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Here we list five every day activist activities that anyone with even limited resources could do.

Our movement cannot succeed as long as people stand around waiting for someone else to instruct them how to act.  We are not a movement which is coordinated by a few people, but a disparate movement comprising of many small organisations, groups and individuals.  This political landscape doesn’t lend itself to centralised control, and as a result, for success requires individuals to take their own initiative and make their own success.

Part of the purpose of Nationalist Alternative isn’t simply to provide a singular party and base of actions, but to serve as a guide and model for others.  Through our publications, we not only advertise our own activism, but provide guidance for others in how to approach this ideoligcal struggle.  Through our articles, we try to give people reading them a better understanding on how to argue against anti-whites, and what techniques and arguments are effective.  By introducing new ideas and arguments, we hope that people will pick up on the thinking that produces these ideas, which will then enable them to more effectively argue against antis and gain confidence in stating and defending our position.  The “Nationalist Alternative in Action” series here serves as a good example.

We offer five ‘activist’ activities which everyone can do, which are useful, and which are practiced by Nationalist Alternative members.

1: Say it:
This might seem trite and simple, but the difference between success and failure often doesn’t come down to the correctness or usefulness of a thought or an idea, but simply whether that thought or idea gets expressed or not.  The difference between a millionaire mogul and a sales clerk talking about an idea, is quite often that the former has simply decided to realise their idea, and the latter discusses it. Nothing is realised until it is done.  No truth is heard until it is said.  So speaking up about Nationalist issues, bringing up the demographic crisis and talking of the negative impact of Liberalism and Political Correctness can make all the difference.  While we understand that there may be circumstances in which it is prudent to not discuss particular politics, one can hardly expect and progress to be made, if it is not discussed AT ALL.

This is for some often a matter of habit.  We may hear a comment during conversation, speak to the postal worker, but then later on regret not making a pertinent point.  Perhaps you were talking to the bus driver about the change in demographics of the suburb you were passing through, but didn’t mention that diversity is just a code word for ‘non-white’ and that it seems only white suburbs which need ‘diversity’.  It might seem unimportant, not the right time, but these small opportunities should be, as a matter of habit, siezed upon rather than disregarded as not being worth the effort.

Our members report that simply making it a habit of bringing up our issues where possible does yield results.  So don’t just think to yourself, SAY IT.

2: Comment on the Internet:
This is related to the first item, and like the first item, can seem trivial and pointless, but is in reality far more valuable that it appears.  Unlike the first item, there are far fewer reasons to withhold ideas and comments.  If you read an article, any article which touches, or is related to our issues, comment and raise them! This is the strategy used by the ‘BUGS Swarm’ and it achieves results. Stormfront Downunder may see tens or hundreds of posts a day, yet we see so few arguments made on mainstream news site comments forums and on other forums and sites.

3: Ask for help
Whether it is help formulating arguments for a discussion thread,help for how best to counter a counter-argument used against you, or assistance with an activist idea you have, we should be able to not only ask each other for assistance, but be able to offer it.  Don’t let pride force you to go it alone.  Remember, in the wild, wolves that go it alone often die.  The ‘Lone Wolf’ strategy doesn’t work.  Swallow some pride and ask for help and advice should you run into difficulty into a discussion, or find that your independant activism didn’t produce the results you desired.

Great people find success by seeking out, and obtaining the help and advice from other successful people.

4: Collect information:
If you see an Auction where foreign bidders out out bidding Australians for a family home, take a photo and tell us.  If you see anti-Australian posters, take a photo and tell us.  If you have information about anti-Australian activism, let us know.  We can only publish information that we can be sure is correct, which means that conclusions which won’t hold up in a court of law may not be published, but all Nationalists can use this information as a resource for their own articles, flyers and discussions.

5: Go where the people are:
Find philosophy and political discussion forums, speakers forums and attend.  Find organisations which have some overlap in goals and join and attend meetings.  Find other sites and online organisations, which may have some overlap and contribute.  Use these opportunities to slowly introduce our ideas and arguments to others.  Again, we at Nationalist Alternative have successful experience here and can provide guidance, both personally and through our articles.

These are five things which everyone can do, whether as part of an organisation, or as an individual.  The underlying message here is start small and persist. Don’t wait for the big event, the big torchlight parade, but identify the small opportunities and set small, achievable goals.  Most importantly, it is a change in mentality, to sieze on the everyday opportunities which pass us by.  The opportunities which present themselves as a “Leave a comment” box at the bottom of an article, small talk with others, the advertised Population Debate, the other non-Nationalist but perhaps sympathetic organisations which could be open to new perspectives.  Don’t discount minor activities.  If a member of parliament makes a comment which is inimicable to our interests, write to them.  If a journalists perpetrates a myth about Nationalism, write to them.  If the Department of Immigration is seeking submissions and conducting a survey, take part!  If you are in contact with other Nationalists, ask them to do the same.

In our experience, people who don’t bother to do these small things won’t do the big ones either.

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