By Warren Stedwell

Here is Australia we need to address some issues that continually crop up in the Nationalist political movement. Throughout the decades there has been infighting, rivalries, personal hatreds, betrayals, strong ideological differences and even violence between many Nationalists in Australia. But we as Nationalists need to put aside our individual differences to deal with a poisonous and divisive threat that is Civic Patriotism. This totally flawed ideology is based on the ludicrous viewpoint that if a person becomes a citizen of a particular nation and assimilates then they automatically can become part of that nation. However, this incorrect view fails to address fundamental aspects of what it means to be fully part of a nation. To explain this we need to describe what it actually means to be of a particular nationality. This looks at what that person identifies themselves as, and also what others in that nation will identify that person as. Identity is a two-way-street because it is not just about how you perceive yourself, but also how those in the nation you live in perceive you too. Civic Patriotism talks about ‘fitting in’ but what does that really mean? The obvious factor of race and ethnicity cannot be ignored, as it is more than just mere skin colour.

The colour of someone’s skin is merely part of many important factors that identify what racial and ethnic heritage a person is. These include physiological and psychological elements that also define race and ethnicity. We also have to explain what it specifically means to be an Australian. Which is uniquely different to being a German or a Swede or an Italian or a Russian. It should be officially stated, that it needs to be made crystal clear that Australia is a country created by White people and for White people and nobody can take away that fact. Australia, New Zealand, the USA, South Africa, Canada and parts of South America, such as Argentina, are all White/European ‘settler nations’. They are only relatively new in terms of age, hundreds of years old, compared to European nations, that are tens of thousands of years old, but that does not make them any less significant or not worth saving. Nations like Australia were built from absolutely nothing but the constant hard toil of those White Anglo-Celtic/Europeans who came to Australia from 1788 onwards. Imagine just how difficult it was for those first settlers that came to these new lands and had to start from scratch? Many of those settlers gave countless amounts of blood, sweat and tears in those early colonial times. Often dealing with disappointment, heartbreak, isolation, hostile natives, lack of supplies, starvation, unscrupulous fellow settlers, dangerous wildlife, disease, extreme weather and a multitude of other factors. It was certainly not a cake-walk for those who came to Australia or any of the other “settler nations” in the first few decades. It is the kind of hardship that would be unfathomable for most people in 2017.

Those bleeding-hearts who harp on about Indigenous land rights and the often chant the ludicrous and childish tune of “always was, always will be Aboriginal land” conveniently forget the stark facts. That it was the White Anglo-Celtic/European settlers who created this modern civilized nation in the first place! They don’t realize how lucky they are to reside in a 1st World country like Australia. Where they can take advantage of its benefits; such as running water, sewerage, roads, electricity, hospitals, schools, public transport etc. None of it was created by the Aborigines that they hold so dear. The nationality and identity of a true Australian is often unspoken, but it is clearly evident that it can be unmistakably defined as a person of White Anglo-Celtic/European heritage that is born in Australia (or have lived in Australia for a number of decades) and have fully embraced Australian culture and have developed an Australian accent. One of the best and more recognizable accents in the World! It also must be stated that this would be the same compulsory requirements for any of the other ‘settler nations’ as long as that person is racially considered White. It is incredibly obvious to people around the World that the slang-term ‘Aussie’ means a White Australian. Those who foolishly say “you don’t have to be White to be an Australian” are merely idiotic Civic Patriots without any rhyme or reason to back up their argument. Civic Patriots are incapable of being able to logically explain what they believe in, besides an assimilationist viewpoint based on ‘feelings’ (plus lustful urges for Asian women) rather than facts and historical evidence. They laughably believe in culture over race, but fail to see that it is race that actually creates culture in the first place. While somebody could be ‘culturally’ Australian they would not be considered a fair dinkum and genuine Australian unless they were a White person. That is an implicit mindset that the majority of people around the World share because they know that Australia was founded in 1788 by White people. Would the Irish be uniquely Irish without their distinctive culture and their racial and ethnic heritage? The two are intrinsically linked together. Just like a dog born in a stable doesn’t make it a horse; a White/European man born in China cannot be Chinese. And for that matter, a black African born in Australia cannot be an Australian. It would not matter if that White/European man lived in China his whole life and spoke Chinese fluently and dressed Chinese he would always be considered an outsider or ‘Gweilo’ which means either ghost man or foreign devil. This is also one of many examples of how identity is innately linked with race and ethnicity. Identity cannot be defined by mere citizenship papers. In fact, paper is only as meaningful as the value you give it. You can either wipe your arse with a piece of paper because you only value it as toilet paper, or you can make it into money if the paper is bestowed with monetary value. Our heritage, our genetics and who we are should never be defined by just a mere piece of paper! You cannot put a price on bloodlines, nationality and identity and also what it means to belong to a race, ethnicity and a nation of people.


