Attack of the Communist Zombies!

On July 17, 2015, in Commentary, by natalt

By Victor Simpson

This article will look at the experiences of an Australian Nationalist who participated at the Reclaim Australia Rally on April 5th as well as the Anti-Communist Rally in Richmond on May 31st held by the UPF (United Patriots Front).
In one word you would certainly have to say that the behaviour of the far Left on the day was totally obnoxious. But is that so much of a surprise? The behaviour of Communists and Anarchists will continue to sink to new depths. Those that join such organisations are usually drug-addicts, social rejects, disabled people, homosexuals or have some sort of inferiority complex. A psychologist would have a field day unearthing the sick and twisted thoughts that go on in their tiny little minds. Zombies are a good analogy for them because of their shambolic movements, constant droning of nonsensical chants and horrendous stench because of their lack of personal hygiene. Spitting and scratching at anybody who dares to show any sense of pride in their nation and heritage. These Communist Zombies hate Australia. Yet for such hatred they seem to enjoy living in a country that provides them with so many freedoms which they take for granted. Most of them should go and live in North Korea if they love Communism so much! See how much they would like that eh?

The Anarchists are the vilest of the lot. Often using women to attack men because of their own cowardice and lack of strength. How Communists and Anarchists work together is quite perplexing. Especially as the one small Anarchist commune that existed during the Spanish Civil war in the 1930s was actually wiped out by Communists. Anarchists and Communists are naturally supposed to hate each other! What a strange set of bedfellows indeed! Most of these ragamuffins don’t have much order and control in their own lives let alone the ability to stage a revolution and overturn Capitalism. I think having a smoke of their marijuana bong or ice pipe often takes priority when an Anarchist first wakes up in the morning. Is this truly a revolutionary calling being a drug addict? Lenin, Stalin and even their beloved Trotsky would have had them shot! Communists of the past executed millions who didn’t fit in with their ideal mould. Chairman Mao allowed 22 million Chinese people starve to death from 1959-60. That is about the entire population of Australia being wiped out in 2 years.

As for their so-called Zombie Anarchist leader Andy Fleming/Slackbastard. He is nothing more than a scaredy-cat and a cyber bully. He doesn’t seem to realise that all those people he has defamed have very long memories and it is laughable if he truly thinks he can hide endlessly. What do the Anarchists think of their cowardly leader always hiding away in the shadows? They are out their on the streets while he is behind a computer screen? The day will eventually come for retribution and it will be when he least expects it. Is that a threat? No, but a person cannot expect to denigrate and insult people on the Internet without consequences in the long run.

Probably the most bemusing thing about this ludicrous facade is how these Anarchists pretend to be revolutionaries that wish to smash Fascism and the status quo. However their own actions actually uphold the status quo of a multiculturalist and Capitalist society. Their own alleged Anti-Fascist tactics are ironically rather Fascist and totalitarian in nature trying to stop Nationalists and Patriots having their right to freedom of speech. They are like children playing games and have no idea how the real world works. They waste so much time obsessed with Nationalists and imaginary Fascist bogey-men. Whereas those very same Nationalists are actually doing positive activism and take note of the current political discourse. Dealing with issues such as mass immigration and Islam etc. Chanting “always was, always will be Aboriginal land” is rather quaint but was totally irrelevant when used at the Reclaim Australia Rally by the Communist and Anarchist Zombies. The four silly chants and megaphones used to drown out Nationalists having their say won’t work forever. Sooner or later they will be defeated because their numbers cannot continue to grow and turn up to every Reclaim Australia Rally every time. The days of the abhorrent Communist rent-a-crowd are numbered and they are not winning over anybody with their disgusting antics.

I think the biggest telling factor is which way the Police face. They don’t face the Nationalists and Patriots do they? The Police face the Communist Zombies as that is where the trouble and violence is most likely to start from. There was many examples of Communist violence at the Rallies on April 4th and May 31st however the Left-wing biased Media often seems to ignore these facts.
Throwing horse manure at people, scratching, spitting, swearing, using lesbians in hoodies to fight. These are the tactics of the Communist Zombies. A bunch of brain-dead morons who still worship blood-thirsty tyrants in Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky and Mao. Communism has claimed the lives of over 100 million people globally and yet these fruitcakes want to push it here in Australia?
I think the oddest coupling that is going on here is the bizarre alliance between Communism and Islam. Does the average Communist or Anarchist not realise what would actually happen to them if they had any dealings with Islamic State!? The Islamic State Militants would simply behead them as Kaffir (infidels). There would be no peace and harmony and holding of hands. It would be a slaughter with Che Guevara t-shirts, hoodies, dreadlocks, hipster glasses and nose rings all piled up in one big bloody mess of bodies. So much for fighting against Islamophobia. The murderous Jihadists of Islamic State would show them no mercy whatsoever. Regular Australians simply wish to have their right to freedom of speech and freedom to debate these issues openly in public without fear for their personal safety.

Interestingly enough, there are a lot of similarities between Islam and Communism. Both are Universalist and extremely bloodthirsty ideologies. Mohammed and Stalin could certainly compare notes when looking at ways of eliminating any rivals. Islam and Communism are also closely related in how they both believe in using terrorism to achieve their goals. No act was too low when it came to achieving Jihadist or Communist objectives to take power. There are many examples if you read enough books about the topics of Islam and Communism to support that argument.


