Aldi Australia Day T-Shirts and Anti-Whites

On January 19, 2014, in Commentary, by mkennedy

Michael Kennedy

A small number of Social Justice Warriors, who voiced objection to Aldi Australia Day T-Shirts bearing the slogan “Australia: Established 1788” advertised in an Aldi catalogue have been successful in getting the clothing withdrawn from sale. Aldi originally dismissed the Facebook and Twitter posts as a “limited number”, but the mainstream media amplified these “limited number” of whines in the wind and in the end Aldi yielded. Big W, which also had similar T-Shirts have followed suit. Some might chalk this up to the power of social media, but it is the attention received which gave these comments power, not the original social media forum.

The anti-racists are partially correct in pointing out that the statement on the T-Shirt was wrong, as Australia was formally established in 1901, not 1788. Either way, this land was not considered to be “Australia” as a nation or country prior to 1788, and suggesting that Australia is a continuation of 40,000 or more years of Aboriginal nationhood is intellectually dishonest. If it cannot be acknowledged that Australia was established as a British settlement, then it cannot be acknowledged that Australia as we know it today was founded at all. Australia simply would not have come into existence had it not been for colonization, and it is unlikely that the indigenous populations would have formed a similar, unified country.

So to oppose recognition of the events of January 26, 1788 is to oppose recognition that the British (or Europeans as is stated in school curriculum now) created a nation. By overlooking this, we ignore the role that the British (Europeans) played in making Australia what it is today. Just as assuming that there was NOTHING here before 1788 whitewashes the history of the land and of the Aboriginals, removing any recognition of the establishment of Australia as a colony and nation whitewashes the role that we played in making Australia what it is today, and this is perhaps the anti-whites goal. After all, it must be embarrassing for them to have to admit that almost everything they know and love about the nation state of Australia was the product of white settlers.

Comments sections of news stories covering this are now filled with hyperventilating anti-whites, exasperated that we “don’t get” why they call it racist. Some are saying this is “Political Correctness gone mad”. I don’t like this statement because it assumes that Political Correctness was not mad to begin with.

This is most likely what drives their zeal. Critical Race Theory, which underpins a lot of modern ‘anti-racist’ thought , says that institutionalised racism exists in Western (White) societies. Because white culture is still dominant here (for now), racism is therefore inherit in our country. Also according to this theory, non-whites can’t be racist, because they are not ‘dominant‘. So what they are saying is that Australia is racist because it happens to be White. Because the British colonised the land, built the country, resulting obviously in a predominantly Anglo-Saxon country, the fact that Australia developed this way means that our country has inherit racism built in. It doesn’t seem to occur to these people, that if a race of people or a nation build their own country, you would expect as a matter of normality for that race and culture to be predominant in the country they made. To some, this is an indicator of racism. They can only interpret the current state of the world as actions of racism and oppression, and not the logical outcome of a sequence of events. So to them Australia is a ‘white country’, not because that is what you would logically expect when white people create and settle it, but because of systems of oppression and racism.

So when someone states the obvious that Australia was founded in 1788 (or 1901), according to these ‘anti-racists’, they are perpetuating the racist cultural institution which was created to give the country a historic narrative of being founded by Europeans. Said anti-racists go apoplectic, and accuse us of racism and ignorance, because we can’t see how we are maintaining a system of racism.

What exactly they want instead, is never defined. How we should interpret the past is never clearly defined. It is simply logically impossible to disregard British colonisation as THE defining event in the construction of Australia, yet this is what they demand. They offer no alternatives, because it cannot be done. They are trying to square the circle. It should therefore be expected, that any celebration, memorial, event of historical recognition which displays the fact that Australia was established by Whites, would be accused of racism by anti-racists. This includes Australia day itself.

This anti-racism, which is really just anti-white, is a state of mental neurosis, which has devastating effects on us.

Anti-white “anti-racist” activists are therefore quite predictable, so what piqued my interest in this story was not what they had to say, but the ramifications of what they were demanding.

Aldi were set to begin selling the T-Shirts on the 11th of January. The T-Shirts are rather unremarkable, as expected for a budget store, and the sentiments and words have been on T-shirts before (including the words which offended a few). Aldi and Big W would already have a supply in stock, that is, they’ve already been produced at a cost. To appease some anti-whites, Aldi won’t sell them which means they make a loss which quite possibly will be passed through to Aldi and Big W shoppers by other means. Aldi, Big W, and quite possibly those who shop at these stores are PAYING to appease the rather inane sensibilities of a vocal few, insufferable anti-whites.

What is to be done with the manufactured clothing now? It is likely too expensive to rework so will have to be dumped, or surreptitiously donated. The defenders of Social Justice would no doubt oppose to homeless people wearing them, so destruction is the likely fate of the ‘garments of hate’.

Anti-racism is essentially parasitic in nature, steeped in entitlement and decadence. Anti-racists, who pride themselves on giving our wealth to all and sundry who decide to arrive, would have nothing to give the multitude of cultures and races who arrive if it were not for British colonization in the first place. They don’t believe they need the permission, consent or even the understanding of the Australian people before advocating open borders and multiculturalism. This is a cost we all bear, whether we want to or not. Most of what anti-whites do to promote their own moral agenda, comes at a cost to someone else.

Now Aldi have to take a loss to appease their sensibilities which in a small way, Aldi shoppers may have to pay for. A company now has to take a financial hit because they failed to get offended at the same things that a few Politically Correct types got offended with. To be fair though, Aldi and Big W management must bear a lot of the responsibility here, bowing down to Politically Correct silliness. They could have stood their ground, sold their T-Shirts and just shrugged off the anti-whites, but instead chose to be financially irresponsible and dump an already manufactured product to appear ‘reasonable’.

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