Reflections on 2015

On January 5, 2016, in Commentary, by natalt

The past twelve months have been an interesting, turbulent and quite active time for our movement, not just in Australia, but worldwide. This year has seen a number of significant events locally and internationally and for many of us, it appears that momentum for the Alternative Right is gaining.

Here we will look at what this has meant, and more importantly, what to expect from the future, as well as what role Nationalist Alternative will play.

Reclaim Australia

Perhaps the most significant event in Australia, is the appearance and activity of Reclaim Australia, and related organisations that have sprung to take advantage of the renewed call to protect Western Civilisation from encroaching Islamification. The specifics of the rallies and the related events have been covered in depth here, here and here, so there is little need to review again the politics behind this movement. The Reclaim Rallies are not a sudden appearance, but are the result of a perception of an increased Islamic threat, in part due to the renewed interest in local “terror activities” by the Liberal government and the media, and in part due to the occurrence of actual Islamist attacks here and abroad.

Indeed, 2015 has seen a few Islamist attacks occur.

Charlie Hebdo attack

Baga Massacre

Sinai Attacks

Maidguri suicide bombing

Garissa University attack

San Bernadino diversity failure

Paris attacks, the worst attack in Paris since WWII

Attack of Russian jet in Sinai

Murder of Curtis Cheng

More here.

In Europe, we’ve seen PEGIDA grow, stage significant rallies and earn the honour of being denounced by anti-whites, which means they were paying attention. The Front National rallied significant support, only to have the entire political establishment (left and right) unite to prevent a significant number of French people having representation in their democratic parliament. In Australia, we saw Reclaim Australia grow, but this organisation had a strong emphasis on “Civic Nationalist” and is essentially advocating multiculturalism but without Muslims.

This isn’t the first year we’ve had a Nationalist party gain support, or an Islamist attack occur, or an anti-Islam protest in Australia, but the significance is all these events occurring more or less simultaneously.

Whether this will continue next year is unknown. Movements in Europe will remain strong, though perhaps waning and waxing as all political movements do from time to do, due to the immediate pressures put on Europe through their immigrant invasion and significant number of home-grown jihadis. In Australia, we don’t have hundreds of thousands of refugees crossing through our country, attacking towns, nor do we have hundreds or thousands of ISIS infiltrators, nor do we have as significant a Muslim population, nor the ‘no go’ areas as one can witness in France and the UK. Here, the ruckus against Islam is more political than practical, and is more due to the tacit support given by the Liberal Party and the media for Australians to act over anxious and cautious. Indeed, the establishment has been fueling this paranoia with overblown police raids and constant pronouncements of vague ‘threats’. It is hard to judge exactly how much of the threat is real or not, but we ask, if this threat is real, why the aversion the curbing immigration?

In Australia, the greater impact on Australians comes from unaffordable housing, partly driven by foreign investment, particularly Chinese, mass immigration pushing prices up, unsustainable population growth, urban sprawl and full roads and schools. Chinese imperialism continues unabated, having a greater impact on us all, yet goes without opposition. This may indeed be the point of the system allowing and propagating anti-Islamic sentiment, as it diverts attention which should go towards issues far more pertinent to Australia’s future well-being, our sovereignty, our demographics, control over LEGAL immigration, to other lesser issues. This diverted attention justifies the government taking away our rights and privacy, and does nothing to secure our rights to hold onto our own homes, our jobs, and protect us from being made a minority in our own country.

The activities of Reclaim and in particular the UPF are of interest to us, but only in so far as they may lead to some involved looking past Sharia law and seeing the bigger issues of national sovereignty and race. If these rallies and organisations lead some to realise that it is not just about whether women wear hijabs, but about whether we as a people have a right to resist demographic demise through engineered mass immigration and assimilation, it will all be worth it.

Time will tell if this will happen, but is it the role of Nationalist Alternative to help those within this patriot movement refine their message and help others understand these issues.

