Nationalism in a nutshell

On October 31, 2015, in Commentary, by natalt

There has been much activity in recent months in Australia by Nationalist and Civic Patriotic groups, primarily against the Islamification of the West.  While these groups may seem to share common purpose, the differences between them can appear subtle, but they are important.

We have become aware of certain hostility against Nationalist Alternative and other genuine nationalist organisations from a small number of vocal players in the new patriotic movements, and some of this is directed at our supposed ‘racism’ and ‘supremacism’.  Patriotic and anti-Islam movements rise and fall from the milieu of disenchanted and angry Australians, and tend towards particular ideologies and stances, especially when the motivator is the fight against the slow and unyielding Islamic jihad against the West, and the Islamification of Western nations.

Nationalist Alternative drafted the Anti-Jerusalem Declaration and it was co signed by the Australia First Party, to draw the proverbial line in the sand, and reject the pro-Israel and pro-multicultural stance that many anti-Islamic parties and groups inevitably tend towards.  The Anti Jerusalem Declaration stands in defiant opposition to these tendencies and affirms that nationalism is our primary goal.

In taking a stance against Islam, and against the Left, the basics of nationalism are quite often forgotten, ignored, and discarded.  Many of these groups, such as the EDL or the ADL are not nationalist at all. We find emerging the below categories of supposed patriots whom are not nationalists.

  1. Anti-Islam – support for Israel – support for Multiculturalism minus Islam and Support for Multi Racialism
  2. Anti-Islam – support for Israel – Anti Multiculturalism, multiculturalism replaced with support for Mono Culturalism (assimilate to Australian ‘values’) but critically – support for Multi Racialism: Rise Up Australia Party, Liberal Party ( Anti Islam further watered down to Anti – ‘Radical’ Islam)image1
  3. Anti-Islam – Anti or indifference towards Israel/Zionism – Anti Multiculturalism, multiculturalism replaced with support for Mono Culturalism (assimilate to Australian values) but critically – support for Multi Racialism or “Skin colour doesn’t matter”

Nations are collections of people who have, by nature of their existence, a common race or ethnicity/ heritage and then secondary characteristics like culture. They may, or may not, have a state which represents them. The rise of nationalism in the 19th century is based on this idea (state) but nations (races) came first and are primordial as a reflection of the ancient evolutionary tendency of humans to organize into distinct groupings based on an affinity of birth.

Some nations have no state, i.e. the Kurds.

No one would expect the Kurds to be patriotic, or ‘flag wavers’ to Iraq or Syria or Turkey which are states in which Kurds are a minority. Those states do not exist to advance the Kurdish interests or implement their unique cultural values into law. The Kurds then have no self determination or Sovereignty.

Some nations (races/ethnicities) also have a state which represents them, and the state is a product of the nation for the nation, i.e. Israel(hypocritically), Japan, Bangladesh,Estonia,Hungary,Iceland,

Some nations exist within a larger state, which contains multiple nations. i.e., the now defunct Yugoslavia, the now defunct Czechoslovakia, the now defunct USSR, Iraq, Syria.  These states have short lives, or revert to authoritarianism, such as Singapore.

Some nations had a state which represented the nation, but now only shares the name, and the state is no longer is for the nation, but still finds itself in the position where that nation is dominant, though declining, making it move towards a Iraq, Yugoslavia, and so forth, i.e., the Western nations.

Nationalism is the recognition that nationhood is not defined by state, that Western states have decoupled themselves from their respective nations and are now HOSTILE to the nation, as exemplified by German Chancellor Merkels actions, and that the nation needs to revert back to having a nation-state that serves it for its own survival because there is no other option.

Our nationalism recognised that our states, the government entities which share the name of nations, Australia, Germany, Sweden, France and pretty much all other white nations, no longer are for our nation, but are for an administration and civic institutions.  They exist as a state decoupled from the nation and a end in themselves.  There is no connection any more between Australia and Australians, except that all Australians exist within the Australian state and are subject to that bureaucracy.  Same with Germany, where Merkel is openly stating that the masses of immigrations are just “new Germans” to “replace” the “old Germans”.


The model where the nation represented a people has been destroyed, and replaced with a model where the state stands alone, and the nation of people which share the name are now just deracinated members of this state apparatus.

So to nationalists, our loyalty is to our nation first, and not the state. Our state is hostile. Our leaders would not blink at replacing every Australian with an import from the subcontinent, or Africa, or anywhere.  Neither would Cameron care if Britain was English, or Pakistani, as long as they paid their taxes to support the plutocracy and didn’t upset the status quo.  Further than this, they are engaging in that program of replacement, through mass immigration and assimilation of non whites into the host white population otherwise known as White Genocide.

The obvious difference then between Civic Patriotism and Nationalism hinge on the patriotic allegiance or clinging to state institutions and civic values. Despite the fact these have been subverted/corrupted by no longer linking national identity with a people but mere citizenship, singing the national anthem, liking football, paying taxes or being born in the territory of the state.


Nationalism: the duty to ensure existence (life) and self determination for the nation (racial or ethnic group) that fostered the folk identity and created the country’s institutions, legal framework, infrastructure and culture in the first place. Without whom these institutions would not have developed in the way they have over the centuries nor even existed if another type of people had settled in Australia.


Patriots fighting against the Islamification of the West are fighting a good fight.  But it is not necessarily ours.  Our struggle is not to ensure that the immigrants who come here respect the Australian state apparatus, vote, pay taxes and support the system which destroys us.  Our struggle is not to safeguard the state, but to safeguard the nation.

