Here we shall put forward an alternative position regarding the South African refugees, which in this case are White people, which is not what immediately comes to mind when the word refugee is used. It should be made clear here that Nationalist Alternative is not advocating denying any Boers entry to Australia, or that White nations in general should deny entry to any Boers, only that there are alternative considerations which can get lost in the noise. Our position that Australian immigration policy must first and foremost be about the needs of Australians, and that the sheer numbers of people entering Australia is a problem regardless of what composition the immigrants may be.

While some are pointing out that the violence against White South African farmers is a form of genocide, and others equating this to White Genocide, it should not be forgotten that this crisis is but one front of a larger scale war. Ultimately warfare is a form of politics, and violent conflict is that part of war where conflict purely by political means no longer suffices. That is to say, wars and genocides don’t begin and end when the fighting begins and ends, but they begin long before the first shot, when political and strategic manoeuvring occurs between competing interests, and may end long after the last shot has been fired. For example, the conflict behind World War II began politically and economically long before the invasion of Poland by German and Soviet forces and the subsequent declaration of war, and the political struggle for dominance that that war was for continued long after the fall of Berlin. This is a conflict that some would say is still being fought today. Likewise, the current conflict in South Africa existed before it manifested itself in violent attacks against farmers, and will continue even after every White South African leaves Africa and machete attacks have ended. The political and social pressures which led to the end of apartheid, which pushed for pluralism and created the situation today were working against the White South Africans interests prior to this crisis. These forces will remain in place after those who need refuge have found it. We can’t lose sight of the larger picture, and any activism or literature we put out, or any demonstrations made and demands made, can’t appear to be ignorant of this larger picture. This isn’t a cynical attempt to capitalise on the suffering and misery of others for political gain, but to ensure that the underlying problem is effectively addressed and responsibility for this crisis appropriately placed.

Protesters chant slogans during clashes believed to be linked to recent anti-foreigner violence in Reiger Park informal settlement, east of Johannesburg May 20, 2008. South Africa's police and the ruling ANC party intensified efforts on Tuesday to quell deadly violence against foreigners and a government minister said the unrest could damage the key tourism sector. At least 24 people have been killed in over a week of violent attacks on African migrant workers who are accused by many in South Africa's poor townships of stealing jobs and fuelling a wave of violent crime.    REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko (SOUTH AFRICA)

Protesters chant slogans during clashes believed to be linked to recent anti-foreigner violence in Reiger Park informal settlement, east of Johannesburg May 20, 2008. South Africa’s police and the ruling ANC party intensified efforts on Tuesday to quell deadly violence against foreigners and a government minister said the unrest could damage the key tourism sector. At least 24 people have been killed in over a week of violent attacks on African migrant workers who are accused by many in South Africa’s poor townships of stealing jobs and fuelling a wave of violent crime.

This crisis demonstrates the stark difference in the mode of thinking between Western WEIRDos and Black Africans. The events in South Africa and Zimbabwe can be reduced to a rather simple cause, identity politics. Blacks in Zimbabwe and South Africa are acting along the lines of group interests, and have always done so during periods of White domination. Quite simply, calls for action which assume Blacks acting in the interests of Black people find resonance in Africa and inevitably conflict with the interests of White people. The dream of a multiracial state, with Blacks and Whites living in harmony, pursuing the common interests of the state and business didn’t eventuate, just as they haven’t eventuated anywhere else. What we got was the end result of a human nature which Liberalism so desperately tries to overcome or ignore. We simply haven’t been able to shake off our religious faith in the pluralistic state, the post-racial utopia which is supposedly humanity’s end goal. This naive faith still runs amok throughout the West, in our delusional belief that the migrant crisis in Europe will just lead to more productivity on the factory floor, more waiters and doctors, and that the shifting demographics in Western nations will only lead to a different colour face on what still is supposed to be the same country. We see it when people angrily defend their faith with a “What does it matter?” when projections of demographic change are brought up with concern.

Our religious faith in Political Correctness and multi-culturalism, in this idea that modern statehood can ignore demographics, culture, ethnicity and race still remains strong, and is defended with increasing zeal and vigour as this faith is being tested more and more by the cracks appearing in the fruits of its creation. Those whose moral and religious beliefs would push us to disaster and destruction would want nothing more than to not have to be held to account, or have their own beliefs examined and judged.

By focusing the discussion on the South African problem merely to whether White South Africans should be admitted or not in Australia, we are offering a respite from criticism and examination that these multi-culturalists sorely need. In doing this, we are avoiding the political struggle which is at the heart of Nationalism, namely the antagonism between people who wish to exist and to remain as a people, and institutions, both local and global, which seek to de-construct them for their own purposes and power. Therefore, whether suffering is to continue due to the violence in South Africa or not, is more a matter of whether we continue to allow multi-cultural and Politically Correct ideology to shape the future of our nations or not.