What about the Aborigines you may decry? Are they not the ‘original’ Australians? The ‘first’ Australians? The ‘true’ Australians? Not really. Australia (or New Holland for that matter) did not technically exist as a civilized nation prior to 1788. Not only that, but there was no single sovereign nation when the British arrived. Which is one of the multitude of reasons why Terra nullius was declared. According to some sources there was about 750,000 Aborigines and over 700 semi-nomadic tribes scattered around a huge island continent in 1788. You could possibly argue that those semi-nomadic tribes were indeed nations of their own, but it would only be limited to within that specific tribal territory and on a very primitive basis. If anything, the more accurate term for Aborigines would be Pre-Australians. They were inhabitants of a great land-mass and each tribe only knew of the areas they lived and travelled around, as well as any neighbouring tribes. There may have been commonalities with language and customs, but many tribes were fiercely independent and would often go to war with neighbouring tribes over resources or because of revenge or ‘pay back’. There was no concept of nationhood (in a Western sense) beyond tribal boundaries. Those that say otherwise are either ignorant, have a vested interest in spruiking an Anti-White message or are Aboriginal activists themselves. The facts remain, it was the British Empire who founded Australia and turned it from a nameless island continent to the great modern White/Western nation that it is today in 2017. That’s not supremacist at all, that is the honest, fair-minded and logical truth. It was White people who civilized Australia. Nobody can deny this and silly Communist catch-phrases like “White Australia has a Black History” and other nonsense will not change the historical fact of the British coming here in 1788 and creating the nation now known as Australia. The Aborigines were basically still in the Stone Age until the British arrived and there isn’t any point discussing the matter any further in this article.


Another important point needs to be made. That it was the immigration restriction bill of 1901, also known as the White Australia Policy, which helped create Australia and make it into a great nation. Our 1st Prime Minister in Edmund Barton was one of the key initiators of this policy to protect the average Australian labourer who wanted a White “working man’s paradise” in this country. Alfred Deakin, Australia’s 2nd Prime Minister was also one of the major architects of the White Australia Policy. In relation to Asians in particular and why they should be excluded, Alfred Deakin said it wasn’t the bad qualities, but the good ones which made them hazardous. It is their unlimited energy and a low standard of living that make Asians such dire opponents against White Australian workers specifically. Jack Lang, the former Premier of New South Wales in the mid-1920s and early-1930s, also believed that the White Australia Policy was Australia’s very own ‘Magna Carta’ and that it previously saved Australia from being engulfed by an Asian ‘tidal wave’ of immigration. There are many historical resources in relation to explaining why the White Australia Policy was created, but the way it was slowly diminished and destroyed by traitors in the Australian Government has only ever been explained briefly. A great injustice is that the Australian people had their democratic right to a referendum in making a decision about the White Australia Policy ripped away from them in nefarious circumstances. This should never be forgotten and those responsible need to be held accountable for their perfidious actions. In many ways, there has not been a truly honest politician in Australia since the time of former Labor Party Leader Arthur Calwell who was an honourable defender of the White Australia Policy up until the day he died in 1973. Arthur Calwell believed that any man not proud of his race was not a man at all. He also believed that anybody who wanted to stigmatize Australians for simply wishing to preserve their country for the White race was doing our nation great harm. Arthur Calwell outright rejected the idea that Australia could become a multi-racial society and survive. It goes beyond any shadow of a doubt that Arthur Calwell was correct and should be seen as a great historical figure for Australian Nationalists to admire.


The belief and the idea behind the White Australia policy has not disappeared though. It is still in the hearts and minds of genuine Australian Nationalists. It will never be forsaken by us and it is why we find the ideology of Civic Patriotism so repugnant. It is a feckless affront to the historical origins of our nation and what we believe in. It also disregards the fundamental factors or identity, race, ethnicity and nationality that have been mentioned previously. Historical facts will certainly not be ignored when defining what it means to be an Australian. Over 200 years of history, when the White man came to this wild sunburnt land and tamed it cannot be denied. Imbeciles who believe in Civic Patriotism may argue that “Mr Nguyen is a good bloke, who speaks with an Aussie accent, eats meat pies, and goes to the football.” But so what? When a lyrebird mimics the sounds of a koala does that make it a koala? No! Merely copying Australian culture doesn’t make you Australian either. Especially if you don’t look anything like what an Australian is supposed to look like. It is as ludicrous as seeing a Brown Sri Lankan dressed up in lederhosen pretending to be German as it would be to see a Swede dressed up in a kimono pretending to be Japanese. Race and ethnicity are huge factors that are clearly visible and they are also undeniable. It is also pointless to try and use ‘token’ non-whites to appear to be ‘not racist’, thinking you can fool the Media or our political enemies. While there might be some merit in that approach it is merely game playing. Eventually, people will discover it doesn’t work and all but the dumbest people can see through that kind of trickery. Those Nationalists out there who try those Machiavellian style tactics will eventually discover they will not work forever and will only anger any supporters who found that strategy to be dishonest. When it comes to Nationalist politics, in the long run, honesty is the best policy.

