‘The Choice of Achilles’: Remembering John Alan Coey

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Article by guest writer T. R. Bennington (published elsewhere) As ever, but especially in our present state of civilizational malaise, there is a need for figures with the power to inspire–men who in less confused and cynical times would have been unabashedly described as heroic. One such figure is Corporal John Alan Coey, a young […]

NatAlt Strategy: Staying on a clear, direct message.

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by Michael Kennedy Anti racist is a code word for anti-white. The importance of a clear message The most effective propaganda is simple propaganda. An activist must compete with a thousand voices in the media for the scant attention of people, and it takes a considerable quantity effort to get anything more than a simple […]

Trotskyism: a degenerated workers’ party

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by Erin Bertuch 1. Introduction: Trotskyism – a personal reaction If you linger long enough in radical Australian politics, of either Far Right or Far Left, you will, sooner or later, come up against Trotskyite communist Left. The Trotskyite section of the Australian communist movement survived, in the way that a cockroach survives an atomic explosion, […]

“White Flight” from schools.

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By Michael Kennedy One thing that can be said about the mainstream media, is that concerning real issues, they are often behind the times. “White flight”, a phenomenon which has been around for centuries elsewhere in the world, for quite a few years now in Australia, finally gets a mention in the Sydney Morning Herald. […]

Live Export – Labor’s failure to take a moral stance

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By Michael Kennedy The Labor government has shown that it is morally spineless by failing to make compulsory, pre slaughter stunning which would save the animals that we profit from, from the misery of appalling and barbaric slaughter techniques that exist elsewhere in the world. If we are to be honest, poor treatment of animals […]

Beware the Fake Opposition – Cowardly Conservatives

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By Michael Kennedy So where do people get political opinions from? Who are the people who champion particular political schools of thought? What should be obvious is that people make a living and many in the mainstream media, and even alternative media get paid for creating political dialogue. What is also basic knowledge, is that […]

The Neofascist Method: the EDL, Breivik and ‘Double Legality’

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by Donald Winters ‘We have to put bodies on the street, writing letters to the Times does not work…‘ – EDL member, quoted in The Guardian, ‘English Defence League: new wave of extremists plotting summer of unrest‘, 28/05/2010) ‘I have on some occasions had discussions with SIOE [Stop the Islamisation of Europe! group] and EDL […]

Debunking the debunking of Bob’s Mantra

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By Michael Kennedy Debunking the debunking of Bob’s Mantra Some who may have argued with ‘anti-racists’ may very well have discovered that anti-racism is not much more than anti-white sentiment wrapped up in a phoney morality. Some of us may have heard of, or used Bob’s Mantra. Robert Whitaker has a history of political involvement, […]

Thoughts on life’s meaning?

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By Michael Kennedy If someone was to get a chance to see our creator for a day, what would be the question they would most likely ask? “What is the meaning of life?”. Unofficially regarded as the big question of life. Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? What function does it […]

Who now is the enemy of Europe? Yockey and the Jewish-Islamic pincer movement.

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by Matthew Neville 1.         Introduction: A Personal Note I have been reading Francis Parker Yockey’s ‘The Enemy of Europe’ (written in 1948, revised in 1953) off and on for ten years now, along with his ‘Imperium’ (1948). In that time, I have taken the message of the books to heart to such an extent that […]