We could provide haven to the Boers now, but then what? If they move to Paris or Berlin, they are only to find the same situations developing there, as these Western countries are beholden to the same delusion that afflicted South Africa. Are they to settle in London or Melbourne, only to find, yet again, that that the naive belief in multi-culturalism has created yet another area they are better off leaving? Where to run after that? Defenders of multi-culturalism may point out that there are safe suburbs such as Box Hill in Melbourne, which have “diverse” populations, but increasingly such rare places are priced out of reach for most people, who have to settle for the less-than-ideal multicultural areas, which in Europe are now increasingly becoming no-go zones. Also, the White Flight in South Africa has its analogues in the UK and Europe and USA, where people are leaving areas becoming less and less amenable for greener, or should that be, whiter pastures. All throughout the West, we are witnessing the failure of Liberalism with respect to immigration policy and diversity, but continue to allow this error to occur without calling it out, and calling out those responsible for defending and promoting it.

Ultimately, it is those who create and push ideas which are responsible and accountable for the outcomes, not those caught up in the political machinations. Yes, Blacks in South Africa who murder must be punished, but the situation itself is not the cause or fault solely of Blacks. A situation was created based on flawed ideology and flawed morality and as this situation worsens, we are busy arguing how to ameliorate the symptoms, without examining the cause. Likewise, we cannot blame tensions between Muslims and Europeans in Europe on the Muslims. It is Westerners who invited and wanted this demographic change. It is Westerners who believed that such tension shouldn’t arise, despite being warned for decades that it would. It is those who continue to push their religious belief in the peaceful, pluralistic end-game and who silence the critics who point out its cracks and flaws who are responsible. It is not up to us to demand that other abandon their group interests, to act according to the dictates of our false Politically Correct religion. It is up to us to examine our own beliefs, our own morals, for self-introspection and re-evaluation of our values.

The rising Nationalist sentiment is essentially a response against the lack of self-introspection and the refusal to re-evaluate our own values and morals. It is more about a conflict with those within our society who are pushing destructive values and morals, who value abstract and rather meaningless goals of pluralistic states over concrete practicalities and success of culturally and ethnically homogeneous nations. We’ve put ourselves out of the centre of value judgement, and put in the centre abstract moral goals which don’t serve our interests.

Our strategy should therefore be to point out that this crisis is the result of a naive belief in co-existence, that the only thing that stands in the way of harmony between all peoples are the “xenophobes”. This crisis is manifesting itself in the European migrant crisis, in tensions here and in the existential problem of demographic replacement the entire West faces.

The agents which pushed for an end to apartheid without factoring the need for alternative social control are the same agents replicating these problems in Europe in pushing for open borders and hoping it will all work out well. It didn’t work out well in South Africa and it won’t work well anywhere else. Those who push modern Liberalism have blood on their hands, and they must be made to answer for the failures of their moral and values system, failures which have resulted in loss of life, and continue to result in loss of life and cultural destruction elsewhere. The South Africans are not freeing solely because some Blacks are violent, but because the political situation in their country has been following a trajectory influenced by naive beliefs, and that these beliefs are at work here and throughout the West. It is just as important that South Africans fleeing are made aware of this, as it is to make people here aware of this.


Our message should be that one cannot just run away, as there will be no placed to run to in the future. That one cannot be allowed to pretend that this problem is just some isolated incident and that even those fleeing must become aware of the real reason why they are fleeing. In this respect, there is a moral case in not giving carte blanche refuge to White South Africans. We must affirm that people have a responsibility for the political conditions they create and advocate and it may be necessary to force to a degree, people to confront the end result of their active or passive political activity so that they me shocked out of their stupor.

Full acceptance of the South African immigrants simply makes it easier for them not to face up to the failure that is South Africa. It makes it easier for the Liberal establishment not to have to even DISCUSS the failure in their world-view. The Liberal Party can push for accepting these people, but it will never have to confront the underlying problem with the Liberal ideal, that of open societies. Because they have support from the political Right, and because the political Right are focusing purely on the potential immigrants themselves, they are allowing the Liberal establishment to get away with what its been getting away with for too long, that is, being forced to confront the results of a flawed 20th century morality and values system.

Our message has to be stark. Just because a country is populated by White people, it doesn’t make it a homeland for all Whites, especially those seeking to escape a situation which they could have conceivably had control over. The same applies to any Germans, French or English wanting to move away from their multicultural enrichment. You made your bed, you must learn to lie in it. The uncomfortable sleep may persuade them to be more selective about which national bedfellows they choose. We don’t need the mindset which created those problems over there, imported here.

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2 Responses to Alternative Position on South African Refugees

  1. The g Factor says:

    The elites in South Africa – not the majority of whites – dissolved the Apartheid system. And South Africa was under attack from other nations including Australia so perhaps we have a strong moral responsibility to take in those whites suffering from genocidal policies there.

  2. Benjamin Taheny says:

    @ The g Factor
    I was not of an age to be aware of the earlier beginnings of the South African crisis and decline to have people tell me about moral responsibility for the situation.

    Therefore, my response to the situation that the Boers face must be to suggest that we offer military assistance to shore up their position if they request it.
    (part of being in a situation to make this offer requires we hold our own guilty party responible and allow no possibility to evade acknowledgement of their active and passive roles)

    In a similar strain of thought to @Natalt, we need to hold the people who have a stronger influence on the situation to account.

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