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Nationalist Alternative look at the violence against demonstrators at the Greek Consul General in Brisbane on the 2nd of May. Union members, at the behest of left wing extremists engaged in criminal activity in the form of an unprovoked attack against activists demonstrating legally. We call upon those who are members of a trade union or workers union to remain vigilant about their union’s activity, and to call out union leaders and officials who carry out these attacks in the union’s name. Unions are already under attack from business leaders and a hostile government, and it is definitely not in the union’s interest to engage in attacks against Australians based on lies and misinformation. Such attacks only serve to tarnish the union’s image, further alienate Australians from the union and weaken support for the union’s core goals, protection of Australian workers and working conditions.

The events

The left side of politics has always made a big deal about incitement to violence. Their argument against giving opposition free speech, is that words can lead to physical violence against innocent people. Letting people speak freely, they say, will result in letting them spread ‘hate’ which would lead people being incited to violence. As is typically the case, the far Left practice exactly what they denounce, and their incitement to violence led to criminal action against innocent demonstrators.1 The lies spread was that parties like Australia First Party are little more than an extreme version of the “right wing” Liberal party, and therefore, as is implied, they are against the Australia worker. Australia First believe that,

…we have some reason to believe that they were told that we were supporters of Campbell Newman’s laws on associations and that we were opposed to trade unions. 1

This is most definitely not the case, as the Australia First Party is one of the few who can honestly claim to be representing the interest of the Australian workers. Australia First continue a long tradition of protecting the interest of the Australian workers against threats both domestic and foreign, for supporting the Australian national integrity and advocating the need for government to enact policies to protect living conditions.

In Western nations today, people are losing control of their nations, as vested interests seek to hollow out the country and turn nations into nothing more than vassals for globalist interests. This is true in nations like France, UK, Greece and Australia. In these nations, the people standing up and demanding their country back. Taking it back from control by multinationals and the banks.

It is paradoxical then, that union labour would be used against those showing solidarity with the Greek populist party, Golden Dawn. Greece is currently experiencing an economic depression (the establishment will refuse to acknowledge the problem), resulting in high unemployment, severe austerity and a rise in suicides. 2 3With these problems, Greece’s crushing illegal immigration problem is just getting worse.4 A population of over a million illegals in a nation of 11 million, and that number rising. These illegals are competing for scant resources which the native Greeks cannot find. Yet the EU and banksters offer no solution, neither does Greek PM Samaras. Greeks have rallied behind Golden Dawn, who want to claim the nation back from the grip of bankers and failed socialist leaders. But there is one problem, to the Left here, Greece is a white country, and therefore Greeks are not eligible to take their nation back.

So the Antifa took to the streets against this show of support on the 2nd of May at the Greek Consul General.5 Unfortunately, they were able to obtain union support and union heavies followed AF and GD demonstrators to a pub and assaulted them.

Australia First report…

Once organized around the lies of the CFMEU organizers, a stream of persons left their work on the sites and joined in a series of assaults; some others who also left the sites just stood by and watched. Australia First members were compelled to punch on with about thirty persons. Although some of our members sustained some minor injuries, they gave as good as they took. This was positive.

It is our opinion that today’s attack was premeditated. It was surely planned yesterday- after Antifa contacted the CFMEU.

A certain leader of the Antifa contingent today boasted a couple of days ago, that she “would involve the union”. It was planned yesterday, because these CFMEU officials knew of the building sites nearby the Australia First assembly point and were able to strategically plan their response.

Australia First moved away from the area to relocate, but as it turns out, were followed.

Some hours later, after the Australia First members had been into the city (by another route to protest), they were stalked by a group of men to a hotel in Woollongabba. The dozen or so activists who had moved on there after the rest dispersed, were enjoying a quiet drink and discussing the day.

Suddenly half a dozen men stormed into the hotel and launched into a violent assault upon the activists. Before they could effectively fight back several blows were landed and the hotel disrupted. The men then fled on foot. It is understood there is CCTV footage of the attack.

A couple of activists experienced minor cuts. However, their spirit was undeterred.

However, not content to leave thing be, the Antifa, led by “SlackBastard” Andy Fleming (who is rumoured to be James Hutchings) is continuing the fight, trying to get the AF and GD supported identified. For what reason? Given the left modus operandi, for further reprisals, threats of violence and intimidation. After all, according to the Antifa, anyone remotely patriotic, anyone who respects their nation and wishes to preserve their identity (and is white) is a fascist, and according to them, fair game for underhanded politics. By conveniently defining their enemies as ‘fascists’ and ‘nazis’, they spin some rudimentary sophistry to justify violence and intimidation.

The Union’s miscalculation

The action of the CFMEU is regrettable, and we don’t doubt that this was not a popularly supported action either. What trade unions do, they do in the name of all their workers, so, did these members act in the interests of the Australian worker? Most definitely not.

Firstly, it is now evident that this union has allowed itself to become the lackeys of the Antifa. The Antifa advocate many ideas which conflict with the interest of the Australian worker. Antifa object to sensible immigration policies, policies which would protect Australian workers by avoiding the influx of cheap labour. The Antifa attack what Australian workers have built for themselves and attack Australian workers themselves. The far left, from our experience, have contempt for working Australia and contempt for white Australia. It is the Antifa who fight those who oppose the expansion of the 457 visa program, and expansion that would negatively impact workers. It is the Antifa who fight against those who reject high immigration rates, which only serve big business by diluting the labour pool.

Yet the union threw their card in with the Antifa, against the Australia First Party and Golden Dawn and risked criminal prosecution to fight for the antifa ideals. Is fighting against Australians wanting their country back a union goal? Is supporting far left extremism what union members pay their dues for?

Those who are part of the CFMEU must ask why their union takes their dues to engage in political action at the behest of the far left? Perhaps the union leaders, in seeking to put the interests of the union above the Aussie worker, support Socialist/Communist politics. After all, the far left advocate a kind of class warfare where all workers are united in a struggle against the ruling class. Protectionism, protection of Australian workers and the Australian way of life could limit the scope the union has. Does it matter for the CFMEU, who pays their dues, as long as they are paid? Would the union really be against an influx of labour depressing wages, if those workers end up dues paying unionists as well? Perhaps not, so it could very well be possible that some union official may support policies and ideas which conflict with the best interests of the Australian workers. Just as our business leaders do what is best for business leaders, even if it costs their employees and the nation at large, so to can unions do what is best for the union, even if it costs their members and the nation at large.

We say to Australians who are members of unions, that you must ensure that the workers union which represents you, continues to represent YOU, and doesn’t put the well being of you, your family, your heritage and way of life behind their own ambition. You must hold your union officials accountable, and call them out on this.

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2 Responses to Golden Dawn/Australia First Rally ambushed by union thugs

  1. Jim Osborne says:

    The Anti-fa seem to believe that anything they do is justified, because not doing anything would result in worse. The problem is, they don’t use evidence or reason to come to this conclusion, just draw lazy parallels, or accept those that others have drawn.

    This kind of thinking leads to the worst type of fanaticism, and this is what they are, fanatics. Political fanatics have no limits.

  2. Mark Needham says:

    So who and what is antifa.
    wcatlt, but no-one would know what I was saying.

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