Introduction to PGP Part 1: How PGP can ensure E-mail privacy

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It has been said that you should not put anything in an e-mail which you would not put on a postcard. That was said some time ago. Now, knowing that the NSA has been snooping on e-mails, with governments pushing for stricter data retention laws and law enforcement agitating for increased powers to monitor your […]

The Unprepared Revolution

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A statement of the Nationalist Alternative Committee Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi had been toppled about one year after he won presidential elections which followed a previous revolution to oust Mubarak. Some are calling this Egypt’s “second revolution” and for some people, it seemed inevitable outcome once the realization was made that one despotic President (Mubarak) was […]

A Racialist Confronts Ayn Rand: Objectivism and the Rebirth of Implicit Whiteness

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by David Haenke I. Ayn Rand and the Whites Ayn Rand’s work and life (and the cult which she formed around her ideas – ‘The Collective’) present a number of themes which are of interest to the nationalist intellectual: Jewishness, Anglo-Saxon-ness, neoliberalism, Nietzscheanism, cultism, individualism, Modernist architecture, aesthetics… Her political stances late in her life […]

Trotskyism: a degenerated workers’ party

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by Erin Bertuch 1. Introduction: Trotskyism – a personal reaction If you linger long enough in radical Australian politics, of either Far Right or Far Left, you will, sooner or later, come up against Trotskyite communist Left. The Trotskyite section of the Australian communist movement survived, in the way that a cockroach survives an atomic explosion, […]

Constitutional Change: Liberalism, Liebler’s List and the coming Police State

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By Michael Kennedy and Ryan Walsh The freedom of Australians to speak freely, particularly those of European/white heritage (the founders, builders, the people who comprised 98% of those who fought and died in two world wars, creators of the country that is so appealing it attracted thousands of migrants and currently still the majority demographic […]

The angry, suppressed voice of Britain.

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By Jim Osborne   Recently in England, a lady on public transport did something that according to our intellectual superiors, no mentally stable, sane person should ever do. What she did was sick, sick enough to warrant YouTube videos from disgusted citizenry, complete with the standard leftist affectations and ‘hand to the forehead’ gestures that […]

Overpaid, and loving it.

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By Michael Kennedy The world is stagnating after the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.  The cowboy bandits of Wall Street, the architects of the GFC, perhaps the only accomplishment outside of growing their own portfolio, got off basically scott free.  Many are expecting Global Financial Crisis Mark II.  As every cloud comes with a proverbial […]

Beware the Fake Opposition – Cowardly Conservatives

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By Michael Kennedy So where do people get political opinions from? Who are the people who champion particular political schools of thought? What should be obvious is that people make a living and many in the mainstream media, and even alternative media get paid for creating political dialogue. What is also basic knowledge, is that […]

The Neofascist Method: the EDL, Breivik and ‘Double Legality’

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by Donald Winters ‘We have to put bodies on the street, writing letters to the Times does not work…‘ – EDL member, quoted in The Guardian, ‘English Defence League: new wave of extremists plotting summer of unrest‘, 28/05/2010) ‘I have on some occasions had discussions with SIOE [Stop the Islamisation of Europe! group] and EDL […]

Who now is the enemy of Europe? Yockey and the Jewish-Islamic pincer movement.

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by Matthew Neville 1.         Introduction: A Personal Note I have been reading Francis Parker Yockey’s ‘The Enemy of Europe’ (written in 1948, revised in 1953) off and on for ten years now, along with his ‘Imperium’ (1948). In that time, I have taken the message of the books to heart to such an extent that […]