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By Brian O’Neil

During my time in the nationalist movement I have seen and heard about group after group sprouting up and then falling apart or splintering into different groups. This constant infighting will in time kill us with the certainty of a bullet to the skull. Our inability to work together will be our extinction. Our enemies are few in number, but they stick together through thick and thin. If we do not learn to do the same, we will all die.

I have identified ten issues that have been causing our movement to splinter, there are probably more so do not consider this list necessarily authoritative for all groups and situations. However, it would benefit everyone in our movement to read these points and be aware of the dangers presented by each issue.


  1. Irrational Optimism – nothing is used more for an excuse to not be involved in our cause than those who despite knowing the facts about our situation still hold onto an unfounded belief that if they do nothing, beyond complaining, the situation will just improve: “other people will do the work”, “people will wake up en masse before it is too late”, “brain washing cannot be this effective”, “most people are normal”, etc… No, we are in an existential crisis; that means we face certain extinction unless things change. Things will not change unless everyone is on board and active. A good motto for keeping things real is the Latin phrase “memento mori” or “remember you will die”. If you do not accept this fact you will not be able to make intelligent decisions for furthering the survival of our people.


  1. Lack of Integrity – our groups have been afflicted by a significant number of people lacking basic honesty and integrity. I think this is because we are so desperate for members we are willing to take in anyone. However, a liar is never a help and always a cancer. Every time a deliberate liar gets away with lying it emboldens them to lie more. Look at our enemies; they have gotten away with lying so often they tell huge lies casually. Do not tolerate liars, ditch them fast they are not worth having at all. We will spend more time cleaning up their mess than fighting for our people.


  1. Religion – this is a hugely difficult issue. The Christian faith is Universalist and has no compunction to be loyal to us racially. If some Christians want to help us, that is great, but Christianity will never be a reliable ally to our cause. Indeed, the Christians working with us have divided loyalties as many of the invaders in our country are Christians. My personal view is to accept any Christian into our movement providing they have integrity, loyalty primarily to our race and are not pacifist. Alienating Christians altogether would hurt us more, especially as most Christians are honest, hardworking and decent folk. The religious war will need to be fought another day with another generation. We have the national war to fight today.


  1. Pacifism – apparently the idea that Christianity was a tolerant religion was introduced in the 18th century and was a top down program of governments to deal with rebellions in their countries. Governments preach pacifism in the public education system ad nausea while they actively promote use of violence for themselves through the police and military. The fact is few people will actually listen to what you say, but as soon as a gun comes into the room they are all ears. Hence politicians ignore polls critical of immigration policy but panic over civil unrest. Pacifism is making a virtue out of laziness and cowardice: “Do not get involved”, “if it’s violent it’s always wrong”, “don’t make waves”, “don’t rock the boat”, “hurting people’s feelings is violence”, etc…. Remember if violence is so wrong whye do police carry guns? Why do prisons exist? Why do militaries exist? Why do governments bully each other? Pacifism is the philosophy of the rabbit: always panicked and running away. Confidence dealing with conflict is courage and strength. My view on violence is to follow the wolf’s way of thinking: gentle and loyal to my kin, aggressive and vicious to my enemies. Completely diametrically opposed attitudes based on friend or foe. Forget this “family of humanity” nonsense the government pushes on us, everyone who believes in that will die.


  1. Economics – about half of nationalists are libertarian and the other half are socialists from what I can judge. This is going to be an issue in the future and it is worth debating socially now. However, although I am personally a libertarian I am happy working with socialists because national survival is more important presently. Once we have secured our nation’s survival, then let us settle this issue, right now if you are losing nationalist friends over this you are part of the problem. Race ahead of economics. We can both live under either system so long as it is nationalist, we can not live under either system if the government in Zionist.


