Here are some images submitted by a supporter recently of strange activity in the suburb of Clayton, Melbourne. The picture appear to be of a tour group of Asians, very likely Chinese, who were ferried by bus to Clayton Road to inspect houses. We know that such “property tours” have become more and more frequent in Melbourne, with cashed up foreign residents inspecting local properties to buy. Unfortunately, Australians cannot have faith that the FIRB regulations are being enforced, and for the moment we have to sit in the sidelines as people who may be exploiting our laws use their ability to purchase residences here, often outbidding Australians.

We don’t have details of who exactly this group comprised of, whether they hold Australian residency or not, however the spectacle was bizarre, to say the least.

The report…

I noticed while driving down Clayton Road recently what probably was one of those property inspection tours. The group was all Chinese in appearance, and they had obviously arrived by minibus, and were walking down the road taking pictures of houses.

The houses were nothing special, just your standard brick veneer type suburban homes, so it wasn’t like they were wanting to show photos back home of some great Aussie architecture. They were interested in seeing what was available, and what they might like to buy. (We presume this is the likely reason, but we can’t be sure: Ed).

These men were busy taking picture of house after house with their phone.

More of the tour group.

They seemed to have no issue going onto the properties for better shots. They did this with a few houses.

Imagine seeing this outside your window.

The group continued, aware they were being photographed.

Some time later, they regrouped, and continued further down the road. At this point they probably looked at 20 houses, photographing many of them.

I stopped taking pictures at this point, but they just kept on going. I didn’t approach them, but the actions said it all really.

There you have it folks. Clayton is already quite a “diverse” area with a significant Indian and Asian population. Chinese interest in Australian property tends to be on those suburbs which already have an established Asian presence, and this suburb definitely fits the bill. We have previously written about this in our article
Foreign Residential Investors, leave our homes alone!
where we documented how prevalent the Chinese interest in Australian property appeared, disproportionately so any other group.

The opening up of our housing market to the world just makes it harder for Australians to afford a roof over their head on our own home country. It is understandable that many Australians would be angry at politicians who deny that that there is a problem, and that global competition for houses here doesn’t pose a problem. It very much does, and we put this observation here to remind us all that our elected politicians are no friend of the Australian people when it comes to the issue of housing affordability.

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2 Responses to An encounter with a “Chinese Property Tour” in Melbourne

  1. eric says:

    Australia property price are really cheap to most Chinese,they can not stop buying Australia property as the price is only 25% of the same standard ones in Chinese big cities.

  2. natalt says:

    There are a billion people in China. Even if only 2% are very wealthy, that is still equal to the population of Australia. That is a lot of people who could price us out of our own country.

    We simply cannot afford to open up our markets to other nations, especially ones as populous as China.

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