Anti-White is Anti-White

On June 30, 2016, in Commentary, by natalt

One of the popular tactics of the anti-White brigade is to argue that technically, White people are not a genetically distinct race, in that the genetics doesn’t support a clear and /perfect/ delineation between Whites and others.

Anti-whites like to argument genetic minutiae to get you off the point during a debate.

The FACT is that anti-whites use White all the time. All the time. From publications like The Guardian to the Antifa and pro-diversity advocates, the term White is used without and real confusion as to whom they are talking about.

You never see a cultural Leftist call out another who complained about “old White men” to the supposed fact that Whites don’t really exist. You don’t ever see this confusion. The people they want targeted for mass immigration, they identify as White, and White is defined as a matter of birth. The argument that Whites are a race, or not, is political. Nothing but political.

This is why we should not say “White Race” but just say “Whites”. It doesn’t matter if technically we are a race or not. The fact that we may not be, does that excuse people targeting an identifiable group for genocide? If the Xhosa people are not a race, does that mean you get off on Genocide if you said they should become history?

Can you show me ONE accusation of Genocide which was retracted because the target population was technically not considered to be a race genetically? Just ONE? Throw this back to the anti-Whites. Ask them for ONE example. They won’t be able to find one. The UN Convention doesn’t state it has to be a race provable by genetics. No one agrees that Genocide is OK if the target group can’t be proved to be a distinct race with no overlap and no exclusions. NO ONE.

So anti-whites are excusing Genocide. They are trying to get out on a technicality, which no one would ever accept anyway.

No Jew would even begin to accept the argument that the holocaust may not have been Genocide because “Jews” as a race aren’t distinct enough genetically have genes which exists in non-Jews, or that there are non-Jews which may have their genes. The moment you even tried to argue this, game over. You’re toast. You’re a hater and apologist for genocide.

We need to be this brutal. We can’t begin to accept these arguments. The moment an anti-white tries to argue that mass immigration into all and only white countries is OK, he is supporting Genocide. Period. The nature of his argument doesn’t matter.

The argument is that an identifiable group is being targetted. Whites. Whether Whites are a race, a nation, just people who have lighter skin is irrelevant. In the modern world it has never been acceptable to target people on any attribute, and this doesn’t change when it is us who are targetted.

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  1. The white race does exist. On my Google Blogger account I have an image which describes the white race as a mix of Noridc, Celtic, Germanic and Slavic people. The white race has distinct differences, even within itself. Similarly with Asians, there are Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc. White isn’t just a colour or a political group, it’s about genetics and facial structure.

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