by Martin Shepherd

With the 2020 U.S election approaching, it may be a case of choosing the lesser of the two evils. Donald Trump, despite being essentially Zionist, is less likely than Joe Biden to wreak havoc on America and the world.

Voting Trump is safer for Nationalists

The upcoming election has caused much dissatisfaction across the political spectrum, with many on the left unhappy with Joe Biden’s attitudes and political positions. However, people on the so-called “far-right” are also unhappy with Trump’s pro-Israel stance and lack of action. Biden chose a token black woman, Kamala Harris, as running mate and Donald Trump has been called “the first Jewish president” by Zionist Jews ( However, for Nationalists, if one were to choose to vote, and choose to believe in a political solution to the Jewish question, the vote would have to go to Donald Trump.

Trump at the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) Conference

It does not take much research to see Zionists benefit regardless of whether Democrats or Republicans are in power. Both Capitalism and Communism were Jewish creations, and the slow demise of a politically divided America benefits Zionists and the Jewish race. Some in the Nationalist movement have noted this fact and pushed for accelerationism, intentionally voting for the party most likely to exacerbate social and economic issues in order to cause a hastened collapse of the state. Many of those in the accelerationist camp believe chaos will lead to a reset, possibly through a race war, and if they are victorious in such an event they could create an entirely new country dictated on their own terms. For those who are unfamiliar, the term “Z.O.G.” , meaning Zionist Occupied Government, is quite anachronistic but is still an excellent acronym to explain how Jewish elites and the Israeli Lobby has profound influence over politicians and political institutions in the USA and other Western countries.

Left: Karl Marx, the inventor of the theory of Communism

Right: Paul Warburg, founder of the Federal Reserve

Having said that, not all Nationalists are accelerationist. Some believe there is still a political solution. There is merit in the idea that by electing candidates more aligned with their views, it could open up the gateway for a future president who openly advocates for ethnocentrism and is outspokenly anti-Zionist. While the U.S is not there yet, some may suggest electing presidents like Trump could normalize putting (White) Americans first. Trump is a Civic Nationalist in that he promotes patriotism over race, though it may be a step in the right direction if he were to be elected for a second term.

The Lesser of Two Evils

While voting Trump has many cons, he is far preferable to Joe Biden. Essentially, the only pro for Joe Biden as president would be a further collapse of American society and potentially a civil war. Another angle some consider is the “Democrats are the real racists” position, arguing that Democrats will only promote “equality” in rhetoric, as any real progress in race-relations removes incentive from the public to vote for them. Famous and eccentric black musician Kanye West said Democrats made sure blacks “never made it off the plantation” ( in the sense that unhappy minorities will more often than not vote blue. Therefore, voting Democrat could in fact prevent further disasters like affirmative action to be implemented, a system that puts non-whites first not based on merit but on the color of their skin. Another example is how Black Lives Matter issues are highly publicized before every election by leftwing-favouring media, to create the illusion that innocent blacks are being slaughtered in the street for no reason. The left understands fear is a great motivator, even if it is based in dishonesty and manipulation of minorities.

Google trends show BLM issues are especially publicized leading up to elections

Republicans, on the other hand, afraid of being labelled racist, might try harder than the left to put minorities first. One example of this is Trump’s claim that under his administration black unemployment is at an all time low ( While it is good that black people are employed more than ever before, again, the affirmative action issue causes capable whites to be out of a job. So in these ways, Republicans can help minorities more than the Left, at the cost of whites, while Democrats may not in order to secure future votes. These are some of the few reasons why voting Left could be advantageous to non-accelerationist Nationalists. However, this is a big risk, since even though Democrats would like to keep minorities “on the plantation”, their cultural Marxist leaders will find it much easier to control the internet, academia, the media and the like.

Pros of voting Trump

Trump, at the very least, is outspokenly anti-immigration. The Muslim travel ban and his talk around the wall (albeit incomplete four years into his administration) has the potential to normalize truly “America First” policies. It can be argued that a pro-Israel stance is in direct contradiction to a pro-America stance, though in many ways he stands against cultural Marxism in the form of anti-immigration rhetoric. He has also recently moved to reduce the influence of critical race theory in schools ( which is overwhelmingly anti-White in rhetoric. While there are instances of him virtue signalling, such as posting the LGBT flag on gay pride day, he was also against trans people joining the military, and has cracked down on child trafficking, which is a largely Jewish practice ( His comments regarding Charlottesville were also promising, claiming there were “good people on both sides”, giving legitimacy to the alt-right movement and refusing to demonize pro-White activists. Interestingly, the “America first” slogan may be a discreet reference to the isolationist party of the same name, a group that was active in the 1940’s. The leader of the party, Gerald Smith, was also a member of the Silver Legion of America party, an Ethno-Nationalist group in favour of Fascism and racial segregation ( Furthermore, he not too long ago claimed the late founder of Ford’s automobiles, Henry Ford came from “good blood lines” ( Ford was an outspoken anti-Zionist who wrote the book “The International Jew”, and personally paid for a re-printing of “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, distributing over 100,000 copies for public consumption.

