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Q: When did the academic standard of Australian Universities start to become so bad?

A: Under the Howard government. This was the biggest expansion in non-European immigration and the beginning of seeing education as an “export commodity”. This was also the time when the number of universities started to expand; Footscray Tech is now classed as a university! This was done to cater for the huge number of incompetent school graduate children of immigrants and propped up by fee paying foreign students, who then go onto get residency.

That Australian Universities have become a tool of leftist ideology is an obvious fact, and the usual subject of Nationalist discourse, when the topic turns to tertiary education. This article, however, examines the more mainstream issue of the general decline of educational standards in Universities. Although not a specifically Nationalist issue, when examined closely, the causes of this decline can be traced back to the twin evils of globalisation and non-European immigration.

The chorus of voices bemoaning the appalling standard of university syllabi and graduates has become a deafening roar. The blamers heap ridicule on the faculties; the professors and lecturers; the students; and even the architecture – and there are solid arguments that all these are deficient. However, the root cause of the downfall of Australian universities can be traced to the false god of economic Globalism and the associated stampede to extinguish European Australia. Our once world leading Universities are now average and declining, only maintaining a veneer of prestige by comparing themselves with the former Technical Schools and training institutions that have been gifted University status.

In a way, one could derive a perverse pleasure from the fact that, if (((they)) manage to extinguish European Australia, our replacements will not profit from the beautiful educational institutions which we have built! But before we roll over and admit defeat and mourn the great Australian University, let us examine the fall from grace of tertiary education and the roles of both immigration and globalisation:

1. Corporatisation of Universities – Must Service the Usury.

Hawke government’s introduction of HECS, the pay as you go university, set the tertiary sector up for its coming fall from grace. Rather than create student places for the worthy, based on available funding, Universities started received funding based (more so) on student enrolments, worthy or not. Coupled with this, Universities were then given the right to offer full fee places, thus completing the commercialisation of tertiary education. Tertiary education rapidly became more an economic commodity than a National service.

The result of this is that contemporary Universities now see themselves in purely economic terms. As economics places economic growth, to service usury, above all else, and immigration is the short cut to growth, Universities have become part of the population replacement agenda. This is demonstrated by the globalist mantra parroted by Universities Australia’s Chief Executive Belinda Robinson on the Universities Australia web site:

“Universities Australia’s Chief Executive Belinda Robinson said the record student numbers and satisfaction levels underscored the importance of maintaining Government investment and policies to enhance and expand international education. ‘Australia is absolutely a destination of choice for international students and that is a great success story for our country,’ she said.

‘International students invigorate our high quality education system, our economy, our society, culture and our global relationships.’

‘The contribution of international students is critical as our economy continues to evolve to generate new knowledge-based industries and companies.’ International education exports have now reached a record $21.8 billion.”

This article is not arguing against imposing fees on tertiary students as such, which is where the objections of the leftists begin and end; anyone receiving a service from another is obliged to provide reward for service! Indeed Masters receiving payment from their students is a practice that has served Europeans since the pre-Socratic Sophists taught rhetoric, and has provided classical educations to generations of European thinkers.

However, it is the intersection of the newly minted “education industry” with the new diverse, multicultural, Australia that has scorched the intellectual earth.

2. Non-European Immigration: Non-European Values

During the Howard years, immigration underwent a change in direction. Although immigrant numbers were lower than the immediate past, during the early years of Howard, they accelerated rapidly as his term progressed, and have continued to climb ever since:


The devil, as always, is in the detail: when we examine the origin of immigrants, we see a watershed change during the Howard years. He may have stopped the boats, but the planes were filling up with Indians, Chinese and other non-Europeans, looking for a slice of a very tasty pie, baked by several generations of our European Australian forbearers.

The Australian Government Historical Migration Statistics tells the story. It must be noted that the racial origins of immigrants from the United Kingdom are not recorded.


A quick snapshot, from the same source, tells us that this trend has continued, unabated to the present day.


These immigrants, and their children, enter the school system and, in turn, the University system. Very undesirable, from a Nationalist perspective, but how does this affect academic standards?

I’m glad you asked!

