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On November 28, 2017, in Commentary, by natalt

By Chris Taylor

Like most Australians midweek, I found myself at the supermarket picking up a few household items. This night turned out to not, however, be the usual mundane aisle wandering I had expected but a very jarring insight into who we are as a nation and our history.

A highly lucid octogenarian stopped me, as she sat waiting for her son to take her home. She expressed great praise for her sons and was highly complementary of younger Australian’s support she had encountered in her senior years. She went on to temper this praise with recollections of Australia from her teenage years “Men these days are not like when I grew up, they’re not like our boys (the White Australian men of WW2). Our boys were slim, they were fit, they were amazing.” She continued on, visibly moved, telling me of reading the lists of the fallen each new print of the paper, recalling how she waited years to have a birthday with pride in making these, and many other, personal sacrifices for “Our Boys”.


By the end of this encounter I was struck by the sincere conviction she maintained 60 years on.  This passion was not from a sporting event, a keeping up with the jones’s purchase, nor a selfish ego stroking “life defining moment”, she was passionate about her White Australian identity.Our identity.

It’s unsettling that the lessons from one of the most defining eras in our history have almost been lost. The sacrifice of, not only those Australians who fought and died but, everyday Australians has been gradually displaced from our racial and national consciousness. Our ancestors paid a heavy toll with their blood and sacrifice which must not be forgotten. Where we head in any future direction as a nation must be founded in respect for those White Australian lives lost.

I’ve come to view two phrases in which I had grown to despise “Tall poppy syndrome” and “She’ll be right” in a new light. These phrases are not an indictment on our modern society’s lethargy and apathy, as I had previously taken them to represent, they are a reminder of the nation we should be. A nation that strives to better itself as a collective people, a nation that refuses to fail in testing times.


Once again we find our nation in testing times. The hordes of third world immigrants, sold to our people as a necessity, are doing nothing but reduce a standard of living, those who died for this nation fought to give us a chance at. Our people are told too not contribute to a nation by having children and growing families for the benefit of this wage fixing, increased tax cattle scam. We are in a degraded, debased state. Australia has been subjugated by selfish and hedonistic escapism. A far cry from what our ancestors would have wished for us. Walking a path we’ve been led down by those who seek to steal the rightful greatness this nation deserves. Those who have been brought here do not contribute to our nation they deserve no respect they are thieves, stealing opportunities from our people.

Our sick society pats its egotistical self on the back, these days, while promoting increasingly destructive theoretical ideas. The physical reality of the Australian nation and its story has been glossed over with the promotion of an unnecessary guilt complex, and the desire for enduring greatness replaced by the bright lights of unattainable excess.  


We must respect ourselves once more and hunger for the return of trust in our nation; no longer should the internationalist balkanisation be tolerated. Globalism is toxic to our White Australian Identity. Take from our historical lessons the realization that we are a nation with great heights to climb. We are a nation of “Battlers” but we cannot allow this term any longer to be defined by battling to survive in a dead end job to barely get by, it must be redefined by the strength of our collective will to endure, innovate and achieve.

Despite this betrayal of our history there is hope. More and more people are opening their eyes to the flagrant disrespect to their own identity. Throwing off the shackles of a hollow and hopeless reality, the young, proud and racially aware White Australian seeks more than can be offered by this world. The fallacy of multiculturalism has been exposed. We seek to unite the past, present and future once more and honour our history. Identity is everything, without it we are lead astray. Learn yourself, learn your history and step forward against the modern world knowing you are part of something bigger than yourself.

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3 Responses to Our Path

  1. Brendan Stone says:

    The day we handed in our guns, is the day we gave up our rights to corrupt sycophant toadying governments to bid for their corporate international jewish masters. This will make it easier for non whites to kill us off when the government gives the final word.

  2. Chris says:

    Thank you and keep up the good fight.

  3. The g Factor says:

    Unfortunately the greedy people for who this country is run will still want migrants to flood in. Those migrants from low IQ nations will form a bigger proportion of the annual intake and already have higher fertility rates than other migrants. Our population will get darker and duller, living standards are already starting to fall and this situation will get worse along with higher crime and imprisonment rates. It is only a matter of time before we will be effectively a Third World nation.

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