Warning people about the dangers of mass immigration and Islam is all you can do for the average person on the street. As the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. The sad case is, you cannot warn, argue or debate with a Communist Zombie. They are totally brainwashed and cannot be reasoned with. You are best to try and speak to neutral observers and passers-by at any political event, those who might be genuinely interested in what you have to say as a Nationalist.
On May 31st at the Anti-Communist Rally in Richmond it was more of the same by the Communist and Anarchist Zombies, more violence and intimidation. They seem to think that they can stop us with tactics that we are actually prepared for! For a so-called enlightened people they are certainly not very intelligent. The United Patriots Front (UPF) to their credit were much more organised and prepared for the onslaught from the hordes of the great unwashed. Having the men at the front and the women and elderly at the back was a far more sensible and responsible decision and by their leadership. Numerous Communists and Anarchists looked like they were “high” on Crystal Meth or other assorted drugs throughout the rally in Richmond. You could see it in their eyes, bloodshot and glazed over, pretty much like the Zombies you see in movies! These vile people are not normal contributing members of Australian society. They are parasites, pariahs and imbeciles. Most would be living off welfare and do not hold down steady jobs. They live in Squats or still at home with their parents. The don’t know what it is like to have a mortgage or have a family and need to work a steady job to put a roof over their heads and feed their children. They would not have a clue about the day-to-day struggle for the average working-class Australian. Nationalists DO understand this as we work and have families and have bills to pay like everybody else. We do not live in a fantasy world that the so-called “Antifa” (Anti-Fascist) live in, where they see Nazis and Racists and Fascists hiding around every corner. We live in the real world and use facts and our own personal experiences to make up our own judgements about current issues in our society. Nationalists live in reality, unlike our enemies on the Far Left.
The Communist Zombies share other similarities to the Zombies in movies. They are bedraggled and smelly, filled with a lust for destruction and both on the lookout for brains because they don’t have any of their own. On May 31st the Nationalists and Patriots on the day set a new precedent. They showed the Far Left that we are not afraid anymore and that we will not be intimidated. The protest was about how Communists and Anarchists use violence and terror-tactics to silence their critics.


Many innocent people were hurt on April 4th because of the disgusting behaviour of the Far Left at the Reclaim Rally. All that the UPF rally on May 31st did was prove our point that the Far Left will always sink to using gutter-tactics to shut up those they do not agree with. The Police well and truly know who the trouble-makers are and know that the Far Left will always instigate violence. To their credit, the Police did a fantastic job on May 31st in Richmond and we hope that it will continue for the sake of public safety at the upcoming Reclaim Australia Rally on July 18th. People should not be hurt just for expressing a political opinion. If you wish to argue against a particular belief then you do so in a debate in a civilized manner. That more honourable strategy is one we at Nationalist Alternative promote as we believe that political debate on an issue is the best way to discuss it. The Communist and Anarchist morons only wish to use violence and terror on those they disagree with just like the Islamists do.

The flawed ideology of the average Anti-Racist (or Anti-White as they should be known) is about promoting harmony and diversity. They believe in love and peace and everybody getting along. But if you dare to disagree with them they want to abuse you and physically harm you! Do they not realise that true diversity is about keeping different cultures, races, languages, ethnicities, religions etc. separate. That way they can have their own self-determination and the fundamental human right of freedom and existence without fear of genocide? Some types of peoples or beliefs are absolutely incompatible and it is much more peaceful to keep them separated from each other. For example Islam and Western Civilization. By supporting mass immigration and no borders it will only lead to more harm than good for humanity.

The political outlook of these Anti-Racists or Communist Zombies is to bring in hordes of Africans or Muslims etc. into Western Nations like those currently invading Europe. Poignantly, this mass unrestricted plague of desperate people scrambling into Europe and other Western Nations has similarities with Zombies trying to overwhelm all the living humans in the movie World War Z. The fact is, bringing these people to our Nations for humanitarian reasons does not solve the problem it merely endangers the indigenous inhabitants.


In the year 2015 it is the Nationalists who are the true revolutionaries. The ones who are against the status-quo of political correctness. We wish to change the World for the better and protect our way of life, our culture, our heritage and our Nation. Our ideological underpinnings are about love and not hate. We love our flag and we love our country. The Communists and the Anarchists are reactionaries and villains who hate everything about Australia. They burn our flag and hate our ANZACs. The behaviour of most of those on the Far Left is nothing short of treason. They would gleefully see our beloved country destroyed. They are apologists for Islamic extremists and are deluded in their support for those who wish to kill us. Never forget that these Communist and Anarchist scum have desecrated an Australian war memorial and vandalised Captain Cook’s cottage. They regularly will burn the Australian flag and will be there to confront us again at the next Reclaim Australia and UPF Rallies on July 18th and July 19th. These vile and hateful Far Left lunatics will be there wanting to abuse us and attack us, they wish to silence us, we need to stand proud and strong against them. Our love for Australia will eventually overcome their hate. We stand united as proud Nationalists and Patriots who love this country and know that generations past have given their blood, sweat and tears to make Australia the beautiful and incredible country that it is. Those Communist Zombies who hate Australia will never defeat us because our love and determination to succeed shall triumph. As long as you believe in your heart what you are doing is right, then nothing can stop you! United under the Southern Cross we stand! Advance Australia Fair!


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  1. The g Factor says:

    The extreme left are zombies alright – if they studied their philosophers they would know that Marx. Lenin and Stalin were against religion, be it Christian, Muslim or whatever. Nevertheless the idiots turn up to protest an anti-Muslim demonstration.

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