Authors Dimmock and Walker, in their 2005 book, “Educational leadership: Culture and diversity”, explain the inherent differences in the way European and Asian minds view education:

Firstly, European culture and education is innovative in nature, where as Asians favor replication: Give a European a hammer, and he will build a civilization; give an Asian a hammer, and he will make you a bunch more hammers, almost as good, but a little cheaper! Educationally, this means that Asian cultures are favored by the standardized testing that grants University entrance; countless hours of practise, obediently copying the forms of standardized exams, has allowed the replicative Indian and Asian minds to flood into the undergraduate courses at our Universities.

Secondly, the Asian culture sees education as a marker of social status, in a way that Europeans struggle to comprehend. Dimmock and Walker explain what most Nationalists understand intuitively: European culture has (traditionally) seen higher education as a means to the end, which is a cultured mind, capable of building something great; Asian culture sees education as an end in itself, raising the social status of the student and their family.

Consequently, the new Australians rushed the tertiary system in a way never seen before. As a result, some higher achieving non Europeans displaced the natural incumbents from places in the “better” Universities: Many by simply being prepared to graft longer and harder at learning the forms; a few by justifiable talent (It is a mistake to assume complete intellectual superiority of Europeans).

However, more damaging overall, was the waves of intellectual non-entities who saw the title of “University Student” as their birthright, in this land of ours. The economic orthodoxy sees a more highly educated population as more economically productive, so tertiary places were created for them.

This chart shows the relative rises in school and tertiary enrolments from 1999 to 2013, as a percentage of 1999 enrolments:


This situation has led to the ridiculous situation where the former Footscray Tech was granted University status and now has more than half as many enrolments as The University of Melbourne!

Footscray Tech use to be an important institution; it provided a solid technical secondary education to the working class lads of the western suburbs of Melbourne, who then went on to build things, such as trains, and maintain infrastructure. It has now become a production line, issuing worthless degrees to the intellectual also-rans of the sub continent and S.E. Asia, who will go on to work in the “Service” industries.

Many other institutions of training, which formally produced skilled men and women to build the nation’s trains, cars, ships, railways and roads, tell a similar tail.

3. How do we pay the piper?

When tertiary enrolments are dissected further, the increasing presence of full fee paying foreign students assaults the senses.

The following data, from Universities Australia and the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows this growth. Although the numbers allowed in via the ELICOS (Read: Mickey Mouse English Language Courses) and Vocational Education are very alarming, the focus here is on numbers of foreign fee paying tertiary students.


These students have no equivalent senior secondary qualification; they have no recognised standard of English Language skills; they have no proof of aptitude for the study they are undertaking. They only have cold, hard CASH in their pockets.

To rub salt into the wounds, this influx of foreign students explicitaly serves the Globalisation agenda. Professor Nick Par, a demographer from Macquarie University and part of the problem, shoots the establishment in the foot in a 2015 paper when he writes:

“Substantial numbers of former international students transition to permanent residency in Australia. After a reduction between 2007 and 2010, following immigration policy reform, the number of former students gaining permanent residency has recovered. This is due to increased numbers transitioning from new temporary visas.” (Hyperlink from original source)

Some individual statistics are startling. At RMIT University in Melbourne 46% of its students are foreign! Murdoch University in WA is close with 41% and Monash University (The home of Slackbastard, Robert Sparrow and Waleed Aly) is trucking along at 34%.

And the Universities will not fail them academically, because they pay the bills. And the Universities no longer decide what should be taught, they follow the whims of the foreign students, because they pay the bills. And the Universities provide services to help the foreign students, and alter their style of teaching to suit the foreign students, because they pay the bills.

And innovation dies; critical thinking dies; and pure research dies, because they don’t pay the bills.

And the European Australian student, who is seeking an education on the basis of their own worth and industry becomes the foreigner in their own University.

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One Response to Globalism: The final nail in the coffin of Australian Universities.

  1. The g Factor says:

    The government some time ago decided to change the points system in skilled migrant selection to favour those who had gained a qualification in Australia. This led to many temporary migrants enrolling in any course that would lead to permanent residency (PR). It also led to a corruption of the system whereby many bodgie colleges operated purely to allow temporary migrants to get a certificate or diploma that helped them get PR.
    Another point: We take in migrants from places not so well placed on the IQ map which is one reason the IQ levels of young people in this country is going down. To make matters worse it’s migrants from low IQ countries, like the Sudan, that have the highest fertility rates, accelerating our descent to Third World status.

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