Any organisation which finds mass importation of all races and ethnicities as ‘new Australians’, even to the point where they may replace us as significant percentages of the population, OK, cannot, by definition be nationalist.  Most don’t claim to be, but we must avoiding assuming they are.  For any group which places the survival of Israel as an ethno-state as a more moral endeavour than us protecting our nation from demographic engineering cannot be one who stands with the Nationalist cause.

Nationalists should assist with their fight against Islamification and far Leftist provocation and self destruction, but when it comes to standing for our nation, we will have to realise we may stand alone.

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9 Responses to Nationalism in a nutshell

  1. David O'Brian says:

    Excellent article! Should be required reading at school.

  2. The g Factor says:

    Unfortunately we are faced with a massive amount of ‘anti-racist’ – in reality anti-white – propaganda in the media and this is difficult to counter. The anti-Islamist groups are right to the extent that Islam – or at least it’s more fundamental forms – can be a danger but it’s only one of many threats to our nation’s identity and sovereignty.

  3. The g Factor says:

    While I still maintain that Islam, especially the more radical kind, is a serious threat to the Australian nation, you are correct in that it is only one of many such threats. In fact letting in the flood of Third Worlders that we have seen since 1966 is an attack on our nation at the most basic level, no doubt a major cause of our declining living standards and a reason why imprisonment rates have at least tripled since 1975.

  4. natalt says:

    Look at what is happening in the world. World economies stalling, in particular Western ones. Freedoms eroding. Laws tightening around peoples necks. Increasing tension. Increasing authority to keep people “together”. Financial problems and general decline of standard. Australian’ suburbs are changing from spacious places with gardens and natures to cramped, shoddy tenement style living. Melbourne is quickly taking on characteristics of a slum. Crowded, congested, high density living of a renter class with a few slumlords. The Block is on at the moment, and this show basically is showing how that in order for “average joes” to get a chance, they have to find a way to get some money off the obscenely wealthy through luck and positioning. A very Third World style of society. Nothing like former white society, where people forged their own homes, their own towns and their own living, FOR THEMSELVES.

    Education standards dropping. Need we go on? Is it just a happy coincidence that the last generation in Western nations which was overwhelmingly white, is also considered the one which experienced the peak of 20th century prosperity? Is it just a coincidence that the generations which are more “Diverse” are also the ones who have to bear stagnant or declining wages and conditions, shrinking living space, eroding job security and purchasing power?

  5. John Moffat says:

    Thanks for this article. It’s helped me get a few things straight in my own head. I was at the rally in Canberra on 6/2/16 comprising some of the groups you’ve mentioned thinking I’d be pretty much amongst soul-mates and also taking the opportunity to promote my blog. I have to say I was taken aback by some of the reactions to the name in my blog – whiteaustralia. It seems a few weren’t too happy to have a ‘racist’ in their midst. One even told me so: ‘you’re not welcome here’.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you in that their anti-Islamic fervour can not be anything but positive but apart from that, they appear to be wearing blinders. As I said in a recent post concerning the ALA, there is more than one way to lose this country. Moreover, the civic nationalism they are pushing and their warm embrace of multiracialism looks like a large white flag even before the battle has begun

    Your article and my experience in Canberra have awakened my to the fact that these groups as opposed to unapologetic nationalistS and race realists are not fighting the same fight and can never be true allies. In reference again to the ALA, their launch by Geert Wilders who seems to be infatuated with Israel is also hard to digest food for thought.

  6. Jon H says:

    Good point made about nation being decoupled from founders. Fair enough however these founders were predominately Anglo-Protestant. It seems atleast at federation in 1901 most of those in ruling class were anglo protestant this continues to be the case to this day.However having an anglo elites does not prevent the decoupled state or march neo-liberal globalism which is the anglo elite ideology of choice.So my point is which race represents Nat alt Australia are you not supporting the very anglo elite which decoupled itself from the bulk of the anglo-celtic populas therefore defending the state ruling elite.

  7. Jon H says:

    Australia at federation was founded by anglo-protestants.This has not changed much since among the political class and majority of the legal systems federally or each state. Yet having this ruling elite has not prevented the decoupled state as the article puts it. This seems to be primarly because the anglo ruling class are the decouplers of the state from the nation as you put it. The anglo elite ideology of choice is neo liberal capitalism. Therefore to defend the nation is to represent which group specifically? It looks to be anglos however anglos are not a unified culture it could be argued never have been. What has been unique to the anglo system in any commonwealth nation is knowing ones place in the class structure of which appears to be as strong in Australia as the UK itself.

  8. admin says:

    A good question. It should be notes that nationalism doesn’t necessarily imply support of the state or the ruling apparatus. We note that the population was predominantly Anglo-Saxon, but whether the country is run for us or not is the critical matter. Not whether we support the Australian ruling class, or the Australian state. Obviously, we don’t advocate action against our country, but in situations where the interests of the ruling elite and the Australian nation of people conflict, we choose the latter. The national interests of the Australian people are above all, and we recognise that sometimes Australia, as defined by the government, can work against Australians, as defined by the white, predominantly Anglo-Saxon people who founded this nation, and for whom this state was created to represent.

    Other patriot groups often don’t quite draw this distinction, and they consider abiding by the demands of the Australian state as the same as serving the Australian people. This leads to confusion, such as supporting “Australian” programs of assimilation for the masses of migrants, or inviting the world but demanding they support our geo-political interests, and thinking that somehow this benefits us as a race, because the state benefits. The nation is not the flag. Not the laws. Not the state. It’s the people. Us. And the nation can’t be arbitrarily defined by a government.

    If the nation isn’t by us, for us, then the race of the ruling class is completely and utterly irrelevant to us.

  9. Moshe Goldberg says:

    oy vey shut dis anti semitic filth down

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