Putins’ Unpopular Imperialist War in Ukraine

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A Statement by the Nationalist Alternative Committee At this time of writing, with the potential of war in Ukraine, the Russian stock exchange has plunged over 10% – some reports say 13.5% – while the ruble has hit all-time lows against the US dollar. Clearly Putin’s antics have hit a nerve with finance capital – […]

Iran and the bomb: Why should we care?

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by Toby Fleetwood-Smith  As we know, a deal was signed with Iran this week, and as we know, Israel and the Jewish-Israeli lobby are not happy. As soon as I heard the news, I knew that, within 24 hours, a host of media commentators would be comparing the deal to Neville Chamberlain’s agreement with Hitler […]


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by David Ellerton Since the Arab Spring began, in late 2010, we have seen a flood of commentary from nationalists in the West – commentary not in support of the protestors, but against. This has reached a crescendo with the rebellion in Libya, and subsequent overthrow and murder of Ghaddafi, and the recent violence in […]

The Neofascist Method: the EDL, Breivik and ‘Double Legality’

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by Donald Winters ‘We have to put bodies on the street, writing letters to the Times does not work…‘ – EDL member, quoted in The Guardian, ‘English Defence League: new wave of extremists plotting summer of unrest‘, 28/05/2010) ‘I have on some occasions had discussions with SIOE [Stop the Islamisation of Europe! group] and EDL […]

Debunking the debunking of Bob’s Mantra

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By Michael Kennedy Debunking the debunking of Bob’s Mantra Some who may have argued with ‘anti-racists’ may very well have discovered that anti-racism is not much more than anti-white sentiment wrapped up in a phoney morality. Some of us may have heard of, or used Bob’s Mantra. Robert Whitaker has a history of political involvement, […]

Who now is the enemy of Europe? Yockey and the Jewish-Islamic pincer movement.

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by Matthew Neville 1.         Introduction: A Personal Note I have been reading Francis Parker Yockey’s ‘The Enemy of Europe’ (written in 1948, revised in 1953) off and on for ten years now, along with his ‘Imperium’ (1948). In that time, I have taken the message of the books to heart to such an extent that […]

Can ‘Big Man’ Politics Survive the Twenty-first Century?

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by Matthew Neville 1.         Political birthdays and the alternative to liberal democracy Recently, an AFP report appeared: BUDAPEST (AFP)—A Hungarian online news channel backed by the extreme-right parliamentary party Jobbik paid tribute to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler on his birthday, online observers reported. The 30-second report, which originally aired on Wednesday evening on Hitler’s 122nd […]

Beware the Faux Anti-Globalists

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by Tom Sinclair 1. What every nationalist politician needs We nationalists certainly have a radical program – if by radical we mean uprooting the tendencies and habits which have formed in the West over the past thirty years. The chief tendency, which we oppose is, of course, multiculturalism and mass non-white immigration into the West […]

Nat-Alt Radio Broadcast (Episode 3) – A Warning from Britain to Australia

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By David Ellerton In this broadcast David Ellerton speaks about what has been happening in Britain, and how Britain, which has close cultural ties with Australia, serves as a warning to Australia as to where left wing politics will lead. David Ellerton will explain how New Marxism (Neo Communism) and political correctness has been destroying  […]

BREAKING THE BUNDESREPUBLIK: The BNP, Populism and the Denazification Strategy

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by Adam Walters February 27, 2010 [Editor’s note: This article by a guest writer is the first of a ‘foreign’ series that will step outside the Australian nationalist scene to investigate, review, analyse and remark on struggles elsewhere in the world. What those activists in the region the article comments on do with any suggestions […]