by Michael Kennedy

It should be evidently clear to all now, that by and large, big business, large corporations and the majority of entrepreneurs and businessmen who earn wealth through consumption, whether consumption of physical goods or of services and land. The Gerry Harveys, Frank Lowys, Harry Triguboffs and Gina Reinharts of our nation are all massively pro-immigration, and would have no qualms at all of Australia being transformed into an Asian nation, as long as that increase in the mass of people leads to a corresponding increase in consumption of what they sell, directly or indirectly. Whatever stocks the shopping centres.

Gerry Harvey has expressed dismay that our dry, arid continent isn’t filled with humans the way more fertile, amenable continents like Europe and Asia are. Gerry has states that Australia will be an “Asian country”, 100 million strong and there is no change that immigration will be scaled back. Where he plans to put these people, he doesn’t say. Melbourne and Sydney are already stretched, and it is likely that the other 80 million coming here will want to move to the major capital cities, and not to Alice Springs or Birdsville.

Lets to go work proving him wrong about the inevitability of our country dying under the weight of mass immigration.

“The problem is you can’t control it”, whining Harvey says. Gerry Harvey seems unaware of border control, and of our immigration system, where people stay only because we ALLOW them to stay. Controlling immigration for a nation surrounded by vast seas is trivial. Gerry is trying to create the impression that it is uncontrollable, so Australians, who by and large support greater immigration restrictions feel like they have to give up and face the inevitable.

Luckily, although our nation has been cursed with the lecherous toads, we do have a very small number of notable voices who speak sanely and in defence of our nation. Dick Smiths recent efforts shows that Dick Smith is the exception in the business world, an entrepreneur who supports our nation. But this exception proves the rule, that by and large, big Capital works against is and against Nationalism. It is fear of being fired by private sector employers which is the real concern from doxxing which concerns our activists, not action from the state. While the state does take action, by and large, most Nationalists are at most rarely harassed or left alone. Private business is far more likely to take action to remove an employee who doesn’t play with company values, which is why many public Nationalists are either self employed, unemployed or work for small independent business.

There is therefore a conflict of interest on the Right between Right Wingers who support Property Rights and the right of private business to conduct business as they wish without intervention, and those on the Right who are Nationalist. That the same Nationalists who bemoan mass immigration, call our demographic replacement as the greatest moral threat we face, will then defend a morality which gives the likes of Harvey or Reinhart carte blanche licence to use their resources as they wish against our national integrity. Market fundamentalism has essentially eliminated the possibility that someone through an economic act can be a traitor. We have reached an odd position where if someone is making a dollar legally, then they cannot possibly be a traitor, even if the are calling for replacement of one peoples with another, or selling our future and homes to foreign interests.

Global capital seeks a border-less world. Cultural differences, language differences and borders impede the movement of labour and of markets. The institutions which seek to maximise their markets are in direct conflict with the goals of Nationalism. A small fish and chip shop can afford to take an anti-immigration position because their market is small and local, but any sizeable business with a broader market is going to be all for mass immigration, against immigration restriction or any attempt to maintain cultural or ethnic cohesion.

Gerry Harvey is just more vocal and open about what business at this tier wants. Any other equivalent business wants the same thing, though they may not bother with the gratuitous publicity seeking the Gerry Harvey loves to indulge in. Their right to conduct business as they wish without intervention directly conflicts with our right to exist as a people and preserve our identity. Many on the Right don’t want to face this reality, as Free Markets, Capitalism and support of enterprise have been traditionally “Right Wing” traits. They don’t want to accept that these values no longer work to our benefit, and that these systems, which may have once been beneficial to Whites, are now becoming a significant source of our demise.

So we have to choose. We have to choose between the “Gerry Harvey has a right to make whatever profit he wants” line of argument and the “White people must secure a future” line of argument. Nationalism, not just here but anywhere, in the world necessitates resistance against agents who seek to liquidate identity and community for profit. This is as true in Australia as it is in Vietnam or Ecuador. Nationalists must therefore have no qualms about taking positions which may ostensibly appear “socialist”. We are not Marxists, but we are not neo-Liberals either. We aren’t against market economies, but we are not going to prioritise utter market freedom over our own interests. We aren’t against people making a profit, but we don’t believe that anything is justified if profit can be made.

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One Response to Global Capitalism or Nationalism: Choose one

  1. nineofclubs says:

    ‘Nationalists must therefore have no qualms about taking positions which may ostensibly appear “socialist”.’

    Correct. I heard Greg Johnston at Counter Currents talking about how big corporations like Google were being ‘dictated to by the far left’ into adopting PC policies to do with diversity etc. Does anyone really believe that? That international corporations allow feral Trots or anarchists to tell them how to manage their employees?

    I doubt it. The truth is that global corporations are inherently anti-national. There is nothing patriotic about capitalism. Those who stick to ‘right wing’ economic ideas are doomed to slide straight back into the corporate swamp of globalism.


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