by Sebastian Rischbieth
I.    What happened

On 4th April, 2015, Reclaim Australia – a coalition of patriotic Australian groups – held a nationwide rally and day of protest against Islam. The timing couldn’t have been more appropriate, given that over a 100 Kenyan students had been massacred by the Muslim terror group al-Shabab the Friday before.

I headed over to the rally around noon, and was told by a Nationalist Alternative comrade that a large continent of communist students had turned up, and that the commies had attacked one of our friends, and ripped his t-shirt, as he was trying to enter the rally area. I asked if the commie counter-demonstrators contained any blue-collar union types, and felt relieved when I was told no – that they were all students. I had feared that James ‘Slack Bastard Andy’ Hutchings had organised before the rally a bunch of builder’s labourer thugs to administer a bashing, like the one he had organised in Brisbane last year. Hutchings is a cruel individual who revels and gloats over violence (and coercion) against his political opponents, and the Trotskyite communist groups always use violence (and coercion) as a first resort. Disputes between them and their enemies (and they make enemies) always come down to force and physical strength. Fortunately, because of the absence of working-class, blue-collar types on the commie side that day, their ranks lacked the real heavy hitters; students aren’t as physically strong, or intimidating, as labourers. Given the deficit in physical strength on that day, the commies, true to form, picked on people physically weaker than themselves – women, the elderly, or individuals who were unlucky enough to be isolated by a group of communists and outnumbered at seven or eight to one.

I was approached, early on, by an elderly woman whose arm had been bruised by a commie who had seized an Australian flag from her.


Another woman – an apolitical onlooker – was hit in the face by a sign (a Unity for Women placard) flung as a missile (like a boomerang); she collapsed to the ground and her husband carried off in tears. Here’s a picture of someone holding the missile after picking it up from the ground.
People who were trying to enter the main part of the rally via Flinders Street were prevented from entering by the commie line: they were spat on, yelled at, and according to one report, had bags of excrement (human or animal?) thrown at them. I was also told that an Australian flag had been set on fire.

It’s amazing, given the present-day hypersensitivity in our culture towards violence and bullying (verbal and physical), that none of this was picked up by the media – or if it was, it was cursorily dismissed, as we see in The Age article (‘A few punches were thrown’). I think that the commie groups described below (with the exception of the Spartacist League) behave as, and have the same mentality, as criminal gangs.

As we can see from the below photograph, the main part of the rally had been pinned up at the top of Federation Square. Two lines of police, one on Flinders Street on the west, the other in the east, separated the Reclaim patriots from the commie counter-demonstrators (hardly any Muslim counter-demonstrators attended). The trouble with this was that more and more Australians who wanted to attend the Reclaim rally showed up as the afternoon progressed, and they intermixed with the commies in the eastern end.
That’s where most of the violence occurred. No corridor was opened up by the police between the encircled group and the new arrivals, and the commies themselves felt encircled in the eastern end – sandwiched in between the police line and the new arrivals. This deadlock endured for hours. After it became apparent that the two sides were in a stand-off and unable to move in, the excitement died down, and at that point many onlookers lost interest and started go home. Towards the end of the day, mounted police moved into the eastern section to force the commies back and open up a corridor to the trapped part of the Reclaim rally. Anthony Main of the Socialist Party called up a police commissioner to complain; he wailed plaintively, ‘You boys have split my forces’. Eventually the commies were forced out by the police and exited in a column streaming towards Flinders Street, where they continued to make noise (I asked myself if they were on amphetamines: they had been on their feet chanting and yelling for five straight hours on a hot Saturday afternoon without eating or drinking). Those Reclaim attendees who had been trapped for hours (with no access to food, drink or toilets) were allowed to file out.

I was one of the reinforcements who made their way to the eastern end. I noted who were in attendance: Socialist Alternative (SALT), Socialist Alliance (SOCAL), Socialist Party of Australia (SPA) and the Spartacist League (Sparts) – an alphabet soup of Trotskyite groups. Of the four, only the Sparts behaved with any decency and honour. I didn’t see them abuse or attempt to assault anyone. They walked around, with gentle demeanours, with their copies of Australasian Spartacist. I was struck by the contrast between their quiet behaviour at the rally and the vitriol and craziness of their written polemics.

