Nationalist Alternative 6 sided Flyer Instructions.

Please adjust printer settings so this leaflet prints correctly to be an A4 sheet divided into 6 pages (DL size) but folded in thirds to be one DL size leaflet.

This includes selecting“Print both sides” and also the“Flip Pages Up” options within the “Properties” submenu of the Print Menu. Or experiment as necessary.

Printed correctly the “Protect Australian Identity” is the 1st page which then flips left to open to “Principles of Nationalist Alternative” as the 2nd page. “Culture over Commerce” is the 5th page and “Globalization is Genocide” is the 6th page.  If you did not open the leaflet up but were looking at the  “Protect Australian Identity” 1st page and then flipped it over you should see the “Globalization is Genocide” 6th page as the back page.

Nationalist Alternative Flyer

Housing Crisis Flyer

Double Sided Leaflet – Can’t get a lease on an inner city place

Above Leaflet: Size: 125 wide x 95mm long Colour: 2 colours Red and Black Paper: Standard thin paper


Outreach Leaflets & Stickers

The link immediately below contains all 3 flyers in the 2nd Sticker & Graphics range Dec 2009, in one convenient A4 optimised pdf ready to print out a few hundred on home computers (BW or Colour) and cut up yourself. Alternatively take the file to a commercial printer for production and cutting. Commercial printing is quite cheap only a few cents per cut out square leaflet, just email the pdf below to a shop and ask for quotes in multiples of 1000s.

A4 Confetti Leaflets Slogan x 3 – Nationalist Alternative

Above Leaflet: Size: approx 9.0 – 9.5cm wide x 9.5cm – 10cm long Colour: 2 colours Red and bluePaper: Standard thin 80gsm paper in gloss or matt. Note: if commercially printing asking for a gloss is just as cheap and will ensure some resistance to rain.

The 3 pdfs below are of the leaflets individually not combined. These may also be emailed to commercial printers however the above A4 file is best for std home printers.

Feeling Alienated Tired of being taken advantage of – Join Nationalist Alternative

Overcrowded Tutorials – Has your uni become a Visa factory – Nationalist Alternative

Revealed – How Political Correctness is ruining Australia a leaflet by Nationalist Alternative


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