The Alt-Rights battle has just begun

On November 24, 2016, in Commentary, by natalt

Donald Trumps elections should not be seen as a victory, but rather a message to us all, that we are needed and need to begin our work.

Trump has been seen as a candidate amenable to the Alt-Right and to Nationalists, for reasons that we don’t believe require repeating. We may to tempted to believe that something has been achieved. Perhaps the wall will be built, or the USA will take a tough line on immigration in general, thereby showing the rest of the Western world that this course of action is indeed possible, and desired by may. Given the nature of politicians to break promises and fail to deliver, none of these things are certain. Even if Mr Trump does intend to fulfill these promises, he is still working in a highly Politically Correct environments. The ‘elites’ have not lost power, they have only lost a figurehead.

Behind Donald Trump is everything which delivered a broken West to us in the first place. The media, big business, the Cultural Leftists Priests all still stand in place. As do millions of their useful idiots, who will take to the streets on a whim and will go to any length to sabotage the Trump administration, to attack his supporters, to attack Nationalists and anyone in general who stands against their progressive agenda.

Also behind Donald Trump are all the Cuckservatives, the RINO’s, the pro-immigration, pro-globalist “Conservatives” who in line with the Cultural Leftists will ask Trump and his close staff to pull back, to shift to the center. The media will likely put attention on the more ‘mainstream’ Republicans, including perhaps Mike Pence, and give those who have a more centrist more coveted and sought after media attention and fawning. We’ve seen within the Republican Party a fear of being demonized by the media, of being cast out of the elite circle, and this will be exploited by the media to bring them back. One by one. One can see the media sidestepping Trump and the more revolutionary elements and inviting the Cuckservatives for opinion and reasoned discussion, thereby increasing the incentive to sell out the well of the American people, to be seen on TV and to be interviewed.

The risk of everything being reversed is significant. Somewhere from deep within America and disaffection and disgust with the status quo came to the fore and set the result of the 2016 election. From this place there still lies a strong sentiment towards a more nationally oriented worldview, and away from the globalist one. This election wasn’t so much their victory, but their cry for representation. It is us who have to continue to put pressure on the system and further shift the Overton window. Rather than rest on our laurels, now is the time to escalate! Whatever pro-White message got out to these people must be amplified. Whatever Nationalist worldview was seen as appealing must be repeated with greater fervour.

The rise of the Alt-Right isn’t so much an awakening but a realisation. What were once disparate peoples and groups have found a single banner to unite under We aren’t seeing so much a racial awakening, but rather a convergence of anti-globalist and anti-establishment ideals, a realisation that immigration, a flat economy, social division and extreme Cultural Leftism aren’t separate, distinct issues but the product of one worldview. People are beginning to reject the status quo as is, rather than just select parts of it, and likewise, we must ensure that we don’t make concessions, take steps backwards to gain respect from those that hate us.

Reject those who feel it necessary to drop pro-White stances to focus on traditional marriage, or those who feel it necessary to give concessions to globalists in order to reform our welfare system. Some may think it necessary to make concessions with legal immigration to limit illegal immigration. Our political ideology is not a composition of disparate ideas and causes, but rather an atomic worldview from which everything else springs.

It’s all or nothing, and it must remain all or nothing for the next four years.

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  1. Concessions definitely should not be made. Americans must consider revolution as a possibility, in the event that Donald Trump is assassinated. If it happens, America will have a globalist puppet state once again and they cannot wait 4 years longer. Sometimes the whole system needs to be destroyed and reformed, you can’t just vote good people into office. I’m shocked by the idiots that Trump has chosen as his staff … everyone should get a Red Ice subscription and prepare for the situation to change.

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