Soon after arriving at the eastern end, one of my comrades set up his PA system. Flanked by two sturdy young men, he delivered a fire-breathing speech – of the sort you’d get from an old Australian Labor Party orator a hundred years ago. We were well in the rear of the commie line, and they turned once he began his address – like a group of vampires scenting blood. They rounded on our group – we must have been outnumbered by at least thirty to one – and began yelling at him (‘But Australia doesn’t exist!’) and played some music in sporadic bursts so as to prevent him from talking. He finished the speech after going through his whole list of points. The Reclaim onlookers applauded him, asked ‘Who’s your group?, exclaimed ‘We need young men like you’ and were given some of our fliers. One elderly Chinese couple came up and congratulated him on a ‘fine speech’. As we were packing up the equipment, the commies drew on closer, waving their giant banner just above us. One man, in a Socialist Alliance black shirt (with an Aboriginal flag logo) hectored my comrade. I pointed my finger towards him and asked, ‘What would Trotsky think of Islam? Islam isn’t communist!’. He protested, ‘I’m not a communist’. I replied, ‘Oh yes you are, you’re wearing a Socialist Alliance shirt – you belong to a communist organisation!’. He looked guilty and frightened, and waved his arm.
My group moved further away towards the eastern end, where I gave two interviews to journalists. I gave a long talk about Islam and Muhammad, and explained that, sooner or later, these commies would have wake up to the fact that Islam was against everything they stood for. The commies claimed to support the rights of gays, lesbians and transgendered people, for example, but the Koran forbids ‘indecent acts between two men’ and the sentence for men caught engaging in gay sex is – death. How could any communist today support Islam? But the Left were beginning to fracture and splinter of the Islam question: not all commie groups and individuals were on the side of Muhammad, some had come out against Islam and many more were to follow.

After the interviews, I walked back to the eastern end. Some more reinforcements showed up, and two of them unfurled an Australian flag. The commies rounded on the pair. One of them called out to those behind him, ‘Stand behind the flag!’. That I did. I must admit that this sounds more dramatic than it was – I was a little bored by that time and began fiddling with my phone – and events took a comic turn. A short young woman, with a black hoodie and sunglasses, and sporting a rather butch-looking haircut, came up from behind one of the flag holders, snatched it off him and ran a few metres away, standing there and holding it defiantly. One of the flag-holders told her to give it back. She shook her head. Then, out of nowhere, a middle-aged Chinese man leaped forward, grabbed the flag and yelled at her in a thick accent, ‘Give back the flag! Give back the flag!’. They played tug of war for a few seconds before she returned it. The two flag-bearers unfurled it and held it up – and then she did it again. She snatched the flag and ran to a spot two metres away. Again, one of the flag-bearers took it back. But then a black-clad bearded Australian youth, who looked pale and rather out of it (as though he had been smoking hashish), administered a savage kick to the flag-bearer. They squared up and like two boxers for a moment, and, because of the constantly shifting crowd, I lost sight of them.

(Regarding the Chinese man who wrestled with the butch girl for possession of the Australian flag: the peculiar thing was that many Chinese and Indians tapped us on the shoulder throughout the day and asked for our material).

Unfortunately, one of my comrades got caught alone up near the front line of the eastern end. The commies attacked him, jostled him and attempted to pull off a pendant he wore around his neck. He ran forward, surrounded by a baying mob, and I was reminded of Jesus at the stations of the cross – an appropriate analogy, given that it was Easter Saturday. Knowing that my friend was of the Catholic faith, I told him, ‘Today’s your Passion of the Christ, my friend’. He grinned at me and told me that he wasn’t hurt and that the commies weren’t so tough. I agreed – getting attacked by these students was like being pecked by a flock of ducks…

The jostling and commie slogan-shouting continued – the usual accusations of racism, fascism, Nazism, the rest. I yelled at the top of my voice, ‘Islaaaam… Allu-hah Ak-berkkk… God is Great!’. That drew a chuckle from the crowd. It was notable that, in all their propaganda about the rally, beforehand and afterwards, the commies didn’t mention Islam – the subject of the rally – once. Instead, they sought to make the rally about them and how much they hated the Reclaim attendees – many of them elderly, the disabled, blue collars, the youth…

A friend and I walked away from the eastern end – this was when things began to wind down – and we passed a short, red-bearded young Aussie man wearing a Black Panther t-shirt. My friend, in a waspish mood, remarked to him, ‘Black Panther? But you’re not black!’. The red-bearded commie (hereafter known as the Black Panther Leprechaun) spouted some obscenities in response. I said to him, sincerely, ‘Join us’. He waved his hand… (I was also told, by one spectacled commie youth (about half my age)
, ‘F**k off, fascist’. I replied, ‘Yes’. That bemused him).

After the rally had finished, and the majority of the commies (and the Reclaim attendees) had left Fed Square, my group milled around and waited for a comrade who had gone missing. We waited for half an hour, ducked into a restaurant, and were eventually able to contact him on the phone and tell him where we were. He came over and joined us, and told us that the commies had snatched a bag of his (containing a bottle of water and some food, fortunately nothing valuable) and chucked it into the Yarra river. But, being a burly man, he wasn’t attacked. We ate, drank, and discussed the day’s events, while the commies, near the Flinders Street station, kept up their chanting and yelling.

Nationalist Alternative at the Reclaim Australia Rally

Nationalist Alternative at the Reclaim Australia Rally

II.     An analysis

Judging from their reactions, many of the attendees at the Reclaim rally had never encountered communists – and communist violence – before. Their democrats rights to freedom of assembly and speech had been denied by the commies, who had used violence and coercion to achieve this objective. I expect that many of the attendees came from a conservative background and believed that the rally would be as low-key (and well-protected) as a Liberal Party meeting. They didn’t understand that, for commies, everything boils down to force and physical strength. Commies don’t seek to break up Liberal Party meetings, because they know that, as an establishment political party, the Liberals are protected and that assaults, bashings, vandalism, violence, won’t be tolerated. In comparison to the Liberal or Labour parties, the Far Right in this country is weak, and that weakness attracts predators. While the promotion for the Reclaim event was superb, not enough attention was paid to security on the day. The police, too, underestimated the size of the commie counter-demonstration and should have deployed more men.

