Here we look at the Socialists, the “Antifa” and the far-Left activities, including the use of violence and the passivity of the Police force.  Do our politicians and Police turn a blind eye to Socialist crimes and thuggery, because the Socialists can always be relied upon to enforce the status quo by quelling any speech and dissent which doesn’t serve the system?

Anthony Main

Anthony Main

Also, at the end of the article, we ask for supporters to engage in activism by putting pressure on the system to take leftist thuggery seriously and protect Australians from their indiscriminate judgements, attacks and threats.

The Rally:

The Antifa arrived about an hour before the main Reclaim Australia rally was proposed to start in Melbourne.  By the time we got there, the counter rally both the Reclaim Australia rally and counter rally was well under way.  On the way to the rally, we noted that Swanston street was festooned with A4 black and white posters advertising the rally.  The posters were taped on all four sides to telephone poles and bins quite securely, but could nevertheless be somewhat easily taken down, which they were.  The posters did not state which organisation was behind the “Rally Against Racism” but the artistic style and layout was typical of that used by Socialist groups and it was likely Socialist Alliance or Socialist Alternative.  Chinatown also saw A5 posters, glued to walls, again on the same Antifa theme.

On arrival, the north end of Federation Square had the “Rally Against Racism” protesters at the bottom, filling the footpath and spilling over onto the street.  A line of police held the division between them and the Reclaim Australia rally participants who were on the stairs leading up to Federation square.  During this time, the usual “Lefty” behaviour was witnessed.  Manure being thrown at Reclaim Australia, vulgarities against the police and in vulgarities in general.  Socialist Alliance were present in large numbers, and the counter rally was primarily younger students, the unwashed rent a crowd which typically rock up.  Missing were the trade unionists, The Greens (one person was there wearing a Greens badge), Islamic groups and other “Social Justice Warrior” type groups.  The Unite fast food union was present in a low key manner.

The chanted “Aboriginal land, always was, always will be”, “Nazis out” and when questioned about why they opposed the rally, many responded with comments about domestic violence, a non-sequiter but obviously the argument that Socialist senior party members have indoctrinated them with.

At the top, a line had formed between the Reclaim Australia rally attendees at the other end and the main part of Federation Square.  The line consisted of a line of Police at the back, and a single line of generally young so called “anti-racists” linked arm in arm.  The police stated that entry was not possible.  The left had, with assistance from Victoria Police, blocked anyone else from attending the main rally.

Anthony Main in action practising politics.

Anthony Main in action practising politics.

This didn’t break spirits.  Many other supporters came to Federation Square and milled about between the police line and the stage.  Few if any seemed to belong to any particular organisation, with only a few Reclaim Australia members, Rise Up Australia members and of course Nationalist Alternative present.

It wasn’t until most of the way through a speech given by a rally supporter that the Left, catching wind of the speech and of the numbers started to pile in from the lower area.  Quickly, the number of people at the main section of Federation Square swelled, with angry “anti-racists” mobbing the speaker.  They were up to their usual tactics.  The use of a horn to drown out the speaker, loud yelling and chanting and then finally pushing and shoving, bringing the speech to an end.

It is here we have to start asking serious question about Victoria Police, and the instructions they receive regarding how to handle the rally.  Multiple violence incidents were observed, instigated by Leftists which saw little to no intervention.  These include an “Against Racism” placard thrown at a young woman’s heads, knocking her to the ground and missiles thrown from the anti-fa barrier preventing entry to the main Reclaim Australia rally.

After a few tussles, the mounted police arrived on horse-back and pushed the counter rally back out of the square, forming a line from the Federation Square stage, blocking them form entering the main square.  The remainder of the counter rally participants remained behind at the back end of the square.  The counter rally was split in two.

Interestingly, it is here we see serial pest and thug, Anthony Main, the secretary of Unite.  Anthony Main tried unsuccessfully to get the Police line to move by speaking to the mounted Police directly.  He had asked them to allow the protested through, but they had refused telling him to step back.  What happened afterwards is quite interesting and revealing…

Anthony Main was in contact via phone with someone who has authority over Victoria Police.  On this phone call, Anthony had asked for whoever he was talking to to “move your men” as the were splitting his “forces in two”.  Anthony Main was clearly talking to someone either in VicPol, or who had authority over the placement of Police, as evidence by the fact he used “your” when referring to the Police.  So after the unsuccessful attempt to move the Police as he sees fit by contacting them directly, he goes over their heads.

