As delivered at the Australian Nationalist Conference of 2017

This is a transcript of the speech one of the Nationalist Alternative delegates gave at the Eureka Day Reclamation Nationalist Conference on Sunday the 3rd of December, 2017 in Ballarat, Victoria.

By Matt O’Callaghan

Firstly I wish to thank you all, once again, for attending and keeping the spirit of Eureka alive. I am proud to stand here and identify myself as an Australian White Nationalist, something that I have been since 2001 and will be until the day I die. Throughout the years I have experienced hardships but they have made me the person that I am today. What happened because of the Eureka Rebellion played a significant role in developing our unique Australian identity. The Eureka Rebellion was a momentous event in Australia’s history. However, whilst it is pivotal historically, it is also of note today for the lessons it provides for modern-day Australians. Australian Nationalists can relate to the Eureka Rebellion, because it was a time when the state was oppressing its own people and acting against their best interests. Miners were being economically attacked by an unjust licensing system, and were disenfranchised by voting requirements that meant that most of them could not participate in elections. There was also strong resentment against the Chinese and their parasitic and insidious practices on the gold fields.

The men of Eureka rebelled against a system that had become hostile to the freedoms of the common people; just as, in modern times, how the state has become hostile to the very survival of the Australian people. The Establishment is carrying out a system of immigration-driven genocide against the Australian ethnicity, it has passed laws against those who would protest against their demographic replacement, and it seeks to disenfranchise opposing groups by creating a system of “registration” of parties with a process which has been designed to make it as difficult as possible, something which the founding fathers certainly never did. The latter point may sound like a small one, but it has had the intended effect of effectively curtailing the ability of non-major parties to participate in elections – those who jump through all the hoops of electoral registration have to use up much of their resources in the registration process, which denies them those same funds for election campaigning. We don’t want to concentrate on election matters in this forum, but it is important to note that the modern state has disenfranchised us in order to ensure their selfish agenda, just as the colonial state disenfranchised the miners in order to ensure their own selfish agenda. Another similarity between the Eureka rebels and modern nationalists is that both had a genuine need for unity. The Ballarat rebels included people from many backgrounds, including from native-born Australian, British, Irish, American, Canadian, German, and Italian backgrounds. And the rebellion was not confined to Ballarat, as the rebels had support from other goldfields, with hundreds coming to join them; they also had the moral support of many people in the colonial capital city of Melbourne. They were all unified in their support for freedom and against tyranny.


So, too, today we have a great need for unity. Nationalists are not a monolithic force. We come from all social and economic classes, from all walks of life, and from a wide variety of political angles and nuances. Nevertheless, we all venerate Eureka and believe in a White Australia. The broad umbrella of Australian Nationalism includes Racial Nationalists, Economic Nationalists, Nativist-Nationalists, pan-European nationalists, White nationalists, British-ethnic nationalists, Democratic Nationalists, Fascist nationalists, Cultural Nationalists, Socialist Nationalists, National-Socialist Nationalists, and many, many more. The only ones we obviously must reject are Civic Nationalists and Civic Patriots, as they peddle a poisonous and harmful belief that totally disregards the racial element of our nation.

We may oppose each other on many points of difference, but those should be of small consideration; we should be willing to work together in some ways to help the overall cause, or at least be willing not to unnecessarily attack each other. We may want to critique other points of view, as part of our own political discourse, but – for the wider Nationalist movement – we should have a type of non-aggression pact, even if it is an informal or unspoken pact.


Our people, our race, face extinction in the not too distant future. And this is why we must stick together and not waste time arguing as to why our version of Australian Nationalism is the “correct” version. To do so is both arrogant and delusional. Supporting a White Australia should be the primary focus, nothing else. Our kinfolk have survived for thousands of generations, but in the span of a few generations that could all be undone with the Third World takeover of our land; and not just our land here in Australia, but in every land of every ethnically White/European nation.

In the face of this threat, we do not have the time for petty rivalries and small-minded clashes over who is right or wrong over an almost infinite variety of issues. Far too often we treat each other too critically, looking for any differences that we can quibble over. It also works in favour of our sworn enemies.

Sad to say, if two Nationalists in Australia each drew up a list of 100 aims, 99 of which were the same, with one difference, instead of celebrating the 99 similarities and working together, they invariably spend most of their time arguing over the 1% point of disagreement. Obviously, that is ridiculous. What a waste of time and resources, of which we already have too little.

That does not mean that we all have to join together in one big group; we should have the maturity to realise that there will be differences between us, some of which would be insurmountable if we were all in the same organisation – however, we should be able to unify in a broader sense.


We should be able to join together in a broad rebellion against the anti-White Establishment, who are intent on replacing us, who are intent on the genocide of our people, white people here in Australia.

Like the rebels of Eureka, we should be able to come together when needed, and fight for our freedoms – and, indeed, fight together for the very survival of our people. Everything we do must be for our people, for our future and for our nation. The preservation of a White Australia should always be our priority. Let us work together for the sake of unity and put aside any miniscule differences. Our very survival is at stake.


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