Probably the vilest and most disgusting aspect of Civic Patriotism is the blatant Zionism and blind love of Israel and Jews. Seriously, why bother with this? Who cares about a country that is so far away and irrelevant to Australia? It beggars belief how Israel can have such an influence on Australian politics, but it does. It also shows how powerful Zionist lobby groups and International Jewry are that their insidious tentacles can stretch so far across the globe all the way down to Australia. However, a lot of it comes from the totally flawed view that if you are Anti-Islam than you must automatically be Pro-Israel. This is a misnomer and one that is peddled by Zionists and those that make up the lie that Israel is the beacon of the West in the Middle East defending against the foul incursions of Islam. It is also purported by those people who are terrified of the sad and tired parroting of weaponized words such a Neo-Nazi, Fascist, White Supremacist etc. used by the Media and our enemies. These words are having significantly less effect in 2017 as people realize that these tactics are based on irrational fear and shaming, which does not work in the long run. Being called a nasty word pales in comparison to what the Australian settlers and convicts had to contend with in 1788. The best argument to use against any Civic Patriot who has a Zionist standpoint is what has Israel ever done for Australia? There is plenty of evidence out there that many Jews have been huge supporters of multiculturalism and mass immigration (including Muslims) into Australia. A large portion of Jews also have the hypocritical viewpoint that Israel must remain a Jewish State, but Europe and other White Nations must learn to become multicultural. Ask the Civic Patriot this question, if Israel must remain Jewish, then why can’t White countries be for White people? Why should we support a country that has these double-standards? The Civic Patriot may argue that “Jews are White too aren’t they?” but there are many examples where Jews clearly say they are not White or only say they are White when it is convenient for them. In fact, any time a so-called White person complains about ‘White privilege’ or something similarly ridiculous there is a good chance it is actually someone from the Jewish Community saying that.

Over time people will eventually discover, it doesn’t matter how much anyone says they love Israel and support Zionism they will still be called the same weaponized words regardless. Racist is the word most often used if somebody cannot logically argue against your position in a political debate. Pathetically waving an Israeli flag to prove you aren’t a ‘Nazi’ doesn’t make you appear more Anti-Islam, it just makes you a moron for supporting Zionism. As Nationalists, our love for our country and desire to preserve White Australia should be paramount over any support for foreign countries, especially a country like Israel who does not give a damn about us! And in recent years have stolen Australian passports to use in assassinations. In fact, it is also worth mentioning that in the late 1990’s the Australia/Israel Review (a Jewish based newspaper) published the names of One Nation members. This caused many of those One Nation members to lose their jobs and have their lives ruined. It makes for strange bedfellows almost 20 years later now that One Nation was attempting to have a meeting with conservative Jewish groups in Melbourne only recently. Did Pauline Hanson forget this unpleasant incident about One Nation party member details being purposely leaked? Australian Nationalists certainly haven’t forgotten and have very long memories! It also shows the foolishness and naivety of One Nation and Civic Patriots in thinking it can trust the majority of the Jewish community and those that push Zionism. It needs to be said that as an Australian Nationalist you have the freedom of a more even balanced approach. You can be both Anti-Zionist and Anti-Islam and still love your race and your nation, there is nothing wrong with that. There is no pressure to choose one side over the other and anybody who tells you otherwise has their own disingenuous agenda. Nationalism is seen as being the ‘third way’ in this regard and why it has the flexibility to not get bogged down in that unsophisticated dialectic or choosing one of only two sides. What matters in the long run is the protection of Australia and the Australia way of life. The only critical battle that counts, is Nationalism versus the dark forces of Globalism. We must safeguard the survival of our own people and defend White Australia forever.