Trump at a campaign rally (2016)

The stark decline in neo-conservatism on the right thanks to Trump is another aspect of his presidency that can be counted as a pro. Trump advocated for non-interventionism during his 2016 campaign and as of 2020 he has refrained from international warfare more so than any other president in recent times. Though he has threatened Iran with war and even ordered a strike on the country (before cancelling it), he has limited his warfare to strikes on Syrian weapon manufacturing factories and fighting ISIS through drones and limited “boots-on-the-ground” tactics, refraining from directly engaging in combat with Middle Eastern states. Considering most if not all conflicts in the Middle East are beneficial to Israel, which is no coincidence, this can be considered a plus. The military industrial complex is largely Jewish, many of the Middle Eastern states anti-Jewish, and it is in Israel’s best interests for the U.S to fight wars on their behalf. Any American who dies in war dies for Israel, and only assists Zionists in creating a world in which whites are even more so subjugated to their control and influence.

Aside from his stance on social issues, Trump’s economic policies are highly Nationalist. He started off his presidency with withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an economic alliance that was largely globalist in nature. He withdrew funding from the World Health Organization, whose director-general Tedros Adhanom, having strong financial ties with the Chinese Communist Party, claimed in February that there was “no risk of person-to-person transmission” of COVID-19. His stance at the G7 economic conference in 2018 was also tough on globalist leaders as he refused to budge on heightened import tax as well as his decision to leave the Paris Climate Change agreement. His economic warfare with China is also likely to significantly slow the growth of their economy and will lead to an upsurge in jobs for White Americans.

Lies of the W.H.O.

Trump at G7 (2018)

Trump’s move to declare Antifa a terrorist organization is also promising, while Biden, during the 2020 presidential debate, suggested Antifa was not even a movement but simply an ideology ( Antifa have caused millions of dollars in damages by burning down buildings and smashing cars, and has even lead to murder ( They are clearly violently anti-White, and there have been many examples of whites being attacked and harassed in the streets, some for refusing to “kneel in solidarity with the black community”, wearing MAGA hats or refusing to raise their first in the “black power” gesture. Not only this, but typing in “” redirects people to Biden’s official website.

Cons of voting Trump

Firstly, Trump is extremely pro-Israel. His daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism and is married to Jared Kushner, who is also Jewish. Kushner is a senior adviser to his father-in-law which is one of the most influential roles within the White House, and is essentially in charge of U.S-Israel relations. His son, Eric Trump, is married to Jewish television producer Lara Yunaska, who was also campaign adviser to Trump during the leader up to the 2016 elections. According to The Jewish Press, the Trump family also has a long history of donating to Jewish causes (

Jared Kushner and Trump in Israel (2017)

During Trump’s presidency, the U.S embassy was moved to Jerusalem, and funding was withdrawn for the “The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees” ( According to The Jewish Telegraphic Agency in an article titled “The Jewish Case for Trump” it is said “President Donald Trump is the most emphatically pro-Israel U.S. president since the Jewish state’s founding in 1948” ( The JTA is one of the most highly respected and read international Jewish news publications, which has a history of being funded by the MI6 ( There are also many other Jews working in top positions in the administration, listed here on the Jewish Virtual Library website (

Furthermore, there has been no action from Trump on the murderous BLM and Antifa rioting. The Mexican border wall, which arguably was the idea that got him elected, is still unfinished. Recently he pledged to give $500 billion to the black community during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, while unemployed White Americans live in fear of riots and lynchings. He has also moved to begin designating White nationalist movements as “terrorist organizations” (source Among these movements is the Ku Klux Klan, possibly the most influential pro-White movement in American history, dating back to the end of the American Civil War. While they are frequently alluded to as a violent group that stand for the lynchings and segregation of blacks, the K.K.K, in recent times, almost never operates outside of the law, and it is only a small group of people in the broader Pro-White movement that engage in illegal activity. In this sense, it is much more reasonable to prevent individuals in the movement from committing such crimes rather than outlawing the group altogether. The insignificant crimes of individuals in the K.K.K cannot be compared to the murdering, looting and damage to public property sanctioned by BLM or Antifa as a whole.

