusations about deeper racial differences are founded on nothing, nothing at all. We live in a supposedly “post racial” society (whatever the heck that means), but some are obsessed with race and racism more than ever. So much for “post racial”…

If people who are against racism don’t see race, then what’s the issue here? If this was a gorilla between two white people, there would be no fuss at all. But this faux gorilla sits between two black people. The answer to the question is obviously that the gorilla is not like the others, because, well, it’s a gorilla and the other two are not. This is a question posed for US college students, so it can’t be made too tricky or none would get it. But there is another interpretation, and that interpretation is that the question posed was rhetorical, because there really is no difference. It is people coming to this interpretation who saw the tweet as racist, and many of these people are ones who claim not to be racist in the first place. So how can one claim to not be racist while simultaneously coming first to the assumption that comparisons can be made between gorillas and black people? That, or they are looking for something to construe as racist.

We know that anti-racist is a code word for anti-white, a fact proved time and time again by, well, virtually everything that anti-racist ever say or do. One cannot be anti-white and not be ‘racist’, so ‘anti-racists’ hold some form of latent racism and hate everyone else for it, evidenced by how offended they get about tweets like this, or blackface, or calling Adam Goodes an “ape”, a commonly used insult, and also how zealous they are about destroying White homogeneity and seeing and end to the white race in general. Anti-racist Liberals may have a deep seated fear that blacks may be inferior and use Political Correctness as a means of removing from discussion and from peoples minds, anything they think might belie this, such as tweets like this and crime and education statistics. We do not mean to imply that blacks are inferior, only that Politically Correct types seem to hold this belief and fear, which accounts for their hysterical reactions to things like this and for their desire to prove racial equality and squash any knowledge or discussion which might disprove racial equivalence. They are also keen on banning and censoring any discussion which could be construed as occurring due to an acknowledgement that racial differences exist or that race exists.

It is a shame that people still take Political Correctness seriously, and study it challenge it as if it were a coherent, logically based ideology. The absurdity of the reaction to this tweet demonstrates that we’re dealing with a collective neurosis, a widely adopted hysteria and silliness, which unfortunately has been codified into laws and regulations.

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