Tim Wise renounces anti-racism

On July 3, 2014, in Commentary, by mkennedy

by Paraddee Press

Timothy Jacob Wise, prominent hate campaigner and advocate against the social construct of White people has recently come out expressing concerns about where anti-racist ideas could lead.  The tireless campaigner and ex boiler maker, who has woken many white people up to their own innate evil may be having a change of heart.  While Mr Wise will not be cancelling his meeting with Russian President Putin to discuss the racist fact that the participants in the Sochi Olympics (or “Crackerlympics”) were “disgustingly white”, we may expect to see a “different approach” in fighting racism.

Tim Wise has finished promoting his most recent book “Colouration does not equal Caucasian: A study into the intersectionality between race and climate change denial” on his latest world tour.

Mr Wise said that his concerns began when he was contemplating the ramifications of the “Knock-out Game”, a popular past-time among “Youths” where one or more “Youths” attempt to knock a honkey out stone cold.  Much progress has been made to get society to the point where people can believe that a white person complaining about immigration on a tram should be jailed, but ‘youths’ who specifically targets whites aren’t committing any hate crime.  Tim says that we won’t be undoing that fine work.

“I was questioning the latent white privilege inside me.” Mr Wise told Parradee Press.  “After realising I had a stereotypic dinner of white privilege of Matzo balls, Blintzes followed by a glass of manischewitz, I was made aware of my own privilege  This made me realise that white privilege in the form of this meal was still with me, not just in my gizzards, but in my cranium too.  I was thinking about how the knock-out game’ must the result of white privilege and bigotry.”  Tim then began researching hate speech on the internet and stumbled onto a video clip by RamZPaul.

“RamZPaul was reading these words about how the days of Jewish people were numbered and it filled me with revulsion, it was such awful anti-semitism.  Such hate.”  But it wasn’t the fact that this was coming from renown Jewish Nationalist RamZPaul which shocked him, or that he was able to watch a YouTube video clip without constant buffering over dial up, it was the realisation that was to come later.

“I realised these words were mine.  He just replaced ‘White’ with ‘Jew’.  Such genius.  If these words could inspire anti-semitic sentiment, then why couldn’t mine lead to anti-white sentiment?”.


Tim Wise in action teaching “tolerance”. Armed, ready and always ready to lay the smack dab on Whites who don’t like multiculturalism.

“I then wondered if rallying against Whiteness may have had something to do with it.”  Tim Wise has often spoken about how attitudes and even subtle anti-semitic remarks should be removed from the society because these can contribute to hate crimes.  But Tim Wise has began to wonder whether constant rallying against White people and White privilege could have the same effect.

“These ‘youths’ are suggestible, and why wouldn’t one hear my comments about how Whites are responsible for all racism and all their problems and get angry?  What if that anger resulted in ‘youths’ taking it out on innocent white people?  In the past, people talking about knocking white people out and eliminating white people through mass immigration and assimilation, all that was OK. But what if it was me that was going to be held accountable?”.

Tim Wise subscribes to the Liberal ideal that ‘youths’ can’t be responsible for their actions, so naturally, he concluded, whoever put the ‘hate’ in their mind must be responsible.

“Maybe my zealotry against racism made me part of the Hateriarchy.  Maybe anti-racism as we practice it becomes anti-white?  Have I stared too long into the Abyss and become an agent of hate myself?”.


Intolerance can't be tolerated.  One of the more controversial, but necessary, solutions to the 'race problem'.

Intolerance can’t be tolerated. One of the more controversial, but necessary, solutions to the ‘race problem’.


Tim Wise believes that there needs to be more study on the matter, and has asked the government for more funding.

“There can never be enough money to combat intolerance.  We do however need a different approach in how we reach the final solution to the white problem, er, I mean, white racism problem.  Yeah, that’s it.”

Hugh Jackman declined to comment stating, “What the hell does this have to do with me?”.

Tim Wise is currently working the latest episode of his graphic novel, “Toleranceman”, about a mild mannered man who is a diversity advocate by day, and a troll on internet forums of hate at night.  Feminists have labelled it as “sexist puerile nonsense which enforces gender stereotypes and promotes cis-gender normativity.”

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  2. Tim says “old white men have always been the bad guys”. I think anyone could also argue that old white men have always been the good guys, fighting slavery, inventions, feeding starving Africans, etc. What’s silly is thinking all in this group are bad, all in that group are good. Even a nazi could have been a good guy. I hear people say they want to kill all white people after they read some Tim Wise or watch Django, then I go and read some of the most censored “haters” and discover them talking peace and love. My advice is go study things for yourself, anybody else’s opinion may be biased.

  3. The g Factor says:

    Tim Wise seems to be as stupid as he looks. For decades whites have sufferred more vilification and discrimination than just about any other race while paying a fortune in taxes to provide welfare and ‘affirmative action’ to minorities in their own countries, foreign aid to non-white nations that should be able to look after them selves, while having to put up with a flood on non-whites invading us.

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