The attendees saw themselves as ordinary Australians – which they were – and were shocked by the hatred emanating from the communists, a hatred not just of them but of Australian patriotism itself. In 2015, Trotskyite communism in Australia attracts marginal people – the majority of the commie students there just did not look normal – united by a distaste for Australian blue-collars. These days on the Left, an adherence to Marxist theory, or membership of a commie organisation, serves to distinguish you from the ‘bogan, bigoted, racist, homophobic’ Aussie workers – Marxist theory and practice serve as a social marker. Accusations of racism and homophobia, plus a championing of the rights of gays, indigenous people and Muslims, place the accuser on a moral plane above that of the common, unsophisticated masses.

Violence was wired into Trotskyite communism (and Bolshevism itself) from the beginning. But I must admit that a fondness for brawling and fisticuffs is an Australian trait and not just a communist one – it’s the Irish in us. In their racial and national makeup, the vast majority of the commie counter-demonstrators were Aussie (and we know that SALT, SPA and SOCAL are run by middle-aged Australian men), including our tough little friend, the Black Panther Leprechaun. Many of the tough-looking, shaven-headed attendees at the Reclaim rally spoke in broad Aussie vernacular and reminded me of the Australian youths from the rural and regional parts of the country who had fought – and died – in the trenches of Gallipoli, northern France, Kokoda…

But the communist doctrine – especially the Trotskyite one (‘No platform for fascists’, ‘Bash the fash’) and the general leftist pathology – injects an element of nastiness and cruelty into what would otherwise be akin to a drunken Saturday pub brawl. As I wrote today in an e-mail to a friend, on the subject of James ‘Andy Slack Bastard’ Hutchings:

Andy is a bully. Possibly, he was picked on at school, and now his politics enables him to get his own back – by writing nasty things about other people on the Internet, organising bashings in Brisbane…

Looking at these Facebook pages, and at the behaviour of the commies yesterday, I’m amazed how much masculine aggressiveness there is on the Left – a lot of dick-waving and ego-assertion, a constant pursuit of dominance over others…

Perhaps they do this because it’s compensation – they are making up for the fact that they’ll never attain any position of power or respect in society, seeing as they’re such freakish and marginal individuals.

Seeing the contorted faces of the commie demonstrators, as they yelled their slogans, was something to behold. (I imagine that the Maoist youth in China at the time of the Cultural Revolution looked and sounded the same way). They reminded me – especially with their repetitious chanting – of Hare Krishnas. SOCAL, SALT and SPA resemble a cult. And this, for someone who wants to form a genuine working-class mass movement and bring about Bolshevik-style revolution in Australia, must be deeply depressing. The Trotskyite commie groups suffer from an enormous turnover of members (what Frank S. Meyer, the former US communist, called ‘churn’) and the ageing leadership has been in the game for some thirty years and are no closer to their Bolshevik goals than when they started. In other words, they’re stuck running on the hamster treadmill of communist politics.

But the Trotskyite-dominated Left does exist as a political factor in Australia, and one must take it into consideration in one’s political calculations. I was sincere before when I stated that there’s no real reason as to why the Far Left and Far Right should engage in a fight over Islam – to a large extent, they stand in agreement. I therefore call on the leadership of the Trotskyite outfits SOCAL, SALT, SPA, the Sparts, Solidarity and others for a parley (in Trotskyite politics, if you want anything done, you have to go through the leadership). My first demand to the leadership – Mick Armstrong (SALT), Peter Boyle (SOCAL), Anthony Main (SPA) and others – is, ‘Call off your dogs’; the second, for a conference on Islam with all the political groups in Australian life attending. At that conference (and others to follow)  we can settle our disagreements… (It’d be amusing to put together, with the Far Left, a rally against ISIS or Boko Haram or al-Shabab. Given that the vast majority of the Trotskyite commie membership are mindless automatons who obey, unquestioningly, the commands of their leaders, the commie attendees will go along with it without demur, and won’t raise a peep against the conservative and Far Right attendees (who were yesterday’s enemies, today’s allies)). I think that this is the only way we can move forward in this country. I know from speaking to older nationalists that these little street brawls between the Far Right and the Far Left have been going for some thirty or forty years, without either side getting anywhere.

Nationalist Alternative got a few contacts that day and earned a lot of respect within the Australian Far Right community. The rally succeeded in getting many ordinary
patriotic Australians out of the house, away from the Internet, and to a venue where they could meet and talk with fellow patriots – and that’s what nationalist politics, in 2015, should be all about. Party affiliations and differences in views didn’t matter; what matters is that they came together on the day. Walls of isolation – built up by an excessive reliance on the Internet – separating patriotic and conservative Australians were broken down. I think that this augurs a bright future.

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