Unite is a union which claims to represent fast food and retail workers in Australia.  Kevin Andrews, a former spokesman for the Workplace Relations minister says the this group is a front for the Socialist Party in Melbourne.  The experience that Australian’s have had with Anthony Main seems to support this statement.  One has to ask what relevance “Reclaim Australia” has to do with working conditions, yet not only was Anthony Main present at the rally, but so were other Unite union members who logo was seen multiple times at the rally.

The Socialists them moved down onto St Kilda and arrived back into Federation Square from the Birrarung Marr entrance.  They they regrouped and eventually after about half an hour, marched off.  At this time, one Socialist Alliance member, who was handing out “Green Left” newspapers was heard to tell the counter rally members that they should regroup and go home together, because if they were alone, they would expose themselves to attack by the ‘racists’ and ‘fascists’ at the rally.  Seriously.  They actually tried to tell them that they were under threat from the middle aged women and men who were supporting the rally.  This is blatant fear mongers, and frankly, it incites and justifies violence by the left.  This manufactured “fear of attack” is then used to justify violence against us.  Even more ironically, this activity is precisely what they accuse those sceptical of Islamification of doing!

If you want to understand how the far-left act and think, its not hard.  Just listen to everything they accuse others of being and doing, and realise that they make these accusations because in their mind, that is how people act, because they themselves act that way.

The Aftermath, suggestions and future activities:

First and foremost, it should be noted that one of the rights that Reclaim Australia was trying to protect, was the right to Democratic Free Speech, a right that no patriotic group or nationalist group in Australia has denied others.  Neither Australia First Party, nor One Nation, nor Rise Up Australia, nor Reclaim, nor Nationalist Alternative, nor many of the other smaller groups have used bullying tactics and sheer numbers to try and suppress speech.  We support free speech, because we PRACTICE it.

Socialists do not support free speech at all, a point which wasn’t lost on many of the bystanders who noted the contradiction.  Note that Socialists never CLAIM to support freedom.  Note that they make accusations of “Nazi” and “Fascist” with ease and with aplomb, but listen carefully, they do not support free speech, nor support democracy, nor claim to.

Even Leftist's cooperate with the Police, when it suits them.

Even Leftist’s cooperate with the Police, when it suits them.

The lesson for Reclaim Australia, and to all the others who want to defend Western civilisation and values, values which Socialists want destroyed, is that the proposed speeches and rally was inhibited by the Left, and not by Islamists.  That is not to say that there aren’t Islamists who would have counter rallied, and perhaps their lack of presence is due to them being warned, but the Left is permanent menace and roadblock to the free expression of ideas.  Reclaim Australia underestimated the Left, and as a result the rally was truncated due to the lack of a counter force.

Any argument to protect free speech and democratic expression of ideas must take into account that the rabid Left will be the first and foremost source of opposition to any pro-Australian, pro-Western and patriotic organisation.

To counter the left, we have to demand that our Police, our government takes them more seriously as a threat to the safety and liberty of Australians.  In allowing the counter rally to proceed after acts of violence, Australians, including members of the public who weren’t part of the rally but onlookers, are put in danger from the actions of the left who will throw objects at people indiscriminately.

We have to put pressure onto the Police to do their job, and on our politicians, who have already expressed interest in controlling demonstrations through draconian laws, to no longer allow Socialists, including serial offenders Anthony Main, to instigate actual violence (and not the imagined non-existant violence they accuse everyone else of instigating) and hold them accountable, as any other member of the public would be.


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  1. Hamish Patton says:

    This is a far cry from Sydney, where there was barely a whiff of Antifa, and that girl who stormed the stage to ‘shame’ us all was so quickly howled down and chased she needed the police to protect her. On talking to comrades from other states, we found that the police there cared to enforce a no-go zone against counter protesters. This is an oddly Melbourne thing by the sounds (of at least that one rally). Even Brisbane didn’t revisit what the Golden Dawn demonstrators from AFP et al., encountered early last year.

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