Official artwork from Antifa. The image is sold on merchandise ranging from badges to flags

Pros of voting Biden

While there are few benefits for Nationalists to vote for Biden, as mentioned earlier, it could work in their favor if the accelerationist school of thought is theoretically credible. Tensions are high in 2020 due to political division, BLM and Antifa, and for Trump to be the first one-term president since George Bush Sr is likely to anger the right. This may particularly be the case since the last four years of leftist news was made up almost entirely of smearing Trump and the right. Though it is likely the election of Trump will result in some kind of violent backlash from the left, further fueling division among racial and political lines, for Trump to be voted out will almost definitely spark a response from the right. This is especially possible since White, rightwing Americans have been largely unresponsive towards the riots, since such a response would without a doubt cause leftwing media to slander them as Nazis or White Supremacists. White, American right wingers have exercised great patience in 2020, but that patience will likely run out if Biden is elected president. Because of this, intentionally voting Biden could cause chaos between Whites and minorities on a large scale, potentially leading to racial segregation or even total separation in the future.

Cons of voting Biden

One of the many cons of voting for Joe Biden is the fact that he will further continue the downward spiral of America by importing immigrants from non-White countries to work for cheap, replacing the White workforce and shaming those who speak up against it. He states he will “Take urgent action to undo Trump’s damage and reclaim America’s values” and “Revitalize the task force on new Americans and boost our economy by prioritizing integration, promoting immigrant entrepreneurship, increasing access to language instruction, and promoting civil engagement” ( He is an unapologetic globalist who Xi Jinping calls his “old friend” (, China being a communist state that was developed by Jews who are likely to take over as the next leading superpower, surpassing America.

Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping (2012)

There is also the fact that money donated to BLM was sent directly to the Democrat party without donors knowing ( On his website he mentions “the tragic human costs of systemic racism in the murder of George Floyd and so many other Black men, women, and children” when essentially all deaths of unarmed criminals were misrepresented, especially in the case of George Floyd, who was having trouble breathing before he was arrested.” Biden intends to support small business, but also says he wishes to “Ensure all small business relief efforts are specifically designed to aid businesses owned by Black and Brown people.” ( He wants to support women owned businesses as well as encourage education and training for women, which will result in an even lower birth-rate and exacerbate the disappearance of the White race. This ties in with his plan to allow more to study at the University level for lower costs, Universities being known for their unrelenting cultural Marxist brainwashing.

Biden’s “support for women” has earned him the nickname “Creepy Joe”

The hatred that comes from the left is escalating, which can be seen in the left’s response to Trump’s recent COVID-19 diagnosis. Blue-checked marked Twitter accounts were openly hoping for Trump’s death until Twitter began suspending people for doing so ( Such hatred towards right-wing figures who are openly anti-immigration and cultural Marxism will only escalate if Biden is elected, and could lead to oppression of pro-white views through mob rule.

The Washington Post implies Trump’s death would be a good thing (October 2nd, 2020)

His stance is similar when it comes to the LGBT+ community, wanting to allocate hundreds of billions of dollars to eliminating “discrimination” against people who are having a fundamentally negative effect on the White race and western culture. He wants to prioritize addressing the “climate change” issue which is based on faulty data and a globalist agenda. He wants to remove guns off the streets and implement affordable care. In these ways, the cons of voting Biden are endless.

The future of the West

The recent presidential debate between Biden and Trump shows the current state of American democracy. Clearly, both sides are more interested in discrediting the other than talking policy. While they are merely figure heads, American politics as a whole is no different; and under the Zionist Occupied Government, whites are in a lose-lose situation. While the two parties bicker and insult each other, whites edge closer to extinction as the deep state continues to gain power and control in the background. However, there is a clear choice for Nationalists when it comes to who to vote for.

Israel still benefits whether it is Trump or Biden who wins

Ideally, the leader of the most powerful state would remove Jews from positions of influence and prioritize White Americans over all others. Trump is not interested in doing so. Having said that, he is closer to the ideal than Biden could ever be. While both sides support Israel, Trump is against the cultural Marxist takeover of the West and is somewhat of a Civic Nationalist as stated earlier. If one were to vote in the U.S, it should be for Donald J Trump; not because his policies are perfect but because he could pave the path for a stronger, more ethnocentric leader who will not treat Whites as second-class citizens. Biden is essentially a puppet for the far-left within the Democrat Party and a White Zionist, who not only supports Israel but also believes “Israeli heritage is American heritage” ( While it is not currently possible to elect a leader who will protect the White race, it is possible to elect one that will protect Western culture from further degradation. We hope that all racially aware White Americans do the right thing and vote for Trump at the November 3rd US Election.

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