To love your country, make it more lovable.

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By Michael Kennedy Nationalism for the people. Nationalism is often associated with an unwavering national pride, with a love of country, of their nation and unquestionable loyalty. Strong feelings of patriotism, which would be more accurately termed strong feelings of allegiance are usually just called ‘Nationalist’ feelings and these are often caricatured in the media […]

Dialectics of the Gringo

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by David Ellerton (In this essay, I shall be looking at the phenomenon of political correctness and cultural-Marxism, and one possible intellectual response to it, from the work of a French philosopher, Gilles Deleuze. The issues involved can be potentially too abstract for some, so I shall resolve to bring them down to earth – […]

Nietzsche and the Revenge of the Non-Whites

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by David Ellerton Philosophy and politics don’t usually mix. But sometimes philosophy can shed light, in an interesting way, on political problems. The philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, I believe, can be applied to one serious political problem afflicting the West today: I am speaking of the desire, of millions of non-white immigrants to the West, […]

Nat Alt Booklist – Recommended Reading

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Below is a list of recommended books. Thought provoking, controversial, historic, moving and informative. Any one of following works are not listed in any order of importance nor do they represent in absolute the view of Nationalist Alternative instead we draw on large or small elements of each in synthesizing our world view. We simply […]

Why support Nationalist Alternative

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by Michael Kennedy A Fresh Political Alternative For many Australians, it strikes them as odd, and constricting, as to how a supposedly democratic system at election time, really only offers two possible choices. Come election time, its a choice between Labor or Liberal, with minor parties vying for protest votes. Most Australians are aware that […]

Using Refugees to belittle the Immigration Debate

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By Michael Kennedy “Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Boat People are used as a way to release pressure from the real immigration debate”. It seems that recently Australia has  rediscovered its obsession with asylum seekers.  News stories now abound of how more boats are on the way, of how asylum seekers (always by boat, not by […]

Nat-Alt Radio Broadcast (Episode 1) – Introduction to Nationalist Alternative

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By Victor Simpson In a new addition to Nationalist Alternative we will now have an audio-broadcast program called ‘Nat-Alt Radio’ here is Episode 1 by Victor Simpson which will introduce the fundamental aspects and beliefs behind Nationalist Alternative. This will become a regular feature with Nationalist Alternative with a variety of different speakers. Stay tuned […]

Liberal Democracy – Is it really democratic?

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By Aldred Wulfric Our ‘governments’ have abdicated real sovereignty to universal global institutions and govern us in a top down manner presiding over alienated atomised citizens in a geographical zone rather then a harmonious people in a nation/tribe. Liberal Democracy, with its accompanying economic system of unfettered free market fundamentalism is the form of government […]