Below is a letter which was sent to a “Human Rights Center” (re: professional anti-whites), who were concerned about so called “hate speech” in Oregon, USA.

You can read what caused the “hate speech” here,  The speech in question was nothing more than a banner saying that Anti-Racist is a code word for anti-white.  Anti-whites are however calling this ‘hate’, relying on the fact that others will just assume it is ‘hate’, even though the anti-whites fail completely to justify WHY it is hate.

We of course know that anti-whites consider any pro-white speech hate, because they ultimately support the genocide of our race.  Jimmy Marr shows commendable courage in putting up the sign.

Jimmy Marr

Concerns about Hate Speech and “Bobs Mantra”

To whom it may concern,

I am deeply concerned that stating “Anti-racist is a code word for
anti-white” is being called “Hate speech” and investigated as such. I
had always thought that “Hate speech” involved attacks against others,
but this statement is not directed at any ethnic or religious or
cultural group.

I believe that the term “hate” is being abused by people and is becoming
a catch-all term to describe anything which could be construed as
politically incorrect. This means that those who fight REAL racism are
finding it harder and harder to defend the genuineness of their
endeavours. Saying that a white person who thinks that anti-racist is a
code word for anti-white is engaging in ‘hate’ frankly makes those
fighting race hate look silly. It also means those white people who
have genuine concerns about their future may be targeted as haters.
Ironically, calling this ‘hate’ seems to PROVE that anti-racist is a
code word for anti-white, as what possible objection could there be
against this statement, than objecting to white people who don’t like
anti-white sentiment?

If anti-racists weren’t anti-white, then they shouldn’t have too much of
a problem with this statement, but I’m beginning to think they do.
Black people can criticise what they perceive to be anti-black, without
it being labelled as ‘hate’, but whites can’t? Why? Perhaps
anti-racists DO have a problem with white people, and hence this
statement may be true.

Michael Kennedy

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4 Responses to Open Letter to a HRC : Anti-Racist is a code word for Anti-White banner

  1. Very nice! Thank you!

  2. I just finished reading Dr. William L. Pierce’s, “The Turner Diaries” for the 20-something time, as I have done with Adolf Hitler’s, “Mein Kampf” numerous times. I do so to gauge the current anti-White policies against past historical realities, and proposed fiction that more and more resembles reality.

    Hitler showed us what the people of Germany faced in the days before the war and what it took to unite the people against the jew. Dr. Pierce, early in his story, also goes into detail about what could happen if we allow the jews and their appeasers to continue their deadly rein of this and other White countries.

    Just the mere fact that a “Human Rights Center”, “ADL”, “SPLC”, “NAACP” and “La Raza” exist and dare to challenge any White Pride shows us the depth of the sickness we face in the fight for our very survival.

    I commend any and all Whites who show backbone when challenging these enemies of our race. And I look forward to the day when our struggle leaves us with a clean slate no matter what it takes to rid our lands of these filthy and repulsive degenerates.

  3. Jai says:

    Now it is clearer about the agenda of this movement. Could you define what is a white and what is a non-white? Because I can see so many shades here in Australia that it is confusing. Who is it that is scared and lashing out? Is it specific ethnicities and nationalities, then it is better to list them out.

    Since all comments are moderated, I do not think this will get accepted who is this filth and repulsive degenerates that your movement refers to? And what Race is challenged and who are its enemies? Isn’t this being a bit too paranoid?

  4. mkennedy says:

    We get the question “Can you define ‘white’?” all the time, and we don’t buy that you don’t know. It’s just a ploy.

    After all, if we weren’t happy with Aboriginals, we could just talk about them all the time, and then when a pro-Aboriginal activist spoke to use, just pretend that we don’t know what “Aboriginal” truly refers to, despite the fact that we used it all the time. Anti-racists do just this.

    Anti-racists ALL use the term ‘white’ ALL the time, without any confusion or questioning from their peers. It is only when they come stuck against people who appear to be pro-white, that they conviently switch from white people being real, to being ‘real confused’ about it all.

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