Donald Trump

Trump is noteworthy because of the attention that the alt-Right have given him. Many on the Alternative Right look quite favourably to the Trumpinator and see him as an opportunity to break away from the weak, Politically Correct and self abasing Democrat’s, and from the Cuckservative, sell out, Republicans. The Alternative Right has grown significantly in 2015, and has latched onto and helped popularise (though not invent), the Cuckservative meme, perhaps the most apt description of “Respectable Conservatives” we’ve seen in a long time.

Trumps campaign has been one of bulldozing through opposition, not bowing down to or grovelling before the “respectable” media, putting political positions in stark, uncompromising terms, and calling the bluff of the Leftist establishment.

It’s more likely that Trumps campaign was what it was in 2015, because he was attempting to win the Republican presidential primaries, which means he must appeal to Republican supports. Republican supporters are tired of Republican candidates who support mass immigration, Wall Street, foreign wars and the decimation of White middle class America. Trump is speaking to these supporters, and despite assertions from the establishment that such rhetoric will go nowhere, Trump has proved that one can ignore the media and their warnings, and still triumph.

Whether Trump will maintain his political positions after he’s won the primary (if he wins) and now has to court the votes of all Americans remains to be seen. Quite likely he’ll backpedal and water down his position to make it more consumable for non-republicans, and end up disappointing Nationalists who have pinned their hopes on the wrong horse.

But it isn’t Trump himself which is the event, but what he has done, and that is be Politically Incorrect and refuse to apologise, refuse to grovel, refuse to appease the Politically Correct police, and still stand. He has shown all of us, that you don’t have to concede to the name callers and the self ordained priests of our Liberal theocracy. He has shown that grovelling and selling out to appease Liberals need not happen!

Few will learn from this, but the point has been demonstrated, conclusively. We’ve seen someone who was roundly condemned as unfit to be the President of the USA, derided and attacked and repeatedly cast as ‘unelectable’ due to his policies and views, succeed not just in spite of those views, but because of them. The power that Liberals supposedly had over people by keeping them in fear of being outcast, ostracised because of their politically incorrect views has been proven to be an illusion. It is only our fear in acting against them which stops us.

Trump won’t save white America, but he’s one of the few Republican candidates who can make that party anything other than electable trash. If he does win the primary, than even a Trump who reneges on nine tenths of his positions is preferably to the hag-fish Hillary.

Alternative Right

The Alternative Right movement has grown, and is starting to mainstream Nationalist ideals. The idea of a party selling out a race of people. The idea of Conservatives being sell outs who in reality bend over backwards to be as Politically Correct as any other Liberal. The idea that white people are being subject to mass immigration and assimilation, a program occurring on all white countries and ONLY white countries. The Alt-Right is blurring the line between our movement and the ‘mainstream’ in a way that previous White Nationalist groups could never have done.

This may give rise to the movement which will displace White Nationalism and carry forward the pro-White message. It has long been this authors position that the old “White Nationalist” scene, will be overtaken, overwhelmed and obsoleted by a new movement which will sidestep them and ride a popular wave. The alt-Right is perhaps NOT this movement, but the progenitor of it.

We at Nationalist Alternative have warned of “mainstreaming” our message, and this warning still stands. What we are seeing is not Nationalism having its core components cut out to appease the mainstream, but Nationalism having its extraneous baggage cut out to be understood by the mainstream.

The Migrant Invasion of Europe

The most urgent things are often those which don’t appear the most important, and the most important things often are those which don’t seem the most urgent.

The migrant invasion of Europe is the most important even of 2015, above all others due to its lasting and possibly permanent mark on Europe. The demographic effects of mass invasion will be visible and will be impacting people long after those who mourn the loss of loved ones in the Paris attacks have finished living their lives. Sharia law can be repealed. Terror attacks while harmful, can be recovered from. Debt crisis can be managed. Onerous debts can be forgiven. Creditors that aren’t repaid are soon forgotten and irrelevant. Demographic genocide is permanent. The Greek Debt Crisis, or the Eurozone financial crisis is nothing in comparison.

