We ask this… What other group of foreigners so openly and brazenly snap up our properties? As we discussed in this earlier article, of all the “multicultural festivals” there are Melbourne, and there ARE many, it seems that for some reason the Chinese New Year festivities of 2014 just had to include not one, not two or even three but at least four stalls dedicated to selling homes which should be housing Australians trying to make it, to foreign Chinese buyers. We don’t see displays at the Lygon St festival for instance. Many say that it is unfair to criticise Chinese for buying properties, and that the fear is unfounded, but as we’ll see here, the criticism is more than legitimate, it is perhaps understated.

Others mention that the Chinese may, technically, be Australians, carrying Australian citizenship, or permanent residency, but we honestly ask, what difference does this actually make? Does it change loyalties? Does this fact make it any less difficult for Australians? It seems not. The purchasing continues unabated, with repeated and consistent accounts of Australians being outbid, often by ridiculous amounts by Chinese investors.

Below we catalogue the evidence which indicates that the concerns that this investment is out of control and inimical to our interests as a nation.

Little Bourke Street – China Town

he stretch of Little Bourke Street between Swanston Street and Exhibition street is also knows as Chinatown. This section is the Chinese district, though today barely distinguishable from much of Swanston Street and parts of Bourke and Latrobe Street. Here Nationalist Alternative found poster after poster after poster from companies selling property to Chinese.

ere we see an add from “EasyLink” a company making it “Easy” for this foreign property investment disgrace to continue. The poster was inside of a business. Needless to say, and Australian who cares about home ownership should boycott such businesses.


Foreign_Property_Investors_Australia_2An external view of the poster.

Not property related, but another ad for “OzStudyNet”. Australia is turning into a haven for dodgy migration businesses profiting from the population ponzi. Many businesses have started up offering ‘study’ which is nothing more than thinly disguised backdoor migration routes. Australians take people in on good faith , but are themselves taken for a ride.



Below, an EasyLink business card.


Below are posters from Skysea International. Another two bit company dealing in property and taking part in the Great Australian Treason against our young people. Buying or selling? No sell no charge!


More EasyLink advertising.




A large poster which was up for several weeks in Little Bourke Street. This poster was for the Melbourne Property Expo which was held on the Labour Day long weekend. This Expo is not just confined to Melbourne, events were held in Brisbane and Sydney. This property expo is again, is clearly marketed towards specific people. Again, remember that we are told that there is nothing to worry about. Economists such as Michael Pascoe say we should embrace this type of activity. Some say we need such investment, but since Chinese interest increased exponentially, an increase of 266% being observed between January and August 2013, prices have also climbed. Chinese investors are NOT making it easy for Australians. It is demonstrably making it more difficult, and apologists like Michael Pascoe can lie and distort the truth all they like, but the indisputable fact remains, as Chinese Investment has increased, so to have prices and so to has the difficulty in Australians, in particular young Australians simply wanting a place to live in obtaining such a home.

Juwai.com, a website that lists homes around the world in Chinese, saw a 266 per cent increase in page views from China of Australian homes between January and August of 2013, according to the latest figures from the company. Australia is the second-most-popular destination for buyers from the mainland after the US, according to Juwai.



Below is another advertisement in Little Bourke Street for the property trade show.



Below another advertisement, again in Little Bourke Street.

Below are images taken at Melbourne Town Hall, where the trade fair was held. Again, we can see that the event is catered towards a specific group. We practice inclusion and tolerance and try to advocate assimilation and togetherness, and are kicked in the face with this blatant exclusion and division. We have every right to secure a home in our country, yet by obfuscating the language, and communicating in a way in which the select few would understand, we are excluded. It is clear that many White Australians who think that being tolerant and inclusiveness would result in reciprocal gestures are sadly mistaken.








Lastly, we leave you with some photos again, taken around Melbourne. These need no further comment.

 Foreign_Property_Investors_Australia_18 Foreign_Property_Investors_Australia_19 Foreign_Property_Investors_Australia_20 Foreign_Property_Investors_Australia_21 Foreign_Property_Investors_Australia_22 Foreign_Property_Investors_Australia_23 Foreign_Property_Investors_Australia_24

This is just Melbourne CBD. Similar scenes are repeated in the suburbs. While stories remain anecdotal about the flood of investors, too many stories are being repeated too regularly for this to be simply nothing. And it doesn’t just end with property either. We are literally selling the farm.

In who’s interest is all this in? Do our politicians, whom are comfortable with their own home-ownership and investment property portfolio consider our loss of sovereignty, food security and living space an issue? It seems not. We are being sold out by a traitorous government which sees no objection in slowly handing our assets to those whose life and interests lie overseas.

This is an issue that neither major party will address, as they are bought and paid for by the property lobby. Neither will the Greens be too concerned, as home ownership is a bourgeois concept, and if its not tax payer funded ‘social housing’ they’re not interested. To be heard, we have to take the initiative ourselves.

We will continue to post articles on this issue, and suggest means by which Australians can begin to fight back.

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One Response to Foreign Residential Investors, leave our homes alone!

  1. michael calder says:

    Absolute disgrace allowing this market distortion. We must put a halt to this immediately in tandem with unsustainable population growth largely driven by Asian migration!

    Michael West ( SMH business reporter) has examined and written about this with the same conclusion that politicians are playing down this issue and only paying lip service, pandering to vested interests ahead of the Australian public.

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