A new age

On May 27, 2017, in Commentary, by natalt

By Patrick Bailey,

We now bear witness to the beginning of the turning tide.

The cultural shift has started in the West, and its momentum grows ever stronger as the mainstream begins to open its eyes to the grand betrayal of our ethnic identity.

Australia has the best chance of all, in the current climate, to remove the egalitarian tree which has laid insidious roots in the very foundations of mainstream society for far too long. We of course, have our own people’s genius to blame for this poisonous seed sprouting. White Australian’s have created one of the most civilized and advanced societies the world has seen, within a few hundred years, a monumental achievement for such a small nation and testament to our race’s pioneering ability.

As European descendants we have inherited a unique flaw for all our glory. Our people, throughout history, fall into the trap of convincing ourselves that all other races view the world as we do, placing honour and respect as the pinnacle of human virtue. It’s an unconscious belief that has been exploited by those who seek to harm our rightful continued lineage within our own lands.

It’s time to educate yourself, connect deeply with your white Australian community and lay the foundation for cultural reawakening.

We are standing on the precipice of White demise in this era. As we scan our eyes across the globe we see many of our biological European family begin to be made minorities in their own homeland, as indicated by current birthrates. How long before this fate awaits white Australia? It is clear from the captains of industry to the Faustian “public servants” to the multilevelled left wing infiltration of our society, that the perpetuation of our genetic existence is not merely under threat, but in the more urgent term, our identity faces very real extinction.

A baseless culture is an exploitable culture.

We have a foundationally highly conformist trait within the Australian nature. The phrase tall poppy syndrome and more unfortunately a large level of patronage for virtual monopoly chain stores stand as proof. No doubt this is a partial remnant of the spirit which allowed sustained European expansion on an unforgiving continent laying a world away from their ancestral homelands. This trait makes not only our need to reawaken interest in Australian culture and identity our duty, but intensifies the urgency to break through the spell of the totalitarian left wing appropriated media, radio and sporting events.

A long term multifaceted attack has been made on our society. Economically by changing jobs which offered opportunity to advance oneself into stagnant, underpaid prostitution on many levels of society, the state and business community have done what they do best and sold out the long term interests of the Australian society for their own perpetuation/greater profits. The imported third world demographic serves not only the undercutting of financial opportunity for Australians within the economic system, but also serves to further eliminate ethnic and cultural homogeneity within voting blocks/communities. An additional factor is the importation of violent third world gang culture, which has proven effective in continuing the stifling of descent within Australia from it’s own people through threat of violence.

As we stand in this current time of change, however, we must look towards the future with hope. Our people are beginning to see the ever growing fault-lines spread across this treacherous system. It is our duty to engage our community, rebuild our sense of ethnic identity, and move forward together with strength towards a sustained future for white Australia.

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3 Responses to A new age

  1. Stan Claypole says:

    Fantastic effort, Patrick.

  2. The g Factor says:

    Unfortunately with the hundreds of thousands of non-white migrants flooding into this country things will be difficult. While the poor will suffer the big end of town will seek to make profits regardless of all the damage done. Remember it was under the capitalist government of Bob Menzies that Australia signed the UN convention against racial discrimination back in 1965 as well as the convention on refugees in 1951.

  3. The g Factor says:

    Made an error in the last post – It was just after Menzies gave up his job as prime minister that Australia signed up to the UN convention against racial discrimination and started the ‘reform’ of the White Australia Policy. Nevertheless it was under the Liberals who, as usual, put the support of the rich above the interests of race and nation.

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