In this respect, the biggest event of 2015, the biggest game changer was the mass immigration from North Africa and especially from the Middle East.

This event, apart from its obvious demographic implications, has sharply rallied Nationalist sentiment, made Europeans realise the demographic predicament, threatened the EU project, put walls back up in Europe, popularised the CORRECT use of the term “Traitor” to those who sell out their people, like Merkel has done, and send the anti-white brigade into a spin as they have to cover and defend what is now an obvious program of genocide.

Yet this crisis isn’t new. None of these events in 2015 are new. Europe has already admitted far more non-white Immigrants than it should have. The Social Justice Warriors now explicitly calling for bans to free speech are not new. Politicians who advocate closing the borders and protecting the local people are not new (though admittedly rare). Politicians who deliberately try to demographically engineer the country they govern to dispose of a nation aren’t new.

What has happened in 2015 is a confluence of events, where the outright anti-white hostility of the Social Justice Warriors has occurred at a time when a growing Alt-Right was ready to pick them up on it. When a mass invasion of people has met organised anti-immigration groups. Where anti-white politicians have been brazenly talking of ending white homogeneity and others brazenly warning of this plan to end white homogeneity. Where anti-Islam movements have occurred at a time coinciding with number of Islamist attacks.

None of this is new, but what is occurring is that the dialogue, the points expressed are more open and honest. Anti-whites are more and more explicitly anti-white. Pro-whites are more and more explicitly pro-white. One can’t help but think that overall, the biggest change in 2015 for our movement, is a lifting of the masks. Some are still trying to retain that mask, whether its muticulturalists who must insist every time a Muslim does something diabolical in the name of Allah that “it’s not about Islam”, or the civic patriot who insists that only Islam is the problem and misses the impact of mass African immigration into Europe, or Chinese ownership of assets and homes here, but they are fighting a losing battle. Reality can’t be kept hidden forever and we are seeing the results of Western Society facing a new ‘multicultural’ reality, which is more about established powers trying to bust nations and ethnic groups for globalist hegemony, and anti-whites expressing their racial hostility, than about “tolerance” and “diversity”.

Where to from here

The trend isn’t in the events, but in the increasing honestly and openness that is being used to discuss them. People are being called out. The USA has been called out on their reluctance to defeat ISIS by Russia. Merkel and the EU have been called out for their anti-European position. The Social Justice Warriors are now blatantly pushing anti-white agendas. Conservatives have been called out for cucking their nation out and bowing to Israel. Trump looked Political Correctness in the eye and didn’t blink. Reclaim and the Zio-Patriots are being called out for their baffling pro-Israel and pro-Diversity stances.

The next year will be less a time for pretending to be something you are not, and exposing the world for what it is. Attempts to “get at the matter” by means circumlocution and obfuscation will be outpaced by those who can express the matter more accurately and succinctly. There is an increase in the pace at which people are rejecting official narratives, and the faster this can occur, the better.

Nationalist Alternative will embark on creating a coalition or federation of true Nationalists in Australia, which will stand separate from “civic” Nationalists who have nothing to say on Australian’s being outbid out of our own homes by foreigners, who have little issue with “Diversity = White Genocide” style immigration, and who oppose “racism”, which has a lot more to do with signaling to the Politically Correct Liberal elite that they should be thought of as respectable, than any actual opposition to racism.

The trend is bringing discussion of important issues to the mainstream. This has always been the goal despite the increasingly desperate attempts by multiculturalists to stifle discussion and ban us from talking about what is important to us.

The world is becoming simpler for us. We have to call out the anti-whites for what they are. We must continue to call out the civics for what they are, and do so in an uncompromising and no hold barred manner. We have to keep our message pure and simple, and avoid the errors committed by other related movements in insisting that that every White Nationalist talking point is lumped in all of the time.


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  1. Nathaniel says:

    The best summary of the political events of 2015 I have read. Thank you.

  2. Norman says:

    Very well written,your passion for Race, Integrity and Ideals, are there for all to take in and digest.
    Enjoyable reading and a true path of Reflection.

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