Judging Groups

On September 4, 2014, in Commentary, by mkennedy

Political Correctness requires us to overlook the most extreme, reactionary elements of a group and judge that group (whether religious, political or what have you) by the best representatives.  Of course, we should only do this for selected groups called “minorities” and not for others, such as identity groups we belong to.  So we know that we are supposed to consider Islam (at least the immigrants here, not so much those abroad) as being exemplified by the least threatening members and the most assimilated, and Nationalists by the very worst examples that can be found and the very worst speculative conclusions that can be imagined.

In the real world, the world where peoples decisions make the difference between life and death, being attacked in the street or getting home safely, living in a free society or under constant threat from tyranny, these protocols that we are supposed to adhere to no longer matter. What matters is end results and what is actually happening.  When it comes to the crunch, there is no room for niceties.

During World War 2 it is estimated that about 15-20% of combat soldiers fired at the enemy.  The majority of ground soldiers would posture, fire threateningly but not try to kill.  Statistics for World War 1 and earlier wars are similar.  It would therefore be true to say that on the battlefield that those who were killing, were in a minority.  But does this matter?  Does this provide much consolation to the enemy soldier? No, because despite the minority, the death and destruction occurring was still appalling.  That most soldiers did not actually want to kill, and did try to avoid killing in the end meant little to the victims. The majority of the killing is done by a minority during war, as it is in civilian life.

In the real world, and not that imagined by Politically Correct ideology, it is not the majority which matters and defines a groups impact, it often is the minority.  It is the minority of Soviet Communists willing to run the Gulags and arrest dissenters.  It is the minority of people willing to work for a totalitarian state and spy and snitch.  It is the minority of religious fanatics running an inquisition, or engaging in Jihad.  It is the minority of fighters fighting for their nations independence and freedom.  The minority who challenge an established view of belief, who invent and innovate and advance society through new ideas.  It is these minorities which have the impact which shapes our world and affect our lives.

Being forced to ignore the minority based on how a majority may act might be in line with Politically Correct behavioural requirement, but not peoples better judgment.  Refusing to judge this way when the situation requires may be dangerous and foolish, and may require us to deny the reality of what is happening.  It requires us to adopt a model of the world which dis-empowers us in dealing with the consequences of actions by other groups.

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3 Responses to Judging Groups

  1. Freedom seeker says:

    I was sorry to read in “About US” section that you consider Australia to be made of Anglo-saxon-celtic people and consider everybody else as outsider. But frankly, you are no less an outsider than people coming in now by legal means. Your forefathers came here and occupied the land by force from the indigenous people. Lot of kilings took place. At least the people coming now are not occupying your houses and land by force. You have only two hundred years of history, not a single major event worth mentioning in the world history. you do not have a single tradition or culture which is unique to Australia (and which is not Indigenous). Why don’t you guys first put a list of deeds you have done in the two hundred years on this page which people can be proud of. Its only a debate, don’t take it seriously but do look into your own character and then judge other people.

  2. Blair says:

    It is of the very small mind to use individual examples for validating a set of beliefs.

    I was literally thought up that quote about 2 minutes before I found a link to this, loving these articles.

  3. admin says:

    It’s all a matter of perspective. The fact is, European settlers came, founded a nation and what exists today is the product of that. It is no use pretending it didn’t happen, or trying to cast of this legacy, or saying it doesn’t exist because ‘technically’ white people weren’t the first. People keep spouting these fact, but what do they mean? Do you seriously expect everyone who is not aboriginal to say their identity, their non-aboriginal ways are not legit, not Australian, and live in limbo for perpetuity? What is the solution? To atone for unwanted influx of people and changing the demographics of a nation, but repeating the very same thing? The legality of what is occurring today, doesn’t change the consequences.

    You can’t undo the past, and living constantly regretting what happened, is, to paraphrase Nietzsche, compounding one folly with another.

    As it is TODAY, through the Western world, the multicultural experiment is failing and being branded as such by world leaders.

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