  1. Symbolism – The communists have a highly developed stereotype of nationalists that they love to project onto us. That we are brutish, boneheaded, unkempt, idiotic, sociopathic and obsessed with marching and saluting. Whenever the media report on us they push this narrative onto us over and over again, even though we all know we are nothing like this at all. Yet it has become something of a teen rebellion phase of dressing up in Swastikas and looking the stereotypical Neo-Nazi that the mass-media portrays. These people are nationalists for the wrong reason. Often they are defective in their own lives and are not serious about politics. They are seeking attention to deal with their own low self-esteem and do not seem to care about respectability. They are not loyal and they are not representative of our movement. Our identity is as Australian Pan-European nationalists, not Hollywood style Neo-Nazis as shown in ridiculous movies like Romper-Stomper etc, and the more people who seek to adopt this negative stereotype the more harm they do to us. Tell these people to grow up or get out, we have no room in this movement for adult sized children. Professionalism is the key word.


  1. Narcissism – Speaking of adult sized children, narcissism rates in the under 30 year old demographic are at an all-time high. More prevalent amongst women, but still very high amongst young men too. Narcissists are bad news, they have brown fingers – everything they touch turns to shit. They lie compulsively, they have delusions of grandeur, they seek leadership positions yet have terrible judgement and they constantly start arguments and conflicts with everyone around them. They will use your virtues against you, they will exploit your honesty, generosity and patience without any guilt. If these people get any power within a group, they will split that group like an axe through timber. They are not in our movement for anyone but themselves. If you find a narcissist report them to your fellow nationalists and get rid of them. Theoretically confronting them about their mortality and the shipwrecked state of their life will help them mature, but reducing your contact with them is your soundest strategy. Our cause is about all of us as a whole and not about what individuals can selfishly gain.


  1. Environmentalism – Environmentalism is a complicated topic, despite what the media make it out to be: a moral crusade between clearly defined groups of good and evil people. Nearly all whites agree that taking care of the natural resources and beauty of the country is a high priority, but white people are completely divided on whether “climate change” or “global warming” is man-made, natural or if it is even happening at all. I have never seen anything fruitful come from nationalists arguing over this topic. Instead, I think we need to focus on our race-wide admiration and respect for nature. We value clean, intact and sustainable environmental and farming practices, let us stay focussed on what we have in common on this issue and not worry about the climate change issue until it affects all races equally. Presently, the sole function of climate change is to destroy industry in white countries and to expand it in non-white countries, which is effectively destroying our economies for generations to come. Focus on the damage the environmentalist policies are doing to our people.


  1. Infiltrators – The communists have a long and impressive history of infiltrating nationalists groups and destroying us from within. It is worth reading up on this, NKVD/KGB Directorate S for example trained Russians to infiltrate the German SS and rise to leadership positions commanding thousands of men. These infiltrators remained undetected for years and assassinated loyal, strong and intelligent members of our race. Getting killed by your “fellow” nationalists is a terrifying possibility in the future, more likely though they will just create conflicts and demoralise our groups, causing them to split and divide more. Infiltrators have been used to tremendous effect in destroying our movements in the past. I am not telling you to be paranoid, but be alert and sensible with what company you keep. Trust is crucial amongst those involved in this struggle.


  1. Race policy – This is probably the most divisive topic of all. What do we do with race-mixers? What do we do with their children? What do we do with all the invaders already inside our country? Those who have been systematically damaging our Nation for decades? These are issues no nationalist government has ever had to deal with. We have tens of thousands, most likely hundreds of thousands of cases like this to deal with. It is something we need to discuss, debate and reach consensus on key points. Failure to resolve these questions could easily destroy our movement. Every nationalists needs to put their feelings aside and look at the facts coldly and methodically to draw the most rational conclusion about what we must do. The five policies that exist, in order of extremity, are: integration, segregation, deportation, sterilisation and extermination. I am going to tell you that integration and extermination are immediately off my list. I will not tolerate these. We need to show integrity and not sink down to the level of our enemies. However, I am open to the other three. You all need to get a clear idea which of these five policies are acceptable to you, if only one of them works for you, you are going to be a stick in the mud. Try to have at least two options you would be prepared to work with your fellow nationalists towards. Do not be single-minded. Be flexible enough on this topic that we do not fall apart fighting over it.


As I said, there are probably more issues than the ten that I have just listed, but these are my biggest fears and concerns about the viability and unity of the Australian Nationalist movement. If there are some that I have missed out, please let me know about them. However, do think about them, do take these issues seriously, do talk about this list with other nationalists. Get these issues clear in your head so that as our movement grows and progresses we can avoid as many instances of disunity and internal conflict as possible.

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