The poisonous ideology of Civic Patriotism and why it is time for Nationalist unity in Australia.

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By Warren Stedwell Here is Australia we need to address some issues that continually crop up in the Nationalist political movement. Throughout the decades there has been infighting, rivalries, personal hatreds, betrayals, strong ideological differences and even violence between many Nationalists in Australia. But we as Nationalists need to put aside our individual differences to […]

The Aussies, the Nazis and the Japanese: The History of a Misconception

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by Caleb Godfrey I. Introduction At a political meeting months ago, a nationalist comrade told me that he couldn’t entirely approve of German National Socialism because ‘Hitler, during the war, wanted to give Australia away to the Japanese’. According to my comrade, Hitler had said this in Table Talk, a verbatim transcript of Hitler’s private […]

Nationalist Unity

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By Brian O’Neil During my time in the nationalist movement I have seen and heard about group after group sprouting up and then falling apart or splintering into different groups. This constant infighting will in time kill us with the certainty of a bullet to the skull. Our inability to work together will be our […]

Observations on a Massacre

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Owen Dittmer The Hebdo massacre holds shock value becausemost of the victims were DWLs (Deluded White Liberals) and members of the establishment; the attack took place in a nice, modern, clean Continental and Scandinavian-style office (so much more pleasant-looking, and family friendly, than Melbourne or Sydney’s offices) of the type so many DWLs either work […]

Whose debt are we in?

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Editors note:This article is a guest submission. Jay Nicolevski The Government’s decision to raise the retirement age to seventy was as predictable as it is irrational. And yet it had no choice, we are supposed to believe, given demographic trends towards an increasingly elderly population, the national debt, etc., etc. Brushing aside a straw man […]

Liberal party to expand 457 visa scheme via loopholes

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Michael Kennedy Our “No Surprises” government, has surprised few people by continuing to fight on behalf of business against working Australians. So far, it’s been rather victorious, overseeing many Australians being put out of work, or should that be, ‘liberated’ from employment. The Liberals latest booting to the Aussie worker is to expand the 457 […]


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by the Nationalist Alternative Committee The members of Nationalist Alternative are not members of any political party; nor we do give much credence to the farce which is ‘liberal democracy’ in Australia today. Nevertheless, several comrades in the movement have been asking us as to who, in our opinion, they should vote for in the […]

Introduction to PGP Part 1: How PGP can ensure E-mail privacy

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It has been said that you should not put anything in an e-mail which you would not put on a postcard. That was said some time ago. Now, knowing that the NSA has been snooping on e-mails, with governments pushing for stricter data retention laws and law enforcement agitating for increased powers to monitor your […]

The Unprepared Revolution

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A statement of the Nationalist Alternative Committee Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi had been toppled about one year after he won presidential elections which followed a previous revolution to oust Mubarak. Some are calling this Egypt’s “second revolution” and for some people, it seemed inevitable outcome once the realization was made that one despotic President (Mubarak) was […]

A Racialist Confronts Ayn Rand: Objectivism and the Rebirth of Implicit Whiteness

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by David Haenke I. Ayn Rand and the Whites Ayn Rand’s work and life (and the cult which she formed around her ideas – ‘The Collective’) present a number of themes which are of interest to the nationalist intellectual: Jewishness, Anglo-Saxon-ness, neoliberalism, Nietzscheanism, cultism, individualism, Modernist architecture, aesthetics… Her political stances late in her life […]