Three Australian patriots have been charged by the Victorian police for participating in an anti-Islam demonstration in Bendigo.

The Multiculturalists in power have long demonstrated their hatred against freedom of speech in this country which disagrees with the political ideology of Multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is a curse upon the Australian political landscape.

All Australian patriots need to support the Bendigo Three. Even those who don’t agree with them should offer their support, if they believe in freedom of speech for all.

This is a statement jointly released by members of the Australian Coalition of Nationalists.

One Response to Support the Bendigo Three; stop governments attacking freedom of speech

  1. The g Factor says:

    One wonders how the powers that be define a religion? Does it have to include a superstitious belief in a spiritual being that no one has any evidence ever existed? Can it include beliefs that are more about a philosophy and don’t need a spiritual being such as Confucianism or Marxism? If so then why could not a strong belief in democracy, free speech and free thought be protected by law, rather in this case be victimised?

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