After all that has been said and done, this will be a long struggle, but the only way we as Nationalists can defeat those that promulgate Civic Patriotism is by attacking their utterly flawed ideology and by totally engaging in the political landscape here in Australia. This means not allowing the Civic Patriots to always have centre-stage and challenging their World view. It also means going to Anti-Islam events and handing out Nationalist literature and talking to people. Listening to what these people have to say and bringing in the topic of Nationalism when possible. We need to change our attitudes and start being more Media savvy. We need more intelligent and articulate Nationalists, with leadership potential, speaking to the Media and giving interviews to a wide variety of journalists and news outlets no matter how distasteful or how much they put us in a negative light. While he may not be perfect, Richard Spencer from the ‘Alt-Right’ in the USA is a prime example of this. He is promoting Nationalism and White identitarianism and doing a pretty good job at it. We need Nationalists to emulate Richard Spencer and try to and give speeches at public and private events, be involved with public demonstrations, record audio broadcasts and online videos and also write as many articles on Australian Nationalism and White Australia and push our message out there to the broader public. Richard Spencer and others are bringing our views into the mainstream and allowing us the right to speak our minds, give our opinions, and challenge anybody with a Globalist or Anti-White agenda. This gives us the opportunity we need to rationally and logical defeat any Civic Patriot ideologue.


Overall, it must be stated that we as Nationalists cannot do this alone. We need to work together with like-minded people, keep open lines of communication and seek unity. The Australian Coalition of Nationalists (ACN) is just the beginning of an exciting and productive future for Australian Nationalism. There are many initiatives planned for the long-term including conferences and other events. United we can achieve so much more! Various Nationalist groups and individuals need to take advantage of this new opportunity presented with the ‘Alt-Right’ and the massive influx of new recruits to our movement. We are now living in a time, in the year 2017, where things are changing very rapidly via the Internet and Social Media and people are getting fed up with political correctness and multiculturalism. We now have all these memes about Pepe the Frog and all manner of hilarious things has helped reinvigorate many of us, especially those involved with Nationalism for many years. This burst of new energy from the ‘Alt-Right’ has made things about racial views ‘cool’ and ‘fun’, something that was constrained to the odd racist joke or song over 10 to 15 years ago when it was all very serious online. Humour has added vibrancy and a renewed purpose to what we as Nationalists wish to achieve. The ‘Alt-Right’ is a natural pressure release of this pent up frustration, but so are Anti-Islam groups and rallies that have been happening in Australia. It is our task to gently steer those disenfranchised with multiculturalism, mass immigration and multiculturalism towards Nationalism. Civic Patriotism is only a mere reaction to a symptom and does not look at the original root of the disease, which begun with the unfair dismantling of the White Australia Policy. We must constantly hammer it home at every opportunity that Nationalism is the only true way to defeat Globalism. As long as we are confident in our arguments, we can defeat the fundamentally flawed, crude and poisonous ideology of Civic Patriotism with the more articulate, well-researched and biologically natural viewpoint of Nationalism, then we shall come out on top. As our nation’s forefathers perceived during Federation in 1901, Australia is a nation created by White people, for White people and must remain so.

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2 Responses to The poisonous ideology of Civic Patriotism and why it is time for Nationalist unity in Australia.

  1. Arty says:

    Great stuff, Nat-Alt, a totally comprehensive account.

  2. Ursula Hahn says:

    Good to see a writing that addresses two very important broad topic, viz, (1) jewish problem and (2) the White race factor in a true Nationalist struggle.

    Yes, civic nationalism is fake control opposition but so must we also be wary of the Alt-Right factions. Please look up this for some insights into the problem with Alt-Right:

    There is a parliamentary inquiry into multiculturalism that ought to be challenged by and members. Submission is still open till 12 May 2017:

    The following are quotes from past Australian political figures.

    “I should like to say further that there is no intention and no desire on the part of this Government to take any step which will lead to any permanent settlement of coloured persons in Australia. The prevention of that is the object of the Immigration Restriction Act.”
    — Mr Edmond Barton (Hunter—First Prime Minister of Federated Australia, Minister for External Affairs 1901)

    “When this Government was first formed, and met in Sydney, in January, we determined to place a “White Australia,” as it was briefly termed, as the first plank of our political platform. We determined to give effect to this by a series of measures relating to aliens within our borders, to aliens outside our borders, whom we desire to keep permanently outside, and by other measures flowing from these.”
    — Mr. Alfred Deakin (Ballarat—Attorney-General 1901)

    “This land is our land, to own and to develop. Our claim to hold this country and to continue its development rests not on conquest nor on feelings of hostility to any other people. It is based on the great work of our fathers, our grandfathers and great-grandfathers—the men who explored our great continent, tilled its land, built its cities, and developed its industries. Our forefathers handed to us a proud heritage. We can only preserve our heritage for our descendants by preserving the homogeneity of our race, and that we must and will do.”

    “Let there be no mistake. The White Australia policy is a racial policy. It is the sheerest humbug and the silliest form of appeasement to say that economics and not race determined the policy in the days of our fathers. It was racial in the beginning and will remain racial to the end”.
    — Mr. Arthur Calwell (Melbourne—Minister for Information and Minister for Immigration 1949)

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