Muslims fear backlash

On January 28, 2015, in Commentary, by natalt

Like “Youths” as a euphemism for rioters who aren’t white, or “Aspiring Rapper who was just turning their life around” as euphemism for an urban gangster criminal who became a victim of their own lifestyle, “Muslims fear backlash” is morphing into a phrase designed to cover up truth, than inform.  This is more tiring than it is interesting.  Islamist is another euphemism.

As most right minded Westerns would ask, when reading such a headline, where?  What backlash?  Strange how the “backlash” after the Charlie Hebdo killings were by Muslims against the West.  We were told, were we not, that these were “lone wolves”?  From where springs the worldwide support for the killers?

It can be pretty much taken for granted now that terrorism done in the name of Islam, is exactly what it appears to be, terrorism done in the name of Islam.  We can watch the media try to argue that the assailants yelling “Allah Akbar”, waving Islamist flags, proclaiming that they’ve avenged the prophet, who have many sympathisers who just happen to be of the same religion, are not actually doing it due to religious motivations, but we can’t maintain and sense of self respect and pretend this is anything but silly and pathetic.

There is no point debunking the ridiculous.

The leftists though, don’t really care about Islam per se.  “Muslims fear backlash” seems be more about protecting themselves, than protecting Muslims.

The Charlie Hebdo depictions of Mohammed are to Muslims, offensive.  Not only are depictions of people in art forbidden, but it is especially offensive to Muslims to have Mohammed depicted, especially in this manner.

Now that it is fellow “Creative types” who were targeted by Islamists, we suddenly find a voice of support for free speech, the right to offend.  Voices which were denouncing the repeal of 18C not long ago now speak hypocritically otherwise.

One of the images which provoked the killers.

One of the cartoons which provoked the killers.

While we of course don’t support the attacks, nor support the idea that the West must accommodate Islam’s peculiar sensitivities, we have to at least acknowledge that it isn’t with no reason that these attacks were carried out.  In some ways, this was the Islamic equivalent of a Leftist bombing a “Far Right” political party office, or of Leftists threats and use of violence to stop or attempt to stop speakers such as Geert Wilders.  The motivation is similar.  The use of violence and threat of harm or death to stop speech.  But when it is Nationalists who are targeted, free speech supporters remain silent.  When Islamists stop PEGIDA, who rally peacefully, from rallying, the courage which sees them holding pens high deserts them.  These “Je suis Charlie” placard wavers would otherwise support the use of force to silence us, legally or illegally.  Charlie Hebdo magazine, they think, represents one of “their own”.  It could after all, be them.

But there is another interesting element, the supposed fear of a ‘backlash’, the clambering to protect Muslims.  Do they really care?

I think probably not.  The lack of sympathy regarding the Charlie Hebdo cartoons gives reason to doubt.  The concocted story which spawned the #IllRideWithYou tag smells strongly of self aggrandisement and anti-white hatred than genuine concern.  Very few people who spread this tag will actually ride with a Muslim.  Very few will share any concern beyond that which allows them to attack and demonise their political enemy, White Australia.

This is the motivation, the desire to protect their world-view where multiracialism can work and do away with White Western hegemony in Western countries.  It is not Muslims which they seek to protect, but their own belief system.  Draw pictures of Mohammed, but don’t question Political Correctness.  Say the religion is the root of evil, but don’t dare suggest that their program of mass immigration may be just as much based on unsubstantiated elements of faith as Islam itself is.

No, the religion they are clambering to protect with calls for calm, tolerance, not jumping to conclusions and so forth is not Islam, but Political Correctness.  The marches against Islam don’t threaten Islam, at all.  No one can seriously believe that anyone who marches with PEGIDA is seeking to, or even thinks it feasible to destroy Islam.  It’s not a goal.  Islam’s strength, its home ground is in the Middle East, out of the West.  Political Correctness has its home here.  Every call for violence by Islamists against the West, by someone who supposedly represents our “diversity” is a nail in the coffin of PC’s credibility. Each terrorist attack is stark evidence that we perhaps may be right on this matter, and they are wrong.  So predictably, the response from the PC acolytes is “nothing to see here, move along”.  To try and portray these events as anything but what they plainly obviously are, manifestations of a clash of cultures.  It’s not a “Muslim Backlash” that they fear.  The backlashes just don’t happen, as we are not the rabid roving mob they wish we were.  It’s that we might be given a voice, proven right, have our predictions come true and make sense to people that they fear.  They worry that people will hear our message because they want the people to remain confused and faithful